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Scene 1
Devika comes to police station, she thinks i feel bad that i came here even after maa asked me not to but what to do, i was feeling guilty and bad about Ravi, i couldnt get peace, i am sorry maa. She says to inspector that free Ravi, i will do all formalities, inspector says there are charges on him and you mom doesnt want to free Saket or Ravi. DEvika says what are you saying? Ravi didnt do anything, he came to save me, Saket had gun, he was about to shoot us so Ravi had to take gun in hands, he did it in self defense, free him now, inspector says we have to follow law, we will wait till court hears case and if they give verdict against him then he has to be here, Devika says if you dont free him then i will tell court that you are under influence to Saket because he has contacts, Ravi

is innocent, Saket must have bribed to arrest innocent person, if i say all this in court then your job will be in danger, i am giving guarantee, free him, inspector says but your mother.. she says i will handle her, free Ravi now, he asks policeman to bring Ravi. He asks Devika to fulfill formalities.
Sakshi is running around in house, Jyoti is running behind her. Monty sees her and thinks that its good Sakshi is enjoying, wish she becomes fine. nivi comes there, Sakshi strikes with her, Nivi shouts on Jyoti that why she is free? she is mad. Sakshi says you are killer, you snatched my Devika from me, you will regret everything, you have money and wealth? right? everything will be destroyed and you will be on roads, she laughs on her and says you wont even get penny as beggar, your fate has only dust, you will die and nobody will be there to take care of your deadbody, you killed my Devika, i wont spare you, she attacks Nivi, Jyoti and Monty handles her, Nivi shouts Jyoti this is how you handle her? give her extra dose of medicine, Monty takes her away. Nivi thinks that Sakshi was always behind to bring my truth out thats why i made her mad, i have to be careful. She recalls flashback. Sakshi says to Nivi that you cant fool me, i know Devika didnt fall from cliff my mistake, my Devika di was murdered with full planning, you were lying, you have killed my Devika, i wont spare you now, i will tell police everything, i will send you to noose. Nivi says you are thinking wrong, Sakshi says dont fool me now, i will.. Saket hits Sakshi on head by rod, Sakshi falls unconscious, Nivi says she know everything, she will tell police about us, what to do? he says lets kill her, she says no, Devika’s murder is still not old, we have to be careful, there cant be another murder, Saket says what if she tells truth to everyone, Nivi thinks we have to close her mouth or even if she opens her mouth then nobody believes her, fb ends. Nivi thinks that i had only this way, everyone thinks that Sakshi’s medicines are making her fine but they are given to her to keep her mad, till she keep drinking syrup till then she wont be able to speak properly, she wont be able to open her mouth, she came in my way and destroyed her life.
Policeman comes to Ravi and says you are free now. He asks if Nivi did bail? he says no Miss Raichand came and fought with inspector, she warned him to free you. Ravi says my Devika has come to free me? he says no, Ambika has come, Ravi thinks how to tell you that she is my Devika and she proved her love by coming here for me.
Vikas comes to meet Shweta, she says leave from here, he says i came to meet you, i missed you so much, i was like Romeo without Juliet, Shweta says what happened to all that when nivi was throwing me out? NVikas says i was waiting for day when i can answer back Nivi and now i have everything, Shweta says you are useless, you cant do anything, my brother will do everything for me. Vikas says as far as i remember, your brother is in jail, i am going to do everything for you, i am your give you respect back, Shweta says my brother will bring my respect back, i dont need you, leave, Vikas says i came to help you but it seems like you dont need my help so sit here and wait for your brother to get free from jail, i am useless right? your brother will help you, Shweta says get lost from here, she throws him out of her room.
Ravi is passingby Saket’s cell. Saket sees him, Ravi stops and says what are you looking at? you are still here? didnt go to house? you contacts didnt come to play? thanks to you, if you didnt do kidnapping then i wouldnt have saved her and we wouldnt have come closer, you know who freed me? Devika came to free me and she fought with inspector to free me., she loves me a lot, i should get going, my Devika is waiting for me, you rot here and enjoy life. One thing serious that if you ever look at my Devika then you wont be able to smile again, he leaves. Saket smirks.
Ravi comes to Devika in police station, they stare each other, Bolna mahi plays. Ravi signs papers, Devika keeps looking at him. Inspector says Ravi you are lucky, she is on your side else you wouldnt be able to come out even with Nivi’s help, you can thank her. Ravi comes to Devika and says thank you for freeing me, Devika says you saved my life so it was my duty to free you from jail, i thought to send my lawyer but i thought to fulfill all formalities and came here, Ravi holds her hand, she looks at him confused, he says lets go out and talk, he takes from there.
Nivi is in her room and recalls how Ravi said that Ambika is his wife. Manju comes there and says what happened? when will Ravi come out of jail? dont know how he is living there, tomorrow is Sangeet, will he come out? Nivi says i tried everything but couldnt do anything, Manju says there must be someway to free him, Nivi says lawyer told me that if janki and Ambiak takes back case then Ravi can be freed so being fool i went to them and requested them to free Ravi, she is so egoistic, dont know what she thinks of herself, she is selfish and Ravi praise them so much, and you know what Ravi said? he thinks Ambika is Devika, i am so stressed rightnow, Manju says maybe one thing will help you, she asks what? Manju says tell everything to Ravi, tell him that you love him a lot, tell him that you went to beg Janki and Ambika to free you but they rudely denied you, fill his ear against Ambika, Nivi says this is third rate idea, it wont bring Ravi out of jail and he will hate me, he thinks Ambika is DEvika and he wont listen anything against her, he will further go away from me and i cant let that happen, i love him alot, i will do everything to bring him to me, i have to do this marriage, i had to bear so much humiliation, this marriage has to happen, Manju says i dont think Ravi will come out of jail soon.
Ravi and Devika are in car. Devika thinks that i feel good to listen to my heart’s voice, atleast he is out of jail but we shouldnt talk, what if he asks me about my birth mark? Ravi looks at her and thinks is she shy to talk to me? should i start talking but what to say? she is mystery to me now, why she is giving me half smile, i dont know where to start, why she is hiding her heart thing, i am dying to listen that she loves me too. Devika thinks what to do about this love which i have to hide everytime i talk, how to tell you Ravi that even after all that, i still love you, you killed me and destroyed my happiness but this crazy heart still loves you, it doesnt let me hate you, i keep thinking about you, my heart beats for you only. Ravi thinks why devika is hiding her identity? tell me once why you had to become Ambika? Devika thinks Ravi is responsible for forcing me to become Ambika and he wants me to accept that i am Devika? i wont accept it ever, you have given me so much pain, you dont deserve Devika’s love but i am fool, when you look at me with love and hold my hand, i forget everything, i forget your lie, your cheat everything, i get lost in memories, memories when we used to love each other and everything was nice, they look at each other and shares eyelock.

