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Scene 1
All are shocked to see Raghav awake, Devika says sorry to doctor, doctor leaves. Vikas says he was acting to be unconscious, i knew it thats why i scared him of current. Ravi holds Raghav’s collar and says who asked you to kill me? Raghav says i dont remember anything, Devika says he is lying, Ravi says you wont tell? Raghav doesnt answer. Ravi drags him to lounge and says remember there was party going on and you shot person, Raghav says i dont remember anything, Ravi grabs his face, Raghav says i dont remember you, Ravi beats him and says you tried to shoot me, Nivi says to Saket that why Ravi is saying that Raghav shot him? Raghav came to shoot Ambika, Saket says he might be mistaken, i feel Raghav wont take our names, he is professional, Nivi says he is useless. Saket thinks that

Nivi gets to know that Raghav came to kill Ravi then she would eat me alive. Ravi says to Raghav that i will kill you, tell me who sent you to kill me? he beats Raghav, Vikas says i will bring hockey stick. Vikas brings it, Ravi says i will beat you with hockey, tell me who hired you? Ravi is about to beat him but Raghav says i will tell you truth. Ravi says good, Raghav says are you ready to listen truth? Ravi says just tell me, Raghav says that person is here, Ravi says no one from my family would try to kill me, Raghav says your own family wants you dead and hired me for that crime, he looks around. He comes to Nivi and says am i right? All are shocked. Ravi says why you are talking to her? Nivi cant do this, Raghav says she didnt give me contract to kill, the contract was given by.. he points at Saket, Saket says i didnt do anything like that, i dont know you, Raghav says i am not talking about you, i am talking about person behind you, Saket turns and finds Devika standing there, Raghav points at her, Saket says she cant do this, Ravi grabs him and says she is my wife, i would not believe even God about it, Vikas says he wants to get beaten, Raghav says you are not believing me, DEvika says i can never even think about it Ravi, Ravi says i know, Raghav sees chance, he runs and locks door from outside, he runs away from house. Ravi tries to open it, Devika leaves from there. Ravi asks to call Ambika. Janki calls her but she doesnt take call. Nivi says she is culprit. Ravi says just shut up.
Saket comes to corner and calls Raghav, he says we will meet in market, Raghav says okay.
Devika comes out of house from back door and says where did shooter go? why did he lie about me? i want answer. She sees Saket coming out, Saket is on call and says i will come to your house, he ends call. Devika hides and thinks where he is going? Saket leaves. Devika says i have to follow him, she takes auto.

Scene 2
Nivi says Ambika is liar, Ravi says shut up, dont even say a word, he shouts on her and says you are against her but she is my wife, i wont bear it next time, i will not spare you, Ambika did so much for you and your business, your status, you got everything back because of her so next time dont say anything against her, she made Sakshi and she will kill her husband? i wont believe even God, even Ambika says that she tried to kill me then i wont believe her because i love her, she is my wife and i trust her, so dont say a word against my wife, i wont spare you. Ravi says to Janki that lets go and find Ambika, he leaves with her.
Devika is following Saket’s car in rickshaw, he says where is he going? she lost track of Saket’s car and says where did he go? she sees his car on road and ask driver to follow him.
Ravi and Janki are in car, Ravi says she should have not left alone, she should have called me, Janki says i am tensed, Ambika couldnt bear false blame and followed him, she calls Ambika but she doesnt take call.
Nivi recalls how Ravi blasted at her and claimed that he loves Ambika. Monty comes there and says i want to take some action but i need your permission, Nivi says what is it? Monty says Ravi shouldnt have talked to you like this, i am with you always, i feel Ambika is behind all this, she might have tried to kill Ravi but Ravi wont understand it, i am worried about him and i know you care for him too so i think we should take action against Ambika, i want her to get arrested, Nivi looks on, Monty says what you think about it? Nivi says you should call police, she should get arrested but Ravi shouldnt know that i had anything to do with this, you will take responsibility, Monty says yes and calls police station.

Ambika comes follows saket. She sees him waiting for someone. Ambika says it’s a weird place what is he here for? I will keep and eye on him. Saket meets the shooter. Ambika says Raghav?This means saket appointed him. No one else can do this. She records their video, but her phone’s battery is dead. Sh says I can hear them at least. Saket says to raghav you couldn’t do this. You shot sakshi instead. I will give you money tomorrow. Raghav says I want my money today. Saket says I am not running anywhere. Saket says okay I am calling. He says wait you will get your money. Ambika and her mom are a little clever. Raghav says my plan is fool proof.

Precap-Ravi slaps Monty. Ravi says you forgot she is my wife. Who asked you to do this?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Gosh I loved the Precap. I know that, Monty in his place, might doubt Devika but he did wrong, Ravi is right, they all forgotten what Devika did for them, she took her revenge but still allowed them to stay in house, and they think that Devika could kill Ravi, just because that stupid Raghav, they want to arrest Devika, this is highly stupid, that Monty should be behind bars. He couldn’t even take care of Sakshi but he is so concerned for his stupid Mrs Luthra, then why dont he marry her. He is so foolish, like seriously, I think Sakshi should find a nice person like Ravi to marry, not this selfish and self-centered Monty, idiot. The episode was nice. Devika should follow Raghav and Saket and gather proof against them and expose Saket, then her final enemy would be Nivi because of whom Devika’s life got ruined and she had to adopt the name Ambika to get revenge, please don’t end this serial, Cvs I beg of you, continue this story with Ravi and Devika’s children…

  2. How convenient that the phone battery is dead.

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