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Scene 1
Navi comes to Manju’s house, she finds celebrations going on, Manju says today is Monty’s engagement, Navi thinks that they are going so fast, how will i stop this marriage, Navi says to Mnaju that i have talked to lawyer, he said by Sakshi and Monty’s marriage this case will be nullified and you all will be saved from this case problem, Ravi says to Navi that this is why i had given this marriage proposal, he says to Manju that we have to go to buy engagement ring, she says sorry to Navi for not giving her company, he leaves from there, Manju says to Navi that i have to go too, Navi gives Manju her credit card and says you can buy anything with it, i know there must be financial problems in house as Ravi is not coming on job, when he will start working again then you

return all this, Manju thanks her, Navi ask can i come with you? Manju says ofcoarse, they leave, Shweta calls Saket and tells him that Ravi, Manju and Monty have gone to buy engagement ring, he says ok and ends call, he says i cant leave this chance.
Shekhar says to Savitri that you presence matters to us in our celebrations, Rekha says you are our family elder, this marriage is important for Sakshi, we all need you, Savitri says fine i am in house only, i will do work in marriage, Rekha says nothing like that, you dont need to work but you just help us and we need your blessing, will you go to buy engagement ring? Savitri says fine, i will go, Rekha says thanks, Pallavi will go with you.
Ravi and family comes to shop to buy ring, Monty is tensed seeing Pallavi there, Savitri says to Manju that Rekha has send us to buy ring together, Savitri comes to Devika and says you were saying you are on my side but you changed side again, Devika says i am still on your side, by this marriage Sakshi’s life will become stable and she will be happy, Savitri thinks that if this marriage happens then Devika’s anger for Ravi will go away too, their relation will become fine and i dont want that, Monty comes out of shop and thinks why Pallavi has come here, he says what happens to me when i see her, i just cant say anything.
Savitri and Manju bicker while choosing ring for Monty and Sakshi. Saket comes in market and finds Monty outside shop, he says my target is here only, Monty sees him and thinks that he will say rubbish again, i should leave, Ravi comes to Monty so Saket hides, Ravi ask Monty what happened? Monty says nothing, we should finish shopping fast, he leaves from there, Ravi goes too, Saket comes and says where did Monty go away?
Savitri selects expensive ring for Sakshi, she ask Manju to buy this one for Sakshi, she ask Manju are you tensed to see its price? will you not buy it now? Manju says i like it too, she ask shopkeeper to pack the ring, Manju thinks that even if i buy expensive ring for Sakshi, it will come to my house only, now i will find expensive ring for Monty and Savitri will have to pay for it, Ravi ask Pallavi to select some ring for Monty, Devika ask Pallavi to put ring in Monty’s hand and see its nice, Pallavi makes Monty wear ring and says its perfectly fit on his hand, they buy that ring, Saket see Monty tensed from far. Manju ask Ravi to go otherside and check more rings, she thinks Ravi should not know that i am doing payment with Navi’s card, Monty is eyeing Pallavi.

Scene 2
DEvika is checking bangles, she says to shopkeeper that i dont wanna buy, shopkeeper says atleast try it, it will not cost you anything, DEvika likes on bangles and tries it, Ravi sees this from far, Devika says i like it, shopkeeper says if you like it then buy it, maybe your husband will like to buy it for you, Devika says to shopkeeper that i know you will ask me to buy it, she tries to take it off from her hand, Ravi comes there, Devika says i was not wearing it but he asked me to wear it, its not getting off now, Ravi says if you like it then i will buy it, Devika says no already so much is being spend on marriage, dont waste money, Ravi says you are caring for me?Ravi holds her hand, Devika ask Ravi to leave her hand, all are seeing them, Sadqe tere plays as they share eyelock, Ravi pulls Devika close and ask why you are caring for me so much? Devika says no i just want marriage to happen nicely, Ravi pulls bangles out of her hands, shopkeeper says to Ravi that you seems expert in taking off bangles from girls hands, Devika gets miffed and leaves from there, Ravi ask shopkeeper what was the need to say this, he ask can i buy some bangles which are not much expensive, shopkeeper shows him, Ravi says yes this is fine, Devika has liked bangles so i will buy it, he buys it for her.
Saket meets Monty and ask why you are doing this? Monty says this is my problem, Saket says to Monty that you are destroying your life, dont do that, go and tell Pallavi that you love her, Monty says i will not tell her, Saket says if you dont tell her then i will tell him, what are you doing why you not telling her about your love, Ravi comes out and finds Saket in market.

PRECAP- Saket says to Ravi that if you think you will close to Devika by doing this marriage then this will not happen as i am not going to let it happen, Ravi says you are problem of our lives so i will finish you today, he brings iron rod to beat him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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