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Scene 1
Ravi smiles at Devika, DEvika angrily goes to washroom, Ravi says she must be thinking that i am planning something, i should sit quietly, he recalls how girl trapped him and took him to room, how he slept there and when he woke up, girl was in his arms, he says it was Saket’s plan, he warned me that he will trap me but how i got trapped, i should call hotel staff but i dont have mobile phone, i left it there only, dont know when she will come out of washroom, i have only wait in my life now.
Saket thinks dont know what has happened to DEvika, she doesnt listen to me, Shweta calls him and says Ravi and DEvika have returned home, did you do something? Saket says my plan was going fine, today Ravi would have been in jail and Devika with me but my plan failed, now nothing will happen

by making small plans, i have t do something big, keep informing me about them, he ends call.
In morning, Ravi brings sim card, he says its so difficult to get sim card nowadays, Devika brings tea for him, he ask did you make it for me? she says no your 104th girlfriend made it and send it for you, Ravi says you look good in anger, he ask where is Manju and Shweta? she says they have gone out, he says my day is very good that you have made tea for me, DEvika ask him to shut up and drink it, Ravi drinks it and says its great tea but sugar is little less, DEvika says i should have put red chilli in it, Ravi says i will drink it in that case too, DEvika says i have not seen so much cheap person like you, you are irritating, she leaves, Ravi says i keep listening to her taunts, my love increases for her everyday and one day i will prove my innocence and she will love me too, he gets Navi’s message to call her immediately, he calls her, Navi is sleeping and ask Sia to take her call, she says its some Ravi calling, she takes call and ask Ravi where are you? he says i am in Ambala, she thinks but he was in honeymoon, she ask Ravi to come in office, she ends call, Sia ask Navi who is this Ravi? Navi says he is my office employee, he helped me to get big project, she goes to get ready for office.

Scene 2
Monty is waiting for Pallavi, Addy is with him too, Addy says i told you to call her and ask her to come here, we dont know if she will come here or not, Addy says if you wait like this then she will go with someone else, call her and ask her to come here.
Navi is in office, she does touch up to her make up thinking Ravi might have come, someone knocks door, she ask who is it? Ravi comes in and says i think your mood is not fine, i will come later, she says no come in, he comes in and sit, she ask what happened why bandage on your head? he says small accident, why you called me urgently? she says why is someone waiting for you at home? how was your honeymoon? Ravi says you know about my marriage? she says yes, you didnt tell me but i got to know it, he says even i didnt know about, it happened suddenly, i couldnt invite anyone, Navi says i have comeback to take treat from you, Ravi says as much as i know you, you cant come for treat, Navi thinks you are smart Ravi, she says i am going to sue you, he ask why? she says according to your contract, you cant take off from office for more than 2 days, but in this marriage and honeymoon drama you forgot to come to office so now i will file case on you, she says there is one case, you can work here, you have to start work from this day, have to give overtime and do more work, Ravi stares her and says you cant change ever, navi says you have two facets too, you say something else and do something else, just see yourself first, now you have to decide if you will work here for a month on notice period or not, this is first time i am showing leniency to my employee, you are newly married so you will not want problem to come in your life, Ravi says i want some time to think, Navi says i dont have time for common employees, i give you one day to think, decide if you will serve 1 month notice period or if you wanna go to court, my lawyer will come to your home, lets see if we will meet in office or in court, Ravi says okay and leaves, Navi thinks that he always show attitude, he talks rudely with me, answer me back but today he was different, he didnt say anything, if he still have soft corner for me? this is so confusing.

Scene 3
Devika meets Rekha, Rekha says whenever i think good about yo, something unfortunate happen, i will talk to pundit ji, DEvika says it was small accident nothing to worry, Devika says to Rekha that when two people share life and have understanding then they dont need to go anywhere to spend time together, they can make time special at any place and when two people are not made for each other then its difficult to spend single minute, its all about fate, Rekha ask are you happy? DEvika says yes, i am fulfilling duties of good wife, i take care of Ravi whenever he needs me, Rekha ask about Ravi? Devika says he takes care me alot, Rekha says i knew that he will win your heart, you couple is great.
Ravi is in rikshaw at signal, he says my mind will be eaten in house and in office both, husband is for to listen only, i have no peace in life, he finds flower shop and says i should take rose for DEvika, maybe it will melt her heart but dont know if she likes it or not, she will say i bought is deliberately, i have to know what she likes, what she will do? she will throw it at me, lover have to do all this, what will happen? my head will have one more wound, i should buy it, he buys rose for DEvika and smiles, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays.

PRECAP- DEvika finds rose at bedside and thinks its my favorite but how it came here? Ravi looks at her from far.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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