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Scene 1
Ravi is going to room with jewelry box when Shweta comes and says you didnt do good with my brother, Ravi says i dont wanna talk about it right now, Shweta says i trusted you so much and you destroyed my brother’s dream, God will not forgive you for all this, you will not be happy, our pain will catch you and you will not have peace in this relation, Ravi says you know Saket well, he destroyed 2 lives and going to destroy one more life, why you are taking his side? Manju comes and ask Ravi to go else she will sleep, Ravi leaves, Manju says to Shweta that i told you to not come infront of my son, till i am here you cannot to do anything with him and dont come near this room else.. go to sleep, we have to call relatives tomorrow, if you want to live here then follow rituals of this house,

Shweta thinks that let them celebrate now but from tomorrow i will throw such pricks in their life that they wont remain happy.
Gayetri’s servants bring Saket in room and put him on bed, she sit beside him and says what they have done to my son, they are celebrating happiness, i wont let it happen, Ravi’s happiness will be eaten by cast words, he will not live happily.
Devika recalls how Manju was saying to Ravi that devika is lottery of 10crores, she is a big fish and its difficult to trap her, she recalls how Saket said that Ravi wanted her property, she says now i am convinced totally that Ravi planned all this so that he can become rich, for money, he cheated me this much, just for money he played such a big game with me, i can never thought Ravi will do this with me, he alongwith his mother made me his pawn so that he can get my money and i was fool to not understand all this, he was fooling around with me and he kept making me fool, i kept saying everyone that Ravi cant be wrong, i trusted him so much and what he wanted? my money only, what i thought about him and what he really is, today his real face has come infront of me, today i know meaning of his friendship, he did all this for money, married me for money, destroyed my life for money, she cries, and sit n bed, Ravi comes in and closes door, she stops crying, Ravi thinks what to do? should i gift her first or tell her my helplessness that why did all this so that she can forgive me, Devika thinks i will never forgive you Ravi, you played this friendship game just to use me, you have made me lose faith in friendship, now dont except forgiveness from me whole life.

Scene 2
Shweta says this Manju always put me down, what she think of herself, i will stay here and will destroy them, they cheated my brother and now celebrating, i will make their life hell, she calls Saket, he doesnt pick up, she says how can he lose so soon, she calls Gayetri, she ask asbout Saket, Gayetri says dont ask about him, i am tension, we will talk in morning, Shweta says i want to talk to him now, Gayetri says he is so much drunk, he wanted to come here to take Devika from here but fainted, Shweta says why he got drunk, he should have come here to take devika, Gayetri agrees, she ask did you do something? Shweta says not now, they are insulting me only, Ravi and Devika are celebrating first night, Gayetri says you both siblings are not of any use, let me think what to do, she ends call and thinks.
Manju is happy and says new life has started, now i will get money both hands, she thanks Ambe Maa and says make everything fine between Ravi and DEvika, whatever anger DEvika have for Ravi, end it, let them come together now, may their life is fulfilled with happiness, make their night most special today.
Ravi puts jewelry box on table, Devika gets hurt by prick of flower, she thinks this wound will heal but wound of my heart will never heal, Ravi comes to her and says Devika? he ask are you miffed? are you angry? he says i understand, your anger is justified, any girl can gt angry in this situation, i am also tensed as how to clear things, Devika thinks he is being sugary so to make me fool more, Ravi says whatever it is, we are married now, lets starts afresh, we were good friends and now we are in different relationship, i know its difficult for you but we can try and as i have fulfill my friendship, i will try to become best husband, he sit beside and put hand on her shoulder, she gets up with jerk and moves away, she says i knew you will do drama of being sweet so that i will become comfortable and will accept this house as my own and you will pacify me that this was in my fate, you dont have other option but you will do this till you dont get my property and you sell it to get money, you have no other way to fool me, Ravi says what are you saying? DEvika says i am telling crass truth about you, what you thought you will keep fooling me like always and i will not know it? what you thought i will keep bearing like other girls, you misunderstood me, i am not that weak, Ravi says you are misunderstanding, sit down, Devika says dont you dare to touch me again, what misunderstanding now? i was misunderstood earlier when i thought you are good person, when i thought you are my best friend but i was wrong, person like you cant be friend of anyone, Devika says how can you be a great friend? you are world’s biggest cheater and flirt, you cant be of anyone, i was fool to not see all this, your help at every step, you care for me, your stand for me in hurt times, you were doing all these for property and i thought you were my friend and i have got best friend for life, i was fool to trust you so much, Ravi says you are thinking wrong, i am same old friend who care for you and will keep caring, dont put false allegations on me, DEvika says so a good friend will do what you did with me? when you sat in mandap as my groom, you didnt think once that how i will feel when i know the truth, how much my family will be insulted? you were never my friend, you were always enemy to back stabbed me, Ravi says i know what i did, its way was wrong but i had to do it, i wanted to save you from Saket, Devika says enough, how much you will lie? i had to not protect myself from him but i had to protect myself from you, but i couldnt see your truth, i always believed you and what about Saket? that girl came in my sangeet and told that she was cousin, why you didnt tell truth that day? Ravi says i didnt have any proof that day, DEvika says what proof you have today that you took such a big step based on that proof? Ravi is stunned, she ask whatever it is, if you had proof or not but you could have told me, it was my marriage, you didnt tell me anything, Ravi says i didnt have time to tell anything, Devika says you took decision about our life and you didnt had time to talk? which trust you are talking about? i trusted you every single time, you could have told me truth, i would have believed you but you didnt do it, you sat at Saket’s place and married me with cheating, i was sitting beside you, you could have talked to me, it was not abut Saket was right or wrong for me but it was also about if i wanted to marry you or not, you could have asked me, but you did cheating and it can be done by person who has ulterior motives behind all this, you wanted money? you didnt think about anyone else, i am ashamed that i fought for you with every person, Ravi says you can think anything but dont blame me so badly, i have fulfilled my friendship, DEvika says friendship? you killed it when you sat as groom in mandap, you are selfish and you can do anything to satisfy your ego, you wanted to become rich man and you can do anything for it, you told it, you want to become rich like people whose pictures are in your room, remember that 2 crores car? you said you will make it yours, all you need is one ood chance, i never thought i will be that chance, i always thought you do everything for friendship, i am fool and you destroyed my life, now i wont be able to trust anyone, i could have understood all this when you proposed Navidita that day, but she rejected you and in your madness you made me your pawn, DEvika says you broke my marriage and married me with cheating, all this just for money and see my fate, i am wife of a person now for whom love and loyalty doenst matter, i have done mistake, huge mistake, Ravi is hurt listening all this.

PRECAP- Its morning, Ravi says to DEvika that you didnt listen to last night as you were busy giving your lecture, and to remind you i dont care what you think about me, i told you to not talk to me, talking to girl like you is like doing a sin, Devika looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. The entire episode was blacked out in NYC! I had to read the summary here while I watche Badtameez Dil. I’m so disappointed. I wanted to see Devika yell at Ravi. It’s his fault for not interrupting his mother earlier.

  3. Ekta Kapoor, Why is Devika always unhappy?! Please please, we need the lead woman character to not look so helpless & unhappy ALL the time!

  4. God!!!!??? where is this leading to ………

  5. please change story so that Devika and Ravi get united and then Devika is happy and both can take Saket on, with the grannies fight over Devika’s monies/property, Ravi is the good guy here, so Saket must be proved to both families that he is a liar and a murderer and it wasnt his cousin but girlfriend that died, please dont make Ravi the bad guy, Navi must get out of the way, we hate her

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