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Scene 1
Ravi says to Pallavi that dont worry everything will be fine. he thinks that i have found one proof, it will prove if she is Devika or not.
Janki brings milk for Devika, DEvika says i dont feel like drinking it, Janki asks if she is miffed with her? Devika says no but i am feeling sad, Janki says you cant become weak like this, if any problem comes in your way then you will act like this? nurse told me that Ravi took Rekha to her home, she is fine. Devika says but i am not with her, Rekha treated me like her daughter, she used to be with me all the time, she loved me more than Sakshi and Pallavi and whole family knows it, i cant describe her love in words, my father never loved me as he thought i was responsible for my mother’s death, he never loved me, he hugged me once, he blessed

me once when i was getting married and that too on Rekha’s insisting. Janki asks her to calm down, Devika says since childhood, Rekha was always with me, she stood by me in every fight, she loved me so much, you saw how Rekha was finding me that day when she came here, she has loved me so much, why you are not letting me go to her? she needs me, Janki says i know how much you love her but you cant put your mission on stake by going to her, you cant put your new identity in danger? you will lose this fight by becoming weak, DEvika says but i dont want to fight for the mission which is not letting me meet my Chachi who needs, if tomorrow i leave you for some mission then how will you leave? Janki gets emotional and says dont say like this, dont ever leave me, i am living for you only, when i got you in water, i decided that you will be my daughter, Devika hugs her and says i am sorry, i didnt mean to say it, you are as same as Rekha for me, you have given me new life, how can i leave you? Janki says then you think that i am doing wrong? i am not letting you meet your Chachi because its dangerous, you dont know what is happening behind your back. Ravi got the form which you filled in hospital. And you know Monty came as peon in our office, i am sure Nivi sent him for some investigation against you, dont know what he got. Janki says tell me how will you survive if you become weak? you have to become fighter, before Nivi can do anything, we should give them some strong jerk that will forget them about challenge. Ambika should make Nivi her friend, and then we will do our next attack, she will regret attacking Devika in her life, this is your life’s mission, you have to fulfill promise which Ambika gave to Devika. Devika says yes i will fulfill that promise, i will not budge from my mission, i will get justice for Devika for sure.
Ravi recalls how Devika got worried for Rekha, how she hugged him, he says Devika got so worried for Rekha, Ravi says there is some reason, she is always angry with me, she always taunt me, why she is miffed with me so much? what she wants? my heart always say that she is Devika and Ambika only, i dont understand that why she is taking her new identity, i dont like to find proofs against her but i dont have any other option, you can share your problems with me, we were good friends before marriage too, i dont know why she is hiding everything from me after meeting me after 9months, we prayed to God together too. Manju and Shweta comes to Ravi and says our guest have arranged Jagran, will you come with us? Ravi asks if Nivi is coming along too? she says no, she is meeting some investor, Ravi says i will come with you, he thinks that Devika loved Mata’s jagran, tonight i will pray ot Mata rani to give my Devika back to me.
Manju says to Shweta that Ravi is acting weird these days, he is always lost in thoughts. Shweta says he was blabbering to himself, Manju says from the time Ambika has come, everything is going weird, Shweta says before Ravi goes mad behind Ambika, we should make Ravi marry Nivi, i dont know what Nivi sees in Ravi, Manju asks what? Shweta says i am just saying that we should get them married, all men of this house are useless, see my husband, see monty and see Devika’s husband too, Manju says he is not Devika’s husband but Nivi’s would be husband.
Nivi is in car, her car is struck as a caravan of people chanting for Mata Rani is on road. Nivi asks a man what is all this nonsense? man says Devi has come in a woman’s soul so all are praying for that. Nivi says what is this rubbish? Devi doesnt come in any soul like this, all are illiterate people. The woman who is Devi comes to Nivi, Nivi asks her to move away. woman says to Nivi that your end has come, you are going to face problems and she has comeback, Devika has comeback and she has comes as your destruction, Nivi is stunned, woman says tonight is Devi maa’s night, its Devika’s night, she will come for sure and will take you with her, your sins have gone above limit, she will come to take you, your sins will calculated, you will die, you will have to die, you killed someone yesterday and you will be killed today, its your turn today, she laughs, Nivi is terrified and stunned, her mouth is wide open. Nivi sits in car, woman says she will come and take you with her, Devika will come, you will die, you will die for sure, Nivi is shocked and leaves from there. Woman comes to Janki, Janki gives her money for her work and smirks.

PRECAP- Nivi comes back home and asks why lights are switched off? she sees a deadbody covered with white sheet on floor, she is shocked and sacred.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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