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Scene 1
Devika and Janki prays to Ambe Maa, Janki thanks Devi ma for saving her daughter, she thinks that you have done huge favor on me, i am thankful that you are here to support us, we cant understand your planning but i have understood that you did all this so that my daughter doesnt have fear of Saket anymore. Devika reminisces about Ravi saving her, she thinks that dont know what Saket would have done if Ravi didnt reach on time, i would have died before allowing Saket, once again my husband, my Ravi saved me, that devil Saket must have done wrong but Ravi put his life in danger for me, what he did, nobody can do it.
Ravi is in cell, he says i dont regret doing anything, that jerk Saket kidnapped my Devika, tortured her, pained her, made her cry, i should have killed him, i wouldnt mind

hanging on noose, i am happy to save my wife from that Saket, dont know why she is away from me by becoming Ambika, but now she must know that i love her alot. Ravi recalls how Devika confessed her love, he says my devika will comeback, i am sure about it, last time after kidnapping, she confessed her love, this time will happen that too, our space will vanish, i have seen in her eyes that she loves me alot, she is incomplete without me like i feel about it, he recalls how Ambika hugged him and protected him from Saket. Ravi says her eyes were showing that she was waiting for me, she is my Devika, now no power of world can separate us, i am sure. He recalls their happy moments, Sanam teri kasam plays.
Nivi comes to Shweta and starts packing her bags, she says you can leave, Shweta says i didnt do anything against you, Nivi says i had to bear everytime i trust you, i dont care where you live, i am sure your powerful brother will find place for you to live, Shweta says this is my house too, my husband lives here Nivi says this is my house, your tears wont work on me. Shweta sits in her feet and says please dont throw me out, i didnt do anything. Nivi says i wont stop kicking you out, if you dont listen then i will slap and kick you out. Monty comes there and says dont do this, she might have done mistake but please forgive her, Nivi says if you want to leave with her then you can else shut up, she drags Shweta from her room.
Janki asks Devika to drink turmeric milk, Devika says i cant, Janki says you need strength, i have called doctor too, Devika says i cant win with you, i will drink it, Janki says dont cheat, you have to drink it, she leaves.
Janki calls doctor but he doesnt pick up, she says oh God, Rekha helped me so much, she showed support and concern but i forgot to inform her. I should inform her. She calls Rekha, Rekha picks call and asks how is my Devika? who kidnapped her? she stops and says sorry, i meant how is your Ambika? she is fine? Janki says she is fine, from now on she is not only my daughter but your daughter, i mean you can call her Laado, you helped me so much to find her, you prayed for her safety, you cared for her like mother, we wouldnt be able to find her without you, i am so thankful, i am requesting you if you ever need my help then please tell me. Rekha says i wont lie, i did everything for my Devika, your Ambika is exact like my Devika, when she was kidnapped, i couldnt stop myself, Janki says i am so sorry to hear that your Devika is not in this world but trust me she would be so happy to see you helping girl who looks like devika. Devika is standing behind Janki ans cries listening all that, she thinks that Maa is talking to Chachi, i crave to talk to her too, to thank her, to listen her voice but how? i cant control, i want to listen her voice, she weeps. Janki turns and sees her, Devika pleads with eyes to let her talk for one minute. Janki gives her phone. Devika says hello, Rekha.. she stops, Aunty i am Ambika, how are you? Maa told me about you, she always talk about you, you did so much for me, she always say that your heart is lovely, thank yo for everything, for everything, she cries. Rekha says God keep you safe always, Rekha says you look exactly like my Devika, you talk like my Devika too, you are like her, sorry i am a mother so couldnt control my emotions, Devika silently cries listening all that, Rekha says actually i cant bear that i am separated from my laado, Devika says one day everything will be fine, take care of yourself, i will talk later, she ends call, Rekha cries. Devika cries too, both are pained. Janki hugs Devika and asks her to calm down, Devika says i am so bad, i am so helpless that i cant tell my chachi that i am alive, that she can talk to my laado, i am giving her pain, its bad, janki says control your emotions, one day you will be able to tell her truth but not now, she hugs her.
Nivi brings Shweta to lounge and says get out. Manju says dont punish her like this, where will she go? we will think about it, Ravi is not here too, let him come, first think how to bring Ravi out of jail. Nivi says do you think that i am fool that i wait for Ravi so he can stop me from throwing her out? this woman will go out of my house. Vikas says i know she did mistake but she is not bad, i will talk to her and pacify her, Shweta says i didnt do anything, i didnt know who kidnapped Ambika, why should i get punished for it? Nivi says see Manju, she is not even accepting her mistake, i cant let her stay here, if anyone wants to go against me then they can go with her too. She throws Shweta out of house and closes door.
Janki comes to Ambika and says where are you going? Devika says i have urgent work, Janki says what is it? doctor is coming, let her check you first, Devika says i have to do one work, let me go, Janki says you have wounds, you will get infection, Devika says i will return soon, Janki says dont be stubborn. DEvika says i am requesting you to let me go, i will go to doctor myself, please let me go, she leaves. Janki thinks what happened to her? why she is not listening to me? She stops Devika and says are you going to meet Ravi? Devika says yes, i dont think i am doing anything wrong, he is in jail without any mistake, he saved my life putting his life in danger so i am going to free him, Janki says i wont allow you for that, Devika says Ravi saved me from Saket, dont you think i should save him? Janki says why dont you understand that every coin has two sides, its your misunderstanding that he loves you, he saved you because his family is dependent on you, his property, his business everything is under your control. Remember when he saved you in bank, he told you reason himself. This is all his trick to melt your heart, Devika says no you are thinking wrong of him, he didnt come there for money or wealth, he came there to save my life, i have seen him fighting goons, it cant be fake, his anger cant be fake, his wounds cant be fake, Saket was about to shoot him but he didnt move back because he wanted to protect me, what if Saket had shot him? what if anything had happened to Ravi? who does that Maa? who puts life in danger for wealth? he was caring for me, he did everything to save my life. Janki says there is one reason why he saved you, why he took danger and that reason is that he wants to prove that you are Devika, Devika thinks.

PRECAP- Nivi says to Ravi that why did you go to save Ambika? what she is to you? she holds his collar and shouts to answer. Ravi shouts is my wife, she is not Ambika Raichand but devika Garewal, my wife, Nivi is shocked to hear it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Please end this track, how long is it going to drag on for. Please expose nivi and manju and let Ravi know what they did.

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    Loving devika’s confident side

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