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Scene 1
Devika says it was Navi who pushed me in pool, Savitri says to Navi that you maybe rich but that doesnt mean you can take anyone’s life, Navi says to Devika that what are you saying? you are mistaken, i was in hall not in pool area, she says to Ravi that Devika is mistaken, do you think that i can push her in pool? this is ridiculous, Ravi ask DEvika if she is sure that it was Navi who pushed her in pool? Devika says i remember that the one who pushed me was wearing same kind of clothes like navi, Ravi says many girls are wearing saree like Navi, think about something else, Devika says all i remember is that she was wearing same colors cloth like Navi, Navi says you are mistaken, you are in shock after the incident, i think i should call cops, they will inquire and we will find culprit,

Rekha says no its not good to call cops on such auspicious occasion, Navi says then we should go on terrace and start pooja, Ravi thinks Devika is so innocent, who must have done this with her?
Pallavi ask Sakshi if she is hungry? Sakshi says no but thirsty. Savitri says to Rekha that i am worried who must have done that with Devika? Rekha says leave it, we should concentrate on fast pooja. ladies say that moon never come on time on this day, Pallavi shows Devika to Rekha, Devika is standing in corner and lost in thoughts, she thinks who must have pushed me in pool? i was standing alone there, Rekha, Pallavi and Sakshi comes to Devika, Rekha says to Pallavi that someone is too much lost in thoughts, Pallavi says she must be thinking about Ravi, she has no time for us, Sakshi says its her right to think about Ravi, she ask Devika to tell them what she was thinking about him? she says nothing.
Ravi thinks that someone tried to kill Devika but who? Saket? no if would have done something like this then he would have tried to kill me not Devika, Saket comes to him and says i am also thinking who might have done that with Devika, Ravi says i am thinking that some people have come here uninvited, Saket says i have come here for Devika, and if you are thinking that i did that with Devika but i cant do that with her as she is my life, Ravi says dont you dare say cheap words for my wife, i know you wanna separate us, but Devika will not leave me, she is my wife, Saket says as if i am afraid of your words? he says when i think about Devika, i forget everything else, i will get Devika for sure and all will see it, Ravi is about to punch him but Navi comes and ask if this man is irritating you? Ravi says some people keep barking everywhere, Navi says come for fast’s pooja on terrace.
All are waiting for moon to come, Pallavi thinks that all are getting sad that moon is not coming, she says to ladies that i know this wait is difficult for ladies so all ladies should dance and enjoy this time, Pairon main bandhan hain song plays, ladies start dancing, Navi and Ravi comes there, DEvika sees them coming and standing together, she doesnt feel good, Ravi moves away from Navi seeing Devika’s mood, Pallavi makes DEvika dance too, Saket sees her dancing and thinks that i want to break Devika’s fast but how can i do that here, Devika stands beside Ravi, he looks at her, she leaves. Savitri comes to Saket and says you should leave from here as Ravi and Devika are getting closedr to each other and you are out of competition, Saket says the time you take to taunt me, you should use that time to plan something, Savitri says what about you big talks which you used to do? it was all useless.
Devika is standing alone in corner, Saket finds her and thinks to talk to her, she comes to Devika and ask if she is fine? if she got any wound? Devika says i am fine but you here? Saket says i wouldnt have allowed such thing happen with you, i am worried for you, he tries to come closer to her but Ravi comes there, and thinks that this Saket wont change, i will not leave him but if i fight with him then Devika will think that i am bad, Ravi comes there and puts hand around Devika’s shoulder, Devika is surprised, Ravi says to Saket that you are attending many functions these days, why dont you find a nice girl and marry her? she will accompany you in functions, Saket says i will surely get married and you will see that, he leaves, Ravi says to Devika that weather is nice today, she says yes, DEvika says i used to see sky in childhood and use to ask Manju many questions, once i asked Manju if all stars kids of moon? Devika says i have special connection with stars too, i never saw my mother so i used to ask Dadu where is my mother, he used to show most shining star to me and said that this is my mother, from then i started seeing star whenever i missed my mother, Ravi says i like stars too but i didnt know that your mother is star too otherwise i would have done friendship from before only, Devika is surprised, both share eyelock.
Moon comes out in sky, all ladies start doing pooja to break fast. Navi comes to Rekha and ask her what should she do? Rekha says break your fast, see DEvika and follow her, Navi comes and stand beside Devika and near Ravi, Devika looks at Ravi from sieve, Navi sees Ravi from sieve too, Devika looks at moon and does pooja while Ravi is standing infront of her and lovingly looking at her, Navi is following her, Devika is about to apply Tilak on Ravi’s forehead, Navi extend her hand too and is about to apply Tilak on Ravi’s forehead, Devika is shocked to see her hand near Ravi.

PRECAP- Pallavi tells Devika that Raiv brought you out of pool but you were not breathing so he had to give you mouth to mouth respiration, Devika is surprised. Navi comes in her room and recalls Ravi giving Devika breath, she cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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