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Scene 1
Saket say tomorrow is my engagement where would i go? His sister says yes we were planning for the wedding. Saket says she doesn’t lie. I swear on her. You met charan singh in same car. Ravi says speak truth or I will kill you. Ravi gets a call from hospital. He says I am coming. saket says is devika okay? Ravi says dont take her name from your mouth. And I will kill you the day I find the truth. Ravi leaves.

devika gains consciousness. Ravi comes to hospital. doctor says she is much better now. She has not major injuries. Nurse says she was taking you name. Go meet her.
Shweeta comes in and asks Saket are you okay? Ravi wants to kill saket. Saket’s mom says ravi would have killed him. Vicky says why ravi got so mad? She says devika met an accident so ravi thought

that sket has hit her. Saket was asleep. saket’s brother says he was with me all the time. Shweeta says lets complain in police. Saket says in heart no police will find out the truth. Manju says i will talk to ravi. He wont do this agian. Shweeta says I will do this complain. Saket says no shut shweeta. He is part of your family. I can’t let this happen. What ravi did broke my heart but for our family I am ready to forget everything. Manju says thank you so much. saket says i can do this for you. Shweeta says my brother has such a big heart.

Devika says ravi where are you? i am waiting for you. I wont talk to him. chachi always takes his side. Ravi comes in. She says i wont talk and pretends like she is still unconcious. Ravi says i think she is asleep. He holds devika’s hand and says do you even know how scared I was. For a moment i thought I have lost you forever. I died a 1000 tunes, how can I tell you. I never lie to you. How can I tell you that the life i live is incomplete without you. i really love you. You are the closest to my heart. Do you remember when you got scared when I was watching the movie. and i asked you to come and watch with me. devika said I will work first. he said no come here sit watch the movie. devika was scared. She took chips from ravi.
He hugs her and says you are the most important to me in the world. I really love you. devika moves her hand. She says when did you come? i was on sedatives. He says i knew it. doctor said you can go home today. He has given some medicines. est you are fine. devika says i was so scared. i can attend sakshi’s engagement now. he says yes you can go.devika says I can’t live without you either.

Saket says ravi would sure do something. Saket’s mom says what is wrong with you. You keep doing this. where is your car now? You hit devika? He says yes i did. what can you do? she says i can cry on my ate. Saket says if i go for investigation i will get caught. she says ravi was right. saket says i will will you if you try speaking against me and i wil forget that you are my mom.
Ravi says to devika try to walk. She gets up. He helps her. Ravi supports her. He covers her with a shawl.

Manju says to vicky thank God saket didn’t call police. Vicky says he wont do it without reason. He must be sure that saket has done this. manju says this is my mistake. devika and ravi come in. Manju says the queen is here. You ashamed me in front of saket. You wanted to kill saket? You went there with a knife.

Precap-Ravi says devika is your daughter in law and my wife. I will do whatever is right for her. Rekha tells ravi that saket wants the wedding to be done in two days.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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