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Scene 1
Nivi comes in her room and says this cant happen, she recalls seeing lipstick mark on Ravi’s shirt and says i cant take this, that lipstick mark, they became so close, why this is happening with me? what should i do? i did everything to get Ravi, i crossed all limits but Ravi gets away from me everytime, oh my God.. i cant loose like this, i wont remain silent, nobody can snatch Ravi from me, Ambika has to understand that i love Ravi a lot and i cant live without him.
Ambika is coming down in lounge, Nivi greets her and asks why you are so tensed? everything fine? She says i am fine, why you are asking? Nivi says how is your health? you were inebriated last night, Devika says i dont remember anything last night, Nivi says the way you were behaving last night, i never saw you like

that, did you drink wine a lot? Devika says i am sure someone spiked my drink, Nivi says what was your condition? did you do something which you shouldnt? your and Ravi’s closeness was unusual, Devika says i dont remember, how you know? Nivi says i didnt see anything, i listened Shweta talking, Devika thinks that she wants to know what happened between me and Ravi last night. Nivi says i want you to be comfortable here, i know you dont feel anything for Ravi, you dont like him right? Devika says yes, Nivi says you hate him, and this marriage happened against your will so there is no way that you will Ravi get close to you, Devika thinks that i have done this marriage to jealous Nivi so why i shouldnt do it? Devika says i dont know what i did last night but i have pain in whole body, i am feeling weird but i dont remember anything, i remember some parts, i remember Ravi lifting me in arms, we were looking at each other, i am sure i behaved weirdly but we cant do much, i am tired since morning, my body is aching, its better not to take tension, important is that today is Diwali, i want to have good function here, she leaves. Nivi thinks that she is not angry with Ravi? has she accepted Ravi? she hided things from me, she has snatched Ravi from me and she is happy with this marriage, my best friend have done this and i dont have anything, no house, now wealth, no Ravi.
Manju brings Devika in kitchen and says you have to cook sweetdish today, Shweta will help you, she is like your sister, Devika recalls hpw Shweta used to destroy her dishes. Devika asks what i have to cook? i know all sweetdishes, Manju says you are rich, you know how to cook? Devika says even rich people like to cook, Janki is best mom, she have taught me everything, Manju says okay cook anything. Manju is starting to leave but finds Nivi there, she says dont cast eye on my daughter in law cooking, she leaves. Devika is cooking and recalls how Ravi said that he has pain in body, she thinks that i have to talk to Ravi strictly, i am sure nothing happened but i have to confirm with Ravi. Nivi comes there and says Ravi is finding you, he might want to talk to you. Devika says i am cooking halwa no, Nivi says he must have some urgent work, i will watch over halwa, Devika says okay put sugar in halwa and turn off stove, she leaves. Nivi thinks that now you want to impress Ravi? you snatched my love, now you will be insulted when they will eat this Halwa. Nivi pours salt in Halwa.
Ravi is getting ready in his room and says i am looking like dude, he is humming song. Devika comes there and says you are cheap and sing cheap songs, Ravi says my mood is romantic, i was thinking about you, Devika says you are singing cheap songs thinking about me? Ravi says so should i think about someone else? Devika asks why did you call me here? Ravi says i didnt call you here, i was just thinking about you and you came here, lets romance now, Devika says shut up, Ravi says you want my shirt up? he pulls his shirt up, DEvika says what are you doing? Ravi says last night wanted to see my 6pack abs, Devika says i listened your rubbish talk, i am going to kitchen now, Ravi asks why in kitchen? Devika says new bride have to cook something sweet, Ravi says last night you ate so much sweet, we will eat sweet at night, Devika says i know for sure that nothing happened between us because i hate you, Ravi says so you think that nothing happened? she says i am sure you are lying, Ravi says i will behave like this, i will say that nothing happened, if you say that this is night not day then i will say its night, keep showering love, Devika says love doest suite your tongue, Ravi says i wont tell anyone that something happened between us last night, i should leave sweetheart, make sweetdish, i would love to eat it, he leaves. Devika says dont know how i will tolerate him.
Devika comes in kitchen and says stove is off so Nivi didnt let my halwa get burned? she is just showing off and she must be making bigger plan. She says i should taste it. Devika is about to taste it but Manju comes and says you dont need to taste, i know you do everything nice, all are waiting for Halwa, lets serve it. Devika serves it in bowls.
Devika sits beside Ravi at dining table, Ravi holds her hand under table. Nivi thinks they are getting love dovey, i have destroyed her halwa, soon they will stop praising her. Devika tries to free her hand from Ravi’s grasp. Monty eats halwa and says this is sweetdish but it is salty, Gurvindar says yes, i think you have put salt instead of sugar, Devika tastes it, Ravi tastes it too. Manju says its good. Ravi says its fine, its sweet, there is no salt in it, i was talking to Vikas that we wanted to eat upma, Vikas says i will eat more, who eats sweetdish these days, you have made upma for me. Manju says this is shagun and you cooked so doesnt matter. Nivi thinks that they are not even going against her, DEvika thinks that seems like Nivi mixed salt.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that kiss him cheeks. Devika says i dont spare you. Nivi see them playfully talking and thinks that Ambika should start counting her days, i will break her relation with Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Crap episode yet again. Brain dead amibika go running to maa. No near to truth .

  2. Oh god, please not another kidnap plot please. End this track writers.

    1. What will kidnap plot prove. Writers are thick and stupid along with Ekta


    I enjoyed ravi part of making fun and teasing of devika after so many days but rest stroy is repeating nothinv else

  4. ye devika bewkoof hai ise ye nhi dikhta ki agr ravi ko property ka laalach hota toh wo ambika ke naam kyun krta….ye confuse ldki sbko pagal kr rhi h..

  5. No wonder balaji is losing lot of money on these idiotic serials . its an insult to viewer’s intelligence. This kalash is going round in circles makes no sense so called actress are too busy thinking out loud their thought’s. Please free us from this crap. We want mukthi.

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