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Scene 1
Monty comes to Addy and says we saw place where Devika was kidnapped but she wasnt present there, addy says we should search in that vicinity.
Navi says to Manju that you are right, i like Ravi, i should have realized it when i came here for first time then i would have been your daughter in law, Manju says we did mistake earlier but we should not repeat it, Navi says no Mummy ji.. Manju says i really like to listen Mummy ji from you, Navi thinks that finally i trapped this greedy fish.
Goon turns off lights of godown, Devika says i am afraid of dark, she asks Ravi to tell them that i am afraid, Ravi says please turn on lights, Goon says police is coming so we cant turn on lights, goon says when your husband is with you then why are you afraid? Ravi says your point is right, why

are you afraid Devika when i am here? Devika sys i am afraid of jungle, you are taking goons side instead of me? Ravi says no i didnt mean.. Devika says you do this everytime, they start bickering again, goon says shut up, you both fight alot, this might last moments of your life so dont fight, he leaves from there, Devika says to Ravi that this is all happening because of you, why did you come here alone? Ravi says why did you go in market? Devika says i am not swaying that it was your fault but you shouldnt have come here alone and i wanted to surprise you so i had to go alone to market, Ravi says what a surprise you have given to me that i am tied in middle of jungle, Devika sys dont blame me, i didnt know about kidnapping, when i found them suspicious, i called Sakshi, Ravi says as if Sakshi is superwomen, you could have called me, Devika says i did but you didnt pick up, Ravi says my phone got broken, Devika says you could have called me from some other number, Ravi says you could have informed police too, Devika says even you didnt bring police with you here, Ravi says i came here, fought with goons for you and you are blaming me? Devika says i am sorry, i wont fight now, Ravi says its okay, i will not fight too, Ravi says i am afraid of jungle too, they listen wild animal’s roar, Devika says why did you come here? why did you pust your life in danger for me? Ravi says people dont think anything in love, Devika says i wasnt this much afraid before but now i am afraid for your life, Ravi says dont worry, i will think something, Devika says think fast, Ravi says even you could think, ambe Maa has given mind to you, Devika says dont bring Ambe Maa in all this, Ambe Maa made me call you, Ravi says i got so happy to get your call but it didnt happen because of Ambe Maa but because of your brain, Devika says dont say this, Ravi says let me think what can we do, he asks how did you run from earlier godown? Devika says i saw sharp iron piece, i rubbed my hand cuffs on it and they got cut by it, Ravi says you could have hurt your hands too, Devika says i didnt think all that, i got to know that goons gave you information that i am dead, i was so tensed for you that i just ran from there, Ravi says you didnt think about your life? Devika says i got life when i listened your voice, i am with you now, i want to leave from here. Ravi says i have pocket knife in my pocket, Devika says why are you carrying it? Ravi says you ask so many questions, i grabbed it from goon earlier. Devika tries to put hand on his pocket as they are tied opposite to each other, Devika tries to put hand on his back pocket, he says you are tickling me, he laughs, she says dont move, dont you want me to take out knife? he says i will not laugh now, Devika puts hand on his pocket and says i got knife, Ravi says i felt like some rat has gone in my pants, he sys now you have knife, cut my hand’s rope, Devika says what if i hurt you? i cant do this, Ravi says we dont have option, Devika says i wont do it, he sys okay i will cut it myself, she says but you can hurt yourself too, i will cut my hand’s rope, he says no i cant see you hurt, she says then we should drop this knife idea, Ravi says so throw this knife, Devika throws away knife, he says what you did? Devika says Ambe Maa will gives us some other idea, dont worry.

Scene 2
Parmindar thinks that Manju has good luck, Devika was rich and Navi is richer, my son married a beggar, Manju brings sweets for Navi, Navi says you eat too, Manju says yes, Navi says i just pray that Ravi returns soon and Devika should not comeback, Navi gets call, she leaves.
Navi gets Saket’s call, he says Dildar have done his work, he has fooled police and also shifted Ravi and Devika to other godown, Navi says thats wonderful, now you trap Manju, she ends call, Navi thinks that i have controlled Manju, soon i will get Ravi too.
Ravi sees knife near his feet, he thinks that Devika now you will see what your ambala’s Rajnikant will do, he takes knife from feet, he puts it in mouth and tries to cut it, Devika says why you are not talking to me? Ravi cuts rope, DEvika asks how you did it? he says with knife which your threw away, DEvika says you could have been hurt, Ravi says i can do anything to see your eyes, Devika says but you know i cant see you in pain, Ravi says from now on i will not do anything to hurt you or myself, Devika says what we will do now? how to free our hands? Ravi says hold my hand, she tries to hold his hand, he winces in pain, she says i am sorry, you are wounded, i will do it slowly now, Ravi teases her that she is pinning his wound, Devika gets worried, he says i was joking, she smiles, Devika says let me concentrate, she winces in pain, Ravi says your hand has wounds too, Devika says we wont hurt each other, leave it, Ravi says then we should keep looking at each other, Humdard plays.
Addy, Monty and Sakshi returns home, Vikas asks about Ravi and DEvika, Monty says we couldnt find them, we tried but we failed, Sakshi hugs Rekha and says i am sorry, i couldnt do anything, we tried to find them everywhere, we were close to them but goon took them to other place, we didnt lose hope but we failed, Rekha says you tried thats enough for me, Ravi is with Devika so Ambe Amm will protect them, Monty says Ravi wont let anything happen to Devika, Rekha says i have full faith on Ravi, they will be each others strength and will return soon, nothing will happen to them, Navi smirks, manju looks at her suspiciously.

PRECAP- Rekha says to Savitri that you keep taunting me about Ravi but that Ravi has put his life in danger to save Devika, kidnappers have kidnapped him too. Ravi says to Devika that i cant live without you for a moment, i cant lose you at any cost.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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