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Scene 1
Devika comes to bus stand, Ravi comes behind her and says listen to me, i know you are angry with me but what you saw was not truth, DEvika says what will you say? that you were not wrong, what i saw was not truth and all, Ravi says i will not say anything like that as i have lost your truth, i wanna thank you for believing that i cant do something that muh wrong, Devika says i didnt save you cause i believe you, Ravi ask then why did you save me? DEvika says my family thinks that you are a nice guy, what they would have gone through when they got to know that you are in jail, i have to be with you, i have to hide your mistakes and cheap things as i am tied with you, Rekha’s health is not fine and i cant hurt her, you are disgusting, you cant understand how it feelws for a girl to see

her husband with her other girlm just donw show me your face, she leaves from there.
Navi is thinking about Ravi, she gets angry and thinks why i keep thinking about that man, she says my ego is hurt but i have to be calm, maybe i will get my answers from where it all started, i should ask why he married DEvika when he proposed me but for that i need to go to India, she calls her travel agent and books ticket, Sia comes there and says you were fighting with Dad to not go to India and now you are going, what is happening? Navi says i thought that why should i fail when success is in my hands so i thought to go to India and complete my all projects, Sia says if this is the case then i will come with you to India, Navi says what about your studies? Sia says i can study in India too, Navi says people come to london to get degree and you are going to India, Sia says so what? i know i have to join dad’s business with any degree so no problem and if you dont take me then i will stop my studies here too, Navi says fine, ask dad first, Sia agrees.

Scene 2
Saket comes to police station, policeman tells him that DEvika took Ravi’s side and said that she was with him whole night, Saket says but we saw him with other women, policeman says but we cant do anything against as his wife took his side, Saket thinks that Ravi escaped again, dont know why DEvika took his side, i have to do something.
DEvika is going alone on street, some goons teases her that we can show you way, they follow her and ask where are you going? she says can you tell me about bus stand, he says come sit on my bike, we will take you, Ravi shows them stick from bushes, they run from there, DEviak doesnt see Ravi, Ravi is following her, she looks back but he hides, she says why i feel someone is following me, she says i am sure someone is following me, Ravi hides behind tree, DEvika hits him with stick from behind, he faints, she is shocked to see its Ravi, she ask Ravi to get up and says i didnt know you were following me, why you were following me? she says oh i asked him to not show his face thats why he was following me, Saket comes there and ask DEvika what you are doing here? DEvika takes him to RAvi and says i hit him without knowing that its Ravi, his head is bleeding, Saket says why you are crying for him? he deserve this, leave him, Devika says how can you say that, he is my husband, SAket says ok i will help you, he takes Ravi in arms and puts him in car, Devika sit too. Saket ask DEvika what was the need to save Ravi from police? he deserve all this, DEvika says you should not be bothered about all this, what i thought was right, i did that, Saket says what was right in that? he spend whole night with other girl, he is using your innocence, he is using, you will regret to be with him, DEvika says when fate write something for us then we cant go against it, i have accepted this truth, Ravi is my husband and i have to fulfill this relation, i dont wanna talk about it, she applies bandage of Ravi’s wounds, Saket thinks that she will not agree like this, Ravi is unconscious, nobody can stop me, i should go in jungle.

Scene 3
Sakshi calls DEvika and says you are honeymoon but so busy that you are not calling us, i think that you two have went there but will return as three, Devika says you dont know how much tension i have, Sakshi ask what happened? DEvika says Ravi had accident, Sakshi ask is Ravi fine? let me talk to him, DEvika says he cant talk rightnow, he is not conscious, Sakshi ask how you are returning, DEvika says i am coming back with Saket, she ask what he is doing here? Devika says he came here for meeting, he helped me alot, i am returning home, she ends call, Sakshi thinks how Saket went there? Saket thinks now i cant do anything with her else Sakshi will tell everyone, DEvika gets worried for Ravi and thinks he didnt get consciousness, should i take him to hospital, Ravi’s head is lying in Devika’s lap, she makes him drink water, Saket applies break to car, Ravi wakes up and ask is this way to drive car, Saket says dog came infront of car, Ravi is shocked to see Saket there.

PRECAP- DEvika falls in middle of road, Ravi lifts her in arms and walks, she looks at him, Ankho hi ankho mein plays.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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