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Scene 1
Devika comes out of her room and sees Nivi there. She asks if you were listening our talks? Nivi says no, i had some work with you but i saw you talking to Ravi, i know its bad manners to disturb husband and wife, Devika says listening someone’s talk stealthly is not bad manners? Nivi says i was not trying to listen, i just happened to listen it, Devika thinks that she listened our talks and seems jealous, i shall make her more jealous. Devika says its okay even if you listened our talks, you listened what Ravi was talking about? these days Ravi keep talking about kids, its embarrassing, i try to avoid this topic but he brings this topic again and again, infact he brought baby girl toy today, should i ignore this topic? we are married and people must be expecting, what should i say

to Ravi? leave it, what work did you have? Nivi says i wanted to talk about contract, i dont remember it now, i will talk to you later, she leaves. Devika thinks that i have hit right spot, i wanted to make her jealous so she attacks me in anger and i take advantage of that.
Nivi comes in her room and says how dare she? what she thinks of herself? how dare she want to become Ravi’s baby’s mother, Ravi is mine, i wont let it happen, she has taken Ravi from me but i wont let this happen, i have to do something soon, Ambika has to die, i cant rely on Saket, i will Ambika myself, i will give her death that her mother wont be find out too. I should call killer Shera and ask him to kill Ambika. She calls Shera but he doesnt pick call.
Janki is in car and says i should call Manju that i am coming to jeweler’s shop. She calls Manju, Manju thinks what if she says, she is not coming there? She takes call, Janki says i am coming to jeweler’s shop, dont keep me waiting, Manju says i am coming too, if you reach first then wait for me outside shop, Janki says okay, she ends call. Janki says she is excited about such small thing? she says i should tell Ambika that i am meeting Manju, she calls Ambika but she is not taking her call. One beggar knocks on Janki’s car, Janki gives her money, beggar says you are nice, i will eat food not, she stares janki and says there are evil clouds on you, always be careful, i will pray to God for your safety, she leaves. Janki thinks she might be saying without thinking. Manju is in rickshaw and going to shop too, she asks rickshaw dirver to drive fast, he says i am driving, dont worry. Manju thinks to call Shera and ask him if he reached there or not? she calls Shera, she asks him if he will reach on time? Shera says i am ready to kidnap her, tell me when she will come here? where is Janki? Manju says she is coming there soon, Shera says we are waiting for her, Manju says wait for me, dont do anything till i dont come there, Shera says we will wait for you, call me when you reach here, she ends call.

Scene 2
Janki comes to Jeweler’s shop. Manju reaches there too. She meets Shera and asks him to kidnap Janki, Shera asks to call Janki and asks where she is. Manju calls Janki and asks where is she? Janki says i am outside shop, where are you? Manju says i am reaching here, keep standing outside shop, till i dont come, she ends call. Manju asks Sherta to kidnap her, dont do any mistake, we wont get this chance again, she ends call.
Devika comes to her room and looks at her phone, she sees Janki’s miscall and says it must be something important. Devika calls Janki, Devika says i missed your call, i was having breakfast with Ravi, you know how Ravi is, Devika says to Janki that Ravi keep irritating me whole day, Janki says you are lucky to get caring husband like him. Devika says you take his side too, Devika asks why did you call? Janki says i came to market actually.. Manu’s goons come there and kidnaps Janki, she is still on call with Devika, Devika is worried. Goons put her in car. Killer comes to Manju and says that we have kidnapped Janki, she is in car, we are taking her to our godown. Janki thinks that woman kidnapped me? this voice seems recognizable, goons takes Janki away from there before she could see Manju. Manju thinks that i have done great work, first i killed my daughter in law and now i have kidnapped other daughter in law’s mother, i am a real devil.
Devika comes to Ravi and says Janki has been kidnapped, she was screaming for help, i was on call. Ravi says you must be mistaken, Devika says i listened her screams myself, Ravi calls her but she doesnt take it, Devika says please help me, dont know where they have taken her, Ravi hugs her and says we will save our mother, Devika says she has been with me throughout everything, please do something. Family comes there, Ravi tells family that Janki has beend kidnapped, they start leaving for police station, Manju comes there and asks what happened? Ravi says someone kidnapped Janki, we are going to police station, Manju says how did you both get to know it so soon? you didnt even get extortion call, Devika thinks that why she is tensed? Nivi thinks Manju is behaving weirdly, Ravi and Devika leaves. Manju thinks how did Ambika get to know so soon? my plan will fail, i have to do something, Nivi comes to her and asks what happened to you? are you fine? i am wondering who could kidnap Janki Raichand? isnt it strange? normal person cant do it, Manju says i have flu and my mind is not working, i should sleep, she goes to sleep. Nivi thinks who could kidnap Janki?
Janki is brought to godown, she asks Shera who are they? why did you bring me here? Shera shows her knife and says i dont like noises, i have kidnapped you and i am really dangerous man, if you talk much then i will cut your tongue, Janki