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Scene 1
Devika fills form, she signs as Devika in hurry but then realizes her mistake, she thinks that if anyone finds it then it will be problem. She tears form, receptionist asks why did she tear her form? Devika says my name is changed, i wrote wrong name, receptionist asks if name is changed like this? Devika says people change with time so why cant their names? she fills her form as Ambika Raichand.
doctor says we have to do surgery, Ravi asks whats the matter? doctor says her blood is lost thats why we have to do surgery, we may need blood. Ravi says do anything but save my chachi. Devika comes there and asks Ravi why they are taking her to OT? Ravi says blood is lost so they have to do surgery, Devika cries and hugs him, Ravi thinks that dont cry Devika, i cant see you crying, this all happened

because of me, i have put Chachi in danger to prove that you are Devika, i became so selfish to prove you Devika that i used Chachi, scold me Devika but dont cry. Devika thinks that why did i hug him? i am hugging my enemy, she moves away from Ravi and says that aunty is of my mom’s age thats why i got emotional seeing her state, she leaves, Ravi says she can say anything but truth has come out, her tears and emotions are telling truth, dont lie to me Devika.
Devika comes to Mandir in hospital and says Chachi have always prayed to you, i asked for her happiness, instead of decreasing her pain, you have increased it, she cries.
Devika comes to Rekha’s room and is distraught to see Rekha injured and unconscious. Devika thinks that Ravi is behind all this, he is responsible for her situation, how can he stoop so low for his benefit? she calls him as her son but he is so cheap, i have lost all love for him, i will take revenge from him for everything but first now i will take revenge from him for giving pain to my Chachi, i will not spare him now. Devika is about to leave but Ravi comes in room and lies on other bed. Devika asks nurse why he is lying on bed? Nurse says he is giving blood to Rekha, we didnt have blood in blood bank so your husban di is giving blood, Devika says he told you that i am his wife? she says no i thought that you are with him so must be his wife. Devika looks at Ravi and thinks that i was hating him for doing all this and now he is giving blood to her, what face is real? he is doing so much for Chachi, he is giving her blood as a son. Ravi looks at her and thinks that her care for Chachiis clear on her face, she could have left Rekha here but she is daughter thats why she couldnt leave, she is my wife, my Devika, my heart knew that she is Devika but now i am sure, you are my Devika, why dont you accept it Devika?
Nivi is driving and thinks that this is great, situation is emotional, Ravi has done my work, soon Rekha will come to consciousness and will see Devika, she tries to act smart while trying to be Amika but i will soon bring her truth out. Nivi comes to hospital and see Janki there, she thinks that Janki is biggest threat for her, i thought i will bring Devika face to face with Rekha but Janki will spoil my plan. Janki sees her there and asks Niv what you are doing here? Nivi says i know Rekha but what you are doing here to meet her? Janki asks who Rekha? i came here to meet trustee of hospital. Nivi says to Janki that you have come here to protect your so called daughter so that your plan doesnt fail, you are afraid that your daughter will breakdown seeing Rekha and will accept that she is Devika, Janki says you are scared that your fiance is behind Ambika, you are worried that he might fall in love with Ambika. i am warning you, my daughter brought you out of jail but if you try to harm my daughter then i will send you to mental hospital and your dad wont even do anything for you, i am Janki Raichand and i can go to any extent for my daughter, she leaves, Nivi is tensed.
Nivi comes to Rekha’s room and sees Ravi giving blood, she says you dont neet to do this, it can effect your health. Ravi says i have to do it, its my duty as son, i am doing this for Chachi. Nivi says i wanna know how this accident happened and how did Ambika reach there?

PRECAP- Monty comes in Ambika’s meeting room disguised as peon, Ambika doesnt see him, he serves tea to Ambika, cup falls from his hand by mistake, Ambika turns to see his face but Monty turns and sits down before she can see his face.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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