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Scene 1
Rekha finds Savitri sadly siting in Mandir, she sit beside her and says why are you awake late night? you didnt sleep? i know what you are going throught but you always have faith on ambe maa, nothing happens without her will, so accept it as her will, what happened with Devika today was in her fate, accept Ravi as you son in law, everything will be fine, when you feel sleepy, go to sleep, she leaves.
Ravi is standing near door, Monty comes to him and says why you are sad now? everything is fine now, you wanted to save Devika from Saket and you did it, Ravi says i am happy that i got married to girl whom i loved but my way was wrong, i could feel pain in her eyes, she has many questions but i dont have answers for it, i cant tell her why i did all this, i want to tell her that i did all

this to save her, Monty says you have done PhD on her eyes, cant you see that she came here even when Savitri was not allowing her, she could not accept this marriage but she didnt, if she is ready to accept this marriage then dont think much, nuptial night is always special so dont think anyone else, when she will know how you saved her then she will be all yours, i am thinking about Saket, he must be banging his head.

Scene 2
Saket is drinking wine, he looks at Devika’s picture and says you are only mine, no one can touch expect me, if he tries to touch you then i will destroy him, he will cry for life, if he had not cheated me then you would be with me at this time but you are now with him, e throws away picture and says Devika cant be of anyone else, i will bring her now, he is inebriated and comes out of room, he says i am coming Devika, Gayetri sees him and stops him, she ask didnt you sleep till now? where are you going at this time? Saket says i am going to my Devika and bring her here, Gayetri says Ravi has warned you, Saket says i was silent because of Devika, she didnt take my side else i would have told that Ravi who i am, i will tell Ravi who i am, Gayetri says this is not right time, try to understand, Saket says this is right time, before he touch her, i will bring her here, i will convert my lose to victory, Gayetri says you are not in sense, agree to my talks, already alot of drama has happened, we are so much insulted, dont do anything which will insult us more, Shweta is married in that family, will you want to break your sister’s life? Saket says i dont care, Saket falls unconscious. she takes him to his room.

Scene 3
manju brings ravi in room, Ravi says i am sleepy, Manju says i know you are dying to meet Devika, she says this is your first night after marriage so make it special, she shows him jewelry set and says this is for Devika, you will see her first time after marriage so gift her, Ravi says as much i know Devika she doesnt like all this, manju says if you gift her now, then we can have her things too.
Devika in room recalls flashback how she and Ravi came out of office one day and Ravi found his dream car there, he says to Devika that this is my dream car, i will buy much bigger can than this one day, Devika ask whats so special in it? Ravi says its more than special, he says its worth is 6lacs, i will buy car worth 2 crores, she says for that you will have to rob someone, Ravi says whats wrong in that? i fulfill what i dream and i can do anything to fulfill my dreams, its all about seeing from different perspectives, for me its about my dream so i can rob.
Manju is behind Ravi, Ravi says i will not listen to you, listen carefully i have not married her for her money, dont know why all are doubting me, and you have started all this too, it hurts me, i married her to save her from Saket, she is innocent, i am feeling bad as i took such step without telling anyone, i am already very tensed, manju says to Ravi that you have given me so much happiness, i dont wanna see you sad, Ravi says promise me you wont say anything related to money and all again, Manju says i will not talk about it, today is marriage night, talk to her nicely and calm her down, she will feel better and then she will be good with you all your life, she ask Ravi to go, she gives gift to him to give it Devika, he takes it and leaves.

Sakshi ask Pallavi did you sleep? she says no, Sakshis says you must be missing Devika, Pallavi says everything is reminding her, we knew she will be married and we will miss her but now when she is actually gone, i really miss her, SAkshi says i was happy that i will get room but i am not liking without her even with fact that i am happy with her marriage, Ravi really loves her, its their nuptial night, we should call them and tease them, Pallavi says it can be awkward for them, if you try to call them then i will tell Rekha, Sakshi says ok i will not do it, i thought to have some fun but you are trying to act so mature, you are boring, Pallavi ask her to sleep, she goes and sleep with Sakshi, both hug and sleep together.
Devika says Ravi was saying truth that day, he can do anything for money, can destroy anyone’s life for some luxury, how i couldnt understand him, he told me all this, he married me for my money, he destroyed my whole life for money and i thought him as friend, i kept thinking that he cant do wrong with him, i never thought he will stoop so low, i was so fool, she recalls how Ravi extended hand of friendship, how he used to say he will remove all her problems, how he helped her family in difficult times, how her family took him as angel, she says i dont know who is right, who is wrong, who is liar and who not, all i know is that this is not right, she cries.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that i know it will be difficult to adjust here but i promise you that i will become good husband, he sit beside her and tries to put hand on her shoulder but she jerks away and moves from there, he is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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