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Scene 1
Navi looks at Devika and thinks that Devika seems to be doubting me, she recalls flashback, how she asked Deepak to point knife on her neck and act like killing me and then run from here, deepak says i will act nicely, fb ends, Navi thinks that i cant let anyone catch me, thats why i have ended Sakshi’s game, i have made Ddepak cut my neck little so that nobody doubts me, Saket looks at her and thinks that she has done great work. Ravi comes there with ointment and applies it on her wounds, Navi says i am feeling dizzy, she lies her head on his shoulder, Ravi asks Devika to bring milk, Navi thinks that if he can take care of me like this then i can have many wounds.
its night, Devika thinks that what was Navi doing outside my house? she didnt have driver too, i feel like she came

here to come in my house, she had some mission, why did she trap Sakshi in all this? she got many proofs against Sakshi too, how can this is coincidence? she looks at Ravi sleeping on sofa, Ravi wakes up and thinks that it feels like Devika is not able to sleep, i should close window, he gets up and closes window, he comes to Devika, she has closed her eyes, Maine khud ko plays, Ravi caresses her face, covers her with blanket and goes to sleep on sofa, Devika turns and looks at him, she thinks that Ravi takes care of me so much, i htnak God for bringing Ravi in my life, i can have many problems in life but i have Ravi in my life who makes me forget all problems.
Navi comes in her room and says i cant feel pain as Ravi applied ointment on my wounds, if i didnt have these wounds then i would have lost Ravi but now because of these wounds Ravi will come closer to me, i am sure soon Ravi will become mine, in jungle Ravi and Devika have spent so much time together but now i am sure they havent come closer, Saket was wrong, i have seen that they still have space, they still dont sleep on one bed, Ravi saved Devika’s life but stil they havent come close, they still havent completed their relation, i am so happy, i cant take much time, Ravi trusts me and i have to take care of that trust.
Its morning, Ravi comes to Devika and asks her to get ready, DEvika says i couldnt sleep whole night, i was worried, Ravi says you must be thinking alot, Devika says i have tired alot but i cant brush off this thinking, i feel like Naviis behind my kidnapping, Ravi says why will she do it? Devika says why did she come ot our hosue last night? then why did she go in goon’s room only? she could have called her driver but she in our house only, Ravi says i checked her car, it was broken, Devika says i feel like she is lying, Ravi says why would she do so? you are so intelligent then why you are thinking like this? she have helped me so much, Devika says even Sakshi said samething, Ravi says this is just doubt, she doesnt have proof, Devika says if Sakshi tells me anything then i dont need proof, i trust her, when i was kidnapped, a women came to meet goons, Ravi says you didnt see her face, i dont thinks Navi can do this, Devika says then who can do it? i have no animosity with anyone, no one called at home for ransom, goons even tried to kill me but they didnt want ransom from my family, Sakshi and Monty got trapped by Navi too, they are tensed and i know they cant do all this but all you can think about is Navi, Ravi says stop it, when you have some other thing to talk then call me, he leaves, Devika says i have serious doubt on Navi but Ravi is not able to listen anything.
Ravi comes in office, Navi congratulates him and says you have got promotions, Ravi says but i didnt come to office for many days, Navi says you have made so many projects for our office, she shows him new cabin and says this is your, Ravi says but i didnt do anything, Navi says you have won my heart, i mean when you were not here, all clients kept asking me about you, now i have realized my business is incomplete without you but now you have more responsibilities, you will have to give more time and maybe you can become CEO too, Ravi is stunned, Navi comes out of his cabin and thinks that Ravi was so happy, i have played my game, with this promotion Ravi will come closer to me and will forget Devika, he seems to be impressed with me and who doesnt want promotions with all these, i will win Ravi soon.
Ravi looks around his cabin, he is happy and sees his post of being manager, he says this cabin and this chair is amazing, Devika will happy to listen this, i should call Devika, he calls Devika but cuts it, he says no she was not in good mood, i should tell her after going home, she was tensed about Monty and Sakshi, she will be happy listening it.

Scene 2
Rekha comes to Devika, Devika is happy to see her, Rekha says when you were not here, i was so tensed about you, i couldnt sleep, now i am seeing you fine, i am so happy, Devika says dont worry i am fine.
Manju says to Shweta that why did Deviak comeback? she should have remained in jungle, i wont let Sakshi come out of jail.
Devika says to Rekha that dont worry, i will soon free Sakshi from jail, rekha says i know you will set everything right.
Manju says Devika doesnt talk to anyone, she is not giving on rupee from her property, Shweta says she is ready to give everything to Sakshi but not you, Manju says dont try to act smart, she turns to find Rekha standing there, Rekha says i should leave, Manju says leave if you want, did you take permission before coming here? Rekha leaves, Manju says i am unlucky that Devika has comeback.
Devika says i have promised Rekha but how i will free Sakshi and Monty? they are in jail without any fault, how to free them?
Ravi says Naiv can help me in bringing out Sakshi and Monty out of jail, she has contacts, if she helps me then Devika’s doubt will go away too.
Ravi comes to Navi’s cabin and says i need favor from you, if you take case back then Sakshi and Monty will be freed from jail, Navi thinks that he has come here himself, Ravi holds her hand and says i know they are innocent, they cant do anything like this, if you do this favor on me then i will grateful too, Navi says i cant say no to you, i will bail them out and i am doing all this for you, Ravi thanks her and leaves, Navi looks at her hands.

PRECAP- Ravi is in party with Navi, Navi offers him drink, he says i am not in mood to drink, she says take it for me, Ravi takes is and drinks, Devika calls Ravi and asks where is he? Ravi says i am in a cooperate party with Navi, Devika gets tensed listening this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Dragging again and even Ravi isn’t thinking about what devika said, when will he realise what navi is trying to do?

  2. Don’t think navi and saket will ever get caught. I thought Ravi and devika were going to mandir? Don’t see any point in watching this now.

  3. dragging dragging n dragging …………… fedup of this show

  4. This show lacks substance! It reflects the writers loss of direction and they don’t even know what they are attempting to portray. One cannot really identify the moral of the story

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