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Scene 1
Meeting starts, Amit comes (the head), Amit says to Devika, you are the one, devika, i liked your designs, he says we have big contract so we have to select best design officer so we will have competition, the one who will have best design will win the competition, meeting ends. RAvi thinks that this time i will make such a design that i will win competition, Devika also thinks that this is her dream, she will make best design, Ravi and Devika stirkes, Ravi again bang their heads, Ravi says i have work, i will win this competition, Devika says you are over confident, this is my chance, i left my first chance for you but now Ambe Maa has given me second chance and i will prove it, you think i am fool, i wil make best design, Ravi says now i will show when i work, i do it best, Devika says if

you taken this competition to personal level then let it be, i will show you, they stare and leaves.
Ravi makes design and says yes this is best design, she cant make design like this, he then recalls Devika’s design in job interview, he throws away his design and says it is not upto mark, he thinks that i have to make outstanding design, otherwise she will win and will become my boss. Devika thinks why i am taking so much tension for this competition, that Ravi doesnt matter, its my mother’s dream, i have to make my familya proud, this challenge with Ravi doesnt matter but i have to do it for my dreams and my family, she prays to Ambe Maa that bless me so that i make best designs. Both Ravi and Devika are engrossed in making designs.

Scene 2
Savitri says to Rekha that the gifts we got in Ajay’s marriage, bring two out of them, tomorrow Saket’s family is coming, they bring gifts everytime so we have to give gifts too, Dada says but that gifts are of Ajay, we can buy other gifts, Savitri says whole family have right on gifts, we will have to serve huge money on marriage so we can save from here and there, she ask Rekha to bring gifts.
Devika makes her design, Ravi thinks to check it, Devika hides her design seeing Ravi, he ask her to show how much time she wasted on foolish design, Devika says i will not show you, Ravi thinks to fool her, he says your design is bad, Devika says no, she starts checking it so Ravi sees her design, he says now i know your design, what you thought i will steal your design? stealing is your family business not mine, he leaves.
Devika comes back home, she says to Rekha that i have much work, i have competition in office and have to win challenge too, Rekha ask her to not work then, she ask her to sit in her room else Savitri will disturn her if she sit in her own room, Deviak thanks her and goes. Devika comes in her room and looks at one wall, she thinks why i am feeling this wall is attracting me towards itself, she is about to touch the wall, Savitri comes and says dont you this is last wall of house, Devika says i feel this wall is different, Savitri says this wall is same like others, go from here, Devika leaves, Savitri thinks that things have started to change, she has started doubting, if she gets to know truth then it will be destruction, she is getting older, i have to marry her soon.

Scene 3
Ravi says that my design is perfect but whats in Devika’s design that it attract others, she brings life in her designs, maybe she uses such color scheme that attract others, i have to use good colors too.
Devika comes in her room and thinks why that wall was weird, it was not some ordinary wall she then thinks that Ravi has made me mad thats why i am seeing simple walls weirdly too. Ravi uses color scheme in his designs and says indirectly she helped me, now my design is perfect. Devika thinks that Ravi has seen my design, he can copy it and will say that he has made it, she thinks shoul i make design again? but then thinks that i have made it with hard work, she thinks i will show to Amit Sir first my design and will ask his suggestion before Ravi.
Saket, Mother and Anuja are going to Devika’s house, he says to Anuja that my mother dont know how to talk but you are comign with us so it will be nice. Saket’s mother thinks that Saket bought lacs of gifts for that devika’s family. Anuja thinks why Saket is going from Savitri’s house route, two good work is goin to happen to today, Vikas will get some contract and we have to meet Saket’s in laws but now whole day will be destroyed, suddenly the car stops, Saket comes out check, the tyre is punctured, Saket is frustrated, mother thinks that this is fate, whenever we go to Devika’s house, something bad happens. Vikas calls Anuja and says we have to meet contractor, comeback soon, she says to Saket that i cant come with you, i have to go with Vikas, Saket says fine, go, he says to mother that i have called another car.
Devika comes in office, she is in lift and puts her foot on Ravi’s foot, he shouts, he says why you follow me, Devika asys you are not handsome, i dont know why girls run behind you, i dont like your face, she tries to press wrong button of lift, Ravi pushes Devika away, both falls down, Ravi falls on her, they both share an eyelock, they get up, Sadqe tere plays. light of lift goes off so Devika tightly holds Ravi’s arm, they both come closer and look at each other.

PRECAP- Ravi is trying to open the lift, he opens his lighter so Devika imagines some fire from her past, she starts shouting to put this fire away, Ravi ask what happendd, DEvika keep shouting, Ravi puts hand on her mouth and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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