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Scene 1
Janki says to Devika that there is one reason why he saved you, why he took danger and that reason is that he wants to prove that you are Devika, Devika thinks., you know he came here to make you blurt out truth that you are Devika, he wanted to ask about your birth mark, he waited for you here before you got kidnapped. If you go to him to jail then he will ask you about your birth mark and will make you say truth and we cant afford that, i know he has earned your respect after saving you but stop being played by your heart, dont take actions in haste, i am your mother, i wont think bad for you, Devika says but what Ravi did.. Janki asks her to control her emotions, Devika nods.
Saket says to inspector that you know me, give me phone. inspector says call whom you want, you are criminal

here, you will be locked up again. Saket calls minister and says i am being stuck in fake case, he tells him everything and says you understood? he ends call. Inspector asks policeman to lock him, Saket says you are showing so much attitude, you will have to regret it. Saket sees Ravi in lock-up and says what happened Ravi? are you fine? you are in jail and she must be resting in her house, you are making same mistake again and again, you saved her earlier too, did you get anything? you married her but it was just namesake marriage, nothing happened between you both and nothing will happen because you have snatched my love from me. I will get free from here but i will make sure that you remain here and i will do my unfinished work with Devika or Ambika, Ravi holds his collar and says Devika was and is mine and will remain mine, if you look at her then i will bring out your eyes, Saket says i will do what i want, he leaves. Ravi shouts that Devika is mine, if anyone touches my Devika then i will kill that person, i will kill you Saket.
Devika cries in her room and says i am so helpless, Ravi is in jail, he didnt do any mistake but still in jail and i cant even do anything, she recalls how Ravi saved her and beat everyone for her. How he got worried for her and hugged her, she says i am in dilemma, if i try to save him then he will know for sure that i am Devika but i cant see him in jail like this, he saved me when i needed him and he didnt even care for his life, i can t be this selfish, i have to do something.
Manju says to Nivi that what was Shweta’s fault? maybe she didnt know anything about kidnapping, you knew about kidnapping, if Ravi gets to know this then it will be trouble for you, Nivi asys fine i knew Saket kidnapped Ambika and knew he wanted to marry her but i didnt know Ravi would go there, dont try to scare me, if you open your mouth then you know what will happen with you, Manju says i wont tell anyone. Vikas has listened all this and looks at his phone(seems like he recorded their conversation) and says maa you think i am useless now you will see what this useless guy will do, he leaves. Manju says my son is stuck, Nivi says i didnt ask him to go and save Ambika, Manju says tomorrow is your Sangeet with Ravi, and he is in jail, what will you do now? nivi thinks.
Ravi is thinking about Devika. policeman says someone has come to meet you, he asks if its Devika? he says its some girl, you have to go to visitor’s room, Ravi says i knew my Devika would come to meet me, i knew she cant stay away, i have to talk so much to her, he leaves.
Ravi sees nivi in visitor’s room and says you here? she says you were expecting someone else? Ravi says i thought you were upset with me because i went to save Ambika, Nivi says i am your fiance, i have right to know why did you go to save Ambika? i have right to be angry with you, you know Saket is dangerous, still you went to save her, what she is to you? what if anything had happened to you? you didnt think what would happen to me, you dont think about your family and anyone, you are selfish, tell me what is it with this Ambika? why you forget everyone when it comes to her? why did you go to save Ambika? what she is to you? she holds his collar and shouts to answer. Ravi shouts is my wife, she is not Ambika Raichand but devika Garewal, my wife, Nivi is shocked to hear it, Ravi says Devika and Ambika have same birth mark on leg and its enough to prove that she is Devika, my wife. Nivi is stunned.
Shweta is crying, her mother asks her to stop crying, why you are so weak that Nivi thrown you out and you are crying? and your brother doesnt think before doing anything wrong, i should have slapped him in childhood so he would be nice now, he doesnt even recognize me, and you were crying when nivi were throwing you out and your useless husband didnt even do anything, Shweta says i thought he loved me but he didnt care.
Vikas listens voice recording of Manju and Nivi talking that they knew about Saket kidnapping Ambika. Vikas says i have now got proof in my hands which will break your ego Nivi, now start counting for reverse time because its time to send you to hell, just see what i do now, first i will take revenge for insulting my wife Shweta then i will bring your truth out to everyone, wait and watch.
Nivi says it means she is your Devika and what about me? my love for you? it doesnt matter to you? our engagement has happened and tomorrow is our sangeet ceremony, Ravi thinks that i shouldnt have engaged her as then she wouldnt be this hurt, what should i do now? Nivi says you came to me for engagement, you dont know what dreams mean to girls, why you are breaking my dreams, why you are separating me from yourself? dont do it, Ravi says i did everything then because i didnt know about Ambika’s reality, Devika is alive and i cant marry because i am already married, forgive me, i cant do this, try to understand, he tries to holds her shoulders but Nivi slaps Ravi and says you wont understand anything because you are selfish, how can someone be so selfish? you want your happiness so you are killing my happiness, when Devika was not inf your life then you wanted to accept my love but now she is in your life so you are throwing me out of your life like a trash? doesnt it make me feel bad? dont i get hurt? i loved you so much, she cries and holds his collar, she says i supported your family, i gave importance to you most and you break my heart everytime, why you do this with me Ravi? she breakdowns and falls on ground, Ravi holds her and says calm down, please dont cry, he hugs her and says trust me, i respect your love and you have done so much favors on me, i would never forget it, you were and will remain my best friend, please understand me. Nivi calms down. Ravi makes her sit on chair, he gives her water, she drinks it and says you know this word love is weird, when its from two side its beautiful, it feels amazing but if its one sided then it makes life hell, it breaks heart and pains for your life, if its for Devika from me or your love for me, i can feel your pain because i have gone through it when i lost my Devika but i am sorry, i cant take this pain away, i fold my hands, i ask forgiveness, please try to understand my helplessness, i cant give you love, i cant tell how much i love Devika, Nivi cries.

