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Scene 1
Ravi asks saket to open door of his car. Saket says what I did. Ravi runs to devika and says i wont let anything happen to you devika. Saket drives and runs from there. The waiter says i want to tell you something. Ravi says we dont have time. He tries to stop cars but no one stops. ravi screams please stop car someone. My wife has met an accident. Ravi says I beg you God please save my devika. I wont be able to live if something happens to her. Please save my devika. Ravi goes to devika and says please fight with me i wont let anything happen to you. A car comes. Ravi says please leave us in hospital please. They say we have to go. Ravi says what if this had happened to your wife.please leave us to hospital. He allows him.
Ravi puts devika in car.

saket stops his car. He says

what i did? i killed devika. how could I do this. she is my love and i hit her. How could I do this.
Ravi says please devika, for the sake of our love. open your eyes. he recalls their moments together. Saket says this happened because of that ravi. I will kill him if something happens to devika. but before that I have to do something of this car. I will be caught if this car is found. he burns the car.

Ravi is crying. He says i love you so much devika. Please come back. The woman says to her husband he loves her and we were saying no to them. Ravi says please drive fast. I wont be able to live if something happens to my wife. The man says dont worry we will reach the hospital.
Ravi says i will find whoever has done this to devika. I wont leave him.

They reach the hospital. Ravi looks for hospital. They take her to emegency room. Ravi waits outside. The waiter asks how is madam now? Ravi says they are treating her. Ravi says whoever was driving the car i will kill him. The waiter says this is saket’s act. He has same car. Ravi says is it true? He says yes same car, same model. Ravi says yes that must be saket. He wanted to kill us. And if that is saket i will kill him. You stay here the treatment is on going. Inform me if there is some problem. Ravi leaves for saket’s house.

Palavi asks Rekha why are you worried maa? She says i dont know my intincts say something wrong is gonna happen. Sakshi says in heart i am marrying that evil what could be worse? Sakshi says i think the same. SAvitri says why dont you speak good. Sakshi says maybe saket will be murdered. Savitri says why dont you control your mouth.

Ravi comes to saket’s house and says where are you saket. Saket’s mom says he is asleep. ravi goes to saket’s room. Ravi grasps Saket’s collar. ravi says i know it was you who hit devika. saket says i was home all day. I came home early and why would i do this. ravi says dont lie. Saket says ask anyone. ravi says i dont need to ask anyone. ravi says you hit her and you are lying now. You wanted to killed charan singh because you saw him talking to me. You were scared that your plan would be exposed. You crushed devika instead. Saket shoves him and says why would i do this. Ravi picks up the knife. saket says please leave it. Ravi says say truth or i will kill you. saket says listen to me. ravi says you are lying. saket says have you gone mad?> you will go to jail. ravi says i dont care. All i know is that you hit devika.

Manju is worried for devika and ravi. She says where is devika gone? She gets a call from gaitri. Gaitri says ravi is here, he will kill saket. the door is locked. please come here. Manju wakes eddy up and tells them everything.
Saket says i didn’t do anything. ravi says i wont leave you.

Precap-Ravi hugs devika and says i really love you devika. She opens her eyes a little.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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