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Scene 1
Devika says i want to talk to Nivi, where are you taking me? Manju says to Ravi, Devika says you are liar, you are selfish mother in law and you are greedy too but you know world is round, what you sow shall you reap, i want to advise you to not do anything wrong more, Manju says Ravi is waiting for you, Saket and Nivi are trying to separate you both. Devika shouts where is that Saket? i will cut him in pieces, where is he? she breaks vase and says where are you coward Saket? Manju says to Ambika has gone mad, Ravi comes there, Ambika has left house. Manju asks Ravi to go behind her.
Ravi comes garage and sees Devika in car, he says what she is doing here? Ravi sits in passenger seat, Devika is acting like driving car and says i will murder Saket today, she says ask people to get away

from car, Ravi says there is no one infront of car, Devika says i have to go to Saket, Manju said that Saket wants to separate us, i wont let him, Ravi says be might not be at home, we will go to his house tomorrow, Devika says you will come with me as my assistant? he says fine but lets go to room now, Devika says if you help me to kill him then i will give you kiss, Ravi says kiss me now, Devika says i am not fool, i am smart, i wont pay in advance, i will do payment after murdering Saket, Ravi says fine, lets go home now? Devika says i like you so much and i feel sometimes that you wont do anything wrong with me, sometimes i feel you are nice, Ravi says i am always nice, i wont hurt you ever because i love you, you are my life, Devika says how can i believe you? Ravi says i am your husband, Devika says husbands always lie, you are pretending to be saying truth, Ravi says i am running behind you like fool, i am not bad, Devika says i like your two brown eyes but i dont like your big nose, Ravi says i will go for surgery, lets go home now, Devika says how i will walk? i dont have feet, Ravi says you have feet, Devika says you take me home, Ravi says i wont spare person who made you drink wine. Ravi brings Devika out of car, she is half asleep. Ravi lifts her in his arms bridal style, all family members are waiting. Ravi takes her to room. Manju says to Shweta that what happened with Ambika? she is so smart, Shweta says Ravi was taking Ambika to room with so much love, there would be fire in their house, Nivi stares them, Manju says can you feel jealousy Shweta? Nivi glares them and leaves. Shweta says she wont spare us, Manju says let this night pass then i will make Nivi thrown out of this house, she will beg on roads, Shweta says she will beg with attitude, she would order people to give her food.
Nivi is in her room and thinks that i am restless, i need to talk to someone, i cant call Saket, he is frustrated too, i want to take out my anger, whom to call? Janki, i should call her. She calls Janki, and says what kind of mother are you? your daughter is not in senses, she is talking rubbish, take her away. Janki says you have called to tell this at this time? i enjoyed your talk, you seem drunk, dont forget she is owner of that house, she can take care of herself, dont worry about her, go to sleep, she ends call. Nivi throws her phone away and says i got more mad talking to her, dont know what Ravi and ambika must be doing in room.

Scene 2
Ravi makes Devika lie in bed, he tucks her in and says i will go, she says all were disturbing us, now we are together, we can romance, talk to me nicely, Ravi says you should sleep, you are drunk, Devika says i am not drunk, who told you? Ravi says i can see it, Devika says you know what i want to do? to watch your face whole night, i like to watch you, i like your beard, mostache, eyelashes, dont you like me? praise me too. Ravi says i dont have words to praise you, Devika says then keep looking at me, She lovingly gazes at him, they share eyelock, Devika says can i ask something? he says yes, Devika says did you never feel anything for me? did you never love me? Ravi says i love you a lot, i loved you all the time, i want to love you in all births, i love only you, i am saying truth. Devika says then why did you cheat me? Ravi is confused and says when? Devika is sleepy, Ravi asks what cheating? Devika says yes cheating.. you cheated on me, i saw Nivi hugging you after our marriage, i am hurt, Ravi says it was not like that, Devika says why did you cheat me? Ravi thinks i cant do it, she is not in senses, its wrong to probe her about secrets. Devika says what are you thinking? you are thinking that you can ask my secrets because i am not in senses? let me tell you, i am not senses but i have control on my intelligent mind, you cant know my secrets, Ravi says how she is reading my mind? He says please sleep. Devika says yes i should sleep but my jewelry is heavy, i feel my ears will break, i love my ears. Ravi says tell me what to do. Ravi takes off her anklet which is pricking her, Ravi asks Devika to not move her hands anymore, she says my ears are hurting, Ravi comes closer and tries to take off her earrings but she screams, he gets scared, she says sorry, i wanted to see if you can get scared, Ravi says i am leaving now, Devika makes crying face and says dont go, Ravi says dont say anything more now. He comes closer to her and takes off her earring, banjara song plays, they smile at each other, Ravi caresses her face and takes off her other earring too, Ravi says you should sleep now, Devika says yes. Ravi tucks her i bed and says i should go, she stops him and says sleep with me, she puts his arm around her shoulder and hugs him tightly, keeping her head on his chest and sleep peacefully. Ravi moves hair out of her face and hugs her tightly, sleeping with her.

PRECAP- Devika sees Ravi’s coat and sees lipstick mark on it, she is miffed. Later Nivi sees lipstick mark on Ravi’s coat and says it means they came this much closer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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