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Scene 1
Ravi holds Devika’s hand and feels something, he recalls how he used to hold Devika’s hand, he thinks why i felt like i held Devika’s hand? maybe i am missing her a lot thats why feeling like this. Pundit does wedding rituals and chants, Vikas smiles. Saket is looking around for Ambika, he sits beside Janki, she starts to leave but Saket says where is Ambika? you are her mother, you should know, Janki says i saw you with a girl in a room, i didnt say anything thats why you are getting ahead of yourself, dont make me angry, Saket says you are thinking wrong, i am nice man, i dont see any other like that, Janki says this means you have wrong thoughts for my daughter? Saket thinks that i am messing up, Saket says i meant to say that i love your daughter a lot so i dont think

about another girl, Janki says we will talk later, you go, Saket thinks that its useless to talk to her, i have to find Ambika, he leaves, Janki says once marriage happens then we will be free of this mad man.
Pundit asks groom and bride to stand for pheras. Manju thinks that Ambika is still dizzy, dont know how she will take pheras. Janki thinks that Ambika stand up and take pheras, snatch your husband from Nivi, its just seven pheras and then you will have revenge. Rekha thinks that wish this wedding stops, why Devika is letting this happen and where is she? The Ravi who took pheras with my daughter is taking pheras with someone else today. Manju says to Ravi that she is still dizzy, control her in pheras, he nods, Devika thinks that dont know what to do, if i stand up then they will doubt me and if i dont stand up then they will doubt me too, i should have asked maa earlier. Pundit asks to do gadh bandhan, Devika recalls how Rekha did it earlier. Manju comes forward and does gadh bandhan. Pundit ask them to stand for pheras. Ravi says dont worry Nivi, i will handle you, Devika thinks that dont worry about me, you will slip when this veil will come off and you will find your wife Devika whom you got killed, you will not get Nivi now. Ravi stands up for pheras.
Saket is calling Ambika and says why she is not picking call? where did she go? its her friend’s wedding and she is not anywhere and her mother is not telling anything, he calls her again.
Devika’s phone rings in Nivi’s room as Saket is calling her, Nivi wakes up listening tune. she has headache, she looks around and says my head is spinning, what i am doing in this room? and this blanket over me? she looks around and gets up from bed but falls down again due to having heavy doze of medicine.
Ravi holds Devika’s hand and starts taking pheras with her. Devika recalls how they took it earlier too. Devika thinks that he was shouting for me to accept that i am Devika, what happened now? he is ready to marry someone else, these pheras dont mean anything to him else he wouldnt have forgotten pheras he took with me, this is all game for him, first he played with Devika and now with Nivi, first he married me by cheating, even then i loved him dearly but now Ambika will do everything what he did with Devika, i will punish him, we are getting married again but this time its for justice, i will prove that girls are not weak as he thinks, i wont let Janki Maa’s learning go waste, i will punish all of them. Pundit asks bride to come forward in pheras, Devika moves but slips, Manju gets tensed, Ravi holds Devika and balances her, Janki comes and whispers to calm down, Manju thinks that she should not recognize her. Janki says Ravi hold her hand, girls get nervous at times like these. Devika comes forward, Ravi holds her hand and takes pheras with her. Ravi thinks that i am feeling i am doing sin, these pheras feel like i am insulting them, i love Devika then why i am marrying someone else? i feel like dead, when Devika got separated from me, i was so much pained, i cries so much, i feel like crying again, i dont know how i will fulfill this wedding my heart beats for Devika, she was my wife and my life partner, i still feel Ambika is devika as my heart can never be wrong.

Scene 2
Nivi wakes up again and says my head is spinning, how did i come here? think Nivi. She recalls how she drank coffee Manju gave her and how she fell unconscious. She says today is my wedding.
Janki thinks that today my daughter will get her right, she will be happy and i will be happy to her see her happy, Rekha thinks that how can i be happy today when my daughter is losing her husband today, he is marrying someone else when we know that devika is alive, why Ravi is doing this? Janki says to Rekha that i know what you are feeling, everything will be fine, just think that your daughter is marrying, you did good by coming else this all will be incomplete, Rekha says what are you saying? this cant be my daughter’s wedding, i have come here for Ravi, i take him as son and he respect me as mother and that is the only reason i have come here, Janki says Nivi is like daughter too, Rekha says this can never happen, i cant take Ravi’s second wife as my daughter, this Nivi tortured my Devika a lot, she used to keep eye on Ravi, she pained my Devika, Janki says you are right, even i dont like Nivi but she is Ambika’s friend so i had to come, Rekha says you are lucky to have daughter like Ambika. I have three daughters but see my bad luck, i lost Devika, my Sakshi is mentally not stable, only Pallavi is my hope of living, Janki says dont worry everything will be fine.
Pundit asks Ravi to fill sindoor(vermilion) in bride’s forehead, Devika thinks that now he will see my face. Janki and Manju gets tensed too.
Nivi says where is Ravi? why did i sleep? what happened to me? did my marriage get postponed? she has headache and says i need to talk to Ravi, she gets up with difficulty and goes.
All are tensed, Ravi takes sindoor, Devika prays to Ambe Maa, she thinks i cant lose this bet. Manju comes forward and says to Ravi that her health is not fine so her face has swollen, i dont want guests to see her like that, its insulting, just put sindoor without taking off veil, please, Ravi nods and puts hand in veil and applies sindoor on her forehead. Janki have sigh of relief, Ravi thinks that i got married to Nivi, Devika thinks that he is so happy to marry Nivi, i was fool to think that he loves me, she weeps.

PRECAP- Nivi comes to mandap and shouts to stop this. All are shocked to see her there. Ravi is confused, Devika is scared.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I hope the marriage happens before nivi comes.

  2. This episode is soo stressful I hope the marriage is complete before nivi comes

  3. Devika is sooo emotional like oh my god ????

    1. She’s a pathetic , weakling,ouf. Always thinking her thoughts loud like all the characters in this soap. Like we need to know , viewers can’t think for themselves. Honestly its beyond a joke, no ending to this rubbish.

    2. If comments are looked at then maybe we would make same comments and duplicat them makes sense yes.

  4. As devika blives in ambe maa . but she don’t trust people from vry first she alwys thinks ravi as wrong

  5. it was really a good epi… juz dying to know what will happen next.. can’t wait for the next epi… well done..

  6. I hope they get married and reunite can’t see Ravi and Devika apart manju mend ur ways and saket should get himself another wife he’s always after others wives

  7. I agree with devinder UK…… This thinking out aloud really irritates me endlessly….. Where is today update?

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