PRECAP- Ravi tells Rekha that Ambika has same birth mark like Devika, she is Devika i am sure, Rekha is elated to hear it. Nivi comes to janki’s house and says to janki what you think that i cant free Ravi from jail without your help? i will do anything, but i hook or crook i will free Ravi from jail, Devika listens all this hiding behind pillar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please end this track. Vikas please expose nivi in front of ravi. Please don’t do anything to drag this track now.

  2. Ya pls expose nivi so dat
    Devika can be saved by ravi
    And show some love scence of devi
    Dont make ravi befriend nivi he wants to know the truth
    And vikas must show the proof to ravi only so tat ravi can take revenge from nivi

  3. Hey can anybody tell me how ravi traced where devika is hidden…..?

  4. Janki devi is palying somwhow double part here, she was seeking ravi’s help to save ambika, now forcing her to leave ravi. I think she is indirectly dont want ravi and devika to be reunited because she will loose her daughter again and she will be alone forever

  5. Devika I’d a dumb broad. No control on her emotions never listens to janki lands in trouble all the time ouf what crap track

  6. QueenB


  7. Queenb..
    Devika and ravi are two aspiring architects who met at their interview. Basically devika belongs to an orthodox family so her grandmother decides to get married her to saket kapoor a politian whose sister is wife of ravi’s brother. Mean while ravi join in Nivi’s company and soon nivi attracted to ravi. When ravi tried to rescue devika from saket their destiny made them to tie a knot. Greedy manju mother of ravi accepts devika as her daughter in law by seeing 10acres property on devikas name in whivh she want to biuld a school for poor children on her mother name. As time passon, nivi and saketh try to seperate them with various plans and monty(ravis brother) and sakshi(devika sister) try to join them by clear misunderstandings between them. But when devika realize her love for ravi nivi made her to kidnap and saketh thinks about secretly marry her. Greedy manju falls for nivis money. After ravi found her, manju saket and nivi made her to fall her on cliff by filling poison about ravi in devikas mind and they shown it to ravi as an accidental dearth. Janki devi, found devika in river and she saw her expired daughter in devika. She renamed her as ambika and provides the support to destroy her enemies nivi saket manju.. Even ravi doubt her as devika few scenarios will made nivi to trust devika as her good friend ambika and due to devikas face ravi is not agreeing to marry her. Saket learns about ambika and kidnap her, ravi rescued her where nivi supports saketh silently for ravi…
    I think this is the story… sorry if i missed any important point.. even I am new for the serial ..
    Have a nice day… ☺

    1. QueenB

      Thank you soooo much Geetu
      this has helped 🙂

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