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Scene 1
Janki says where should we find her? Ravi says I am worried as well. Ambika calls Janki and says ma I know who was behind this. I will come home and tell you everything. My phone is about to turn off. I am coming home. You come there too. Janki tells Ravvi. Jankit gets calls from office. She says what? Janki says how can you do this mistake? Those documents are important for us. I am coming there. Ravi says is everything okay? Janki says I will have to to go office. Ravi says I will drop you.
Ambika comes home. Vicky says are you okay? Ravi and your mom left to find you. AMbika says yes I called them. I told them I am on my way. Vicky says you should go rest. Navi says wait a minute. Ambika says what is this? Navi says you ruined our day. You think what you did after that I will let

you go. Why you did this with ravi? Ravi is so nice. He is such a good husband. You hired a contract killer to kill him. Why? Ambika says shut up I don’t want to talk to you. Navi says you know I love ravi. I won’t tolerate anyone trying to harm ravi. Vikcy says shut up. You can’t talk to her like this. Navi says you shut up. I care for ravi more than you. I won’t leave ambika. Monty says why would shooter lie? she is responsible for this. She tried to kill my brother. Ambika says I don’t care what you think of me. We will talk once ravi is home. Police comes in. They says we have to arrest you. There is an attempt of murder case against you. Vicky says she has not done anything. She is ravi’s wife. This is all a lie. She can’t do this. Monty says arrest her don’t listen to anyone. I heard her talking to to murderer. Ambika says let ravi and my mom come. inspector says we can’t wait for anyone Vikcy says you can’t take her. Ambika says no one would trust us vicky. She leaves with police. Ambika says let me call my mom once. I have to call her to police station.

Manager says to Janki I won’t repeat this mistake again. Ambika calls from officer’s phone. Janki says what happened? She says police has arrested me. Janki is dazed. Janki says I am coming there don’t worry.

Ravi comes home and says all you people? Police arrested ambika and you all stayed quite. Vicky says I tried but none of them listened to me. Ravi says cahchi you could do something. manju says monty loves you. Ravi says Ambika is innocent. she can never do this. she is my wife. Navi says monty’s reaction was natural. He cares for you. That thug took Ambika’s name.I know her she betrayed me too. Ravi says shut up not a single word against her. Did i ask you how she is? I don’t need to. Keep your judgments to yourself. She is innocent. I know you all too. Selfish people. Vicky says you are wasting your time on these people go to police station and save her. I will come with you. Ravi says you are right but you stay here I am going.

Janki says my daughter is innocent. This is a false claim. How can you arrest her. Release my daughter. Inspector says she has an FIr against her. Monty saw her talking to shooter. Janki says what’s the proof? He says how can you say he is lying? Janki says call your ACP. Inspector says he has been transferred. You can’t buy me from money. Janki says I am not bribing you. Janki says I will take my daughter from here. Ambika says ma we have to talk to lawyer. Its about some time. This won’t work out this way. It’s Ravi’s time to prove his love and trust on me. Janki says he will come running here. He loves you. I can’t leave you alone here. Ambika says go and talk to lawyer. They lock her up.
Saket says to navi you should have asked me. Navi says this was monty’s idea. He came up with this. Saket says this can’t happen. Navi says what is your problem? Saket says he didn’t take our names. but whats the point of FIR? We can get stuck too. This is wrong. navi says what you want? You hired the shooter to kill ambika. Now you are mad about being her in jail? What are you hiding from me? SAket leaves.

Precap-Ravi says ambika.. Ambika says you are here. Ravi says I can’t see you like this. I trust you more than anyone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Same drama begins again.

  2. Why on earth did Ambika have to go to jail, she’s innocent! Send that nasty Nivi to jail!

  3. I f**king hate this showe fr nothing is fixing why the hell ya keeping this b*t*h call navi here take her out the show already

  4. Somebody has to be kidnaped, or go to jail. The 2 will try to do another plot to kill each other enemy. But the killers, plotters, and finally the person whose death they were aiming for also escape. Then they will have a party again hire a killers and won’t kill properly. Then try to poison their food. Awwwwwe this is how the seriel is been going on.

  5. Keep going the same way for another 5 years. You can so kill useless Monty, Ravi’s brother, cook Jothi, etc. But no one ever will have a small doubt on Nivi and Saket. What and why in the world Saket is visiting everyday to this house. Ambika bought the house and she also married Ravi then wby in the world she stays in the same house. Have little sense Director

  6. Madam please change the acting of Monty. I don’t like his negative role.

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