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Scene 1
Savitri ask Vikas to starts decorating house, Vikas says to Ajay that i will bring workers and then we will starts working, he leaves, Sanjay comes there, Ajay says to Sanjay that i have some work for you, he ask Sanjay to help him in removing furniture, Sanjay says i cant do it, Ajay says ok but Tannu was telling me that some friends of her are coming and i can give their number to you but you are not listening to me, Sanjay says i will do all work, he gets call fro Lovely, he ask who is there? she ask to recognize, Sanjay likes her voice and thinks to not lose this opportunity, she says we have met before, Sanjay says she is the one whom Ravi fixed for him, he flirts with Lovely, Lovely gets shy, Ajay calls him, Sanjay says i have some work, i will call you later, Sanjay is happy that he go

slim girl.
Devika is selecting dress for Mehndi, she is confused, closes her eyes and selects one dress, she recalls how she was wearing same color when she was with Ravi, she recalls how Ravi said that his heart and Devika are his friends, how he said that your dress color is distracting me, you make color look more bright, Devika says you praise all girls like this thats why they get impressed by you, Ravi says i didnt praise any girl this much, you agree or not but you look awesome in this color, flashback ends, Deviak turns to find Saket there, Saket says you must be thinking about me, he says i dont know what happened to me yesterday, i am very guilty, i am feeling bad, Devika says its ok, i know you were not in senses, Saket hugs her and says you are so nice, i am lucky to have you, Devika is uncomfortable, she moves away from him, Sakshi comes there and says to Saket that dont you know you cant meet bride like this, if you want to be here then i will call Savitri here, Saket says you most dangerous sister in law, Saskshi says no one is more dangerous than you, Saket angrily leaves.

Scene 2
Ravi thinks to bring Saket’s real face infront of all, he says shoul i talk to Devika? he recalls how Devika asked him to be away from her and dont solve her problems, he says no if i tell Devika then she will tell everyone and then Saket will get time to prove himself correct, i have to do something that will expose Saket infront of everyone, Vikas calls Ravi and ask where are you? Ravi says i am busy, Vikas ask him to come to Devika’s house, i cant handle this Deol family, Vikas ask him to come fast, Ravi says i am busy here, i have some big news for today, make sure all are present in Mehndi, he ends call, guy says to Ravi that Navi is calling you.
Sakshi comes to Vikas asn ask what problem you have in decorations? Vikas says i have no problem with that, i am confused about Ravi, he is coming here but dont know his intention, he was saying that he has surprise which will shock everyone, Sakshi thinks if he will propose Devika? she says i am so excited, he leaves, Vikas says dont know what happened to her now. Sakshi comes to Pallavi and says i have breaking news, she says to Pallavi that Ravi is coming in Mehndi, Pallavi says whats the big deal, he has come to our house many a times, Sakshi says he is not coming as good boy but as lover boy this time, he will propose Devika, Pallavi ask are you sure? Sakshi says i got to know it, i am sure, Pallavi says what about Savitri, and family? Sakshi says let him propose then we will fight for our sister.

Scene 3
Devika is getting ready in her room, Sakshi and Pallavi comes there and excited, Devika ask what happened? why you are excited? Sakshi ask her to guess, Devika says i dont know, Pallavi says should we tell her? Sakshi says should we trust her? let her get surprise, we should not spoil it for her, they leave, Devika is confused about surprise.
Ravi comes to Navi’s cabin, she stares him, Navi says so you finally came, i should learn this art from you that you come and go on your own, Ravi says you cant offord my tuition, Navi says how dare you talk to me like this, you did loss for me and not you are showing attitude, Ravi ask what loss did i do for company? Navi says you went from party and minister came to meet me, i didnt know about project details, only you knew it, you did all this to make me lose, we lost the project only because of you, where the hell were you, why did you leave from party? Ravi is silent, Navi says your silence proves that you are guilty, Navi says to Ravi that i will not give you second chance, you are fired, dont show me your face from now on, leave, Ravi says thank you, i cant expect anything else from you, you cant see beyond your ego, Navi says you wanna tell me that you had reason for leaving? i have fired you and still you are telling me what problems i have? i have not time to listen your crap, i have earned all this, where i am today is not because of my father but because of my hard work, dont dare to say anything, leave.

PRECAP- Saket is about to apply Mehndi on Devika’s hand, Ravi comes in.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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