PRECAP- Saket asks inspector to give him phone. Inspector says Janki has arranged your long stay in jail, you cant go out now, Saket says if she knows one minister then i know whole cabinet, they dont know i am here so give me phone to let me call them, inspector says sorry and leaves, Saket is angry.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. When is this track going to end, keeps going round in circles. Don’t the writers think it’s gone on too long now?

  2. ekta ji is slowing the pace because she wanted to do something bullshit to extend the track…..we all think that the climax will come soon….but ekta ji wanted to go on and on with the bullshit story

  3. Ekta’s run out of ideas so extending unnecessarily. I am sure no one takes any note of the comments. Maybe people shout give ideas which way the story should go and end. I am sure lot of intelligent ideas will surface unlike the dumb writers who have no ideas. They have all gone bold stracthing their head’s for intelligent ideas that make sense. Lol!!!!!

    1. Sorry its should not shout

  4. FGS how long can they drag this track. Surely it’s better to end and start another. Maybe get sakshi to speak in front of Ravi or ambika only then can this track draw to a close. PLEASE


    I hope soon Navi and Manju accompny saket and plzz vikas tell whole truth to Devika and Ravi about her kiddnpping and about Devika murder and plzzzzzz monty realise ur wife is in trouble; stop being Navi’s puppet….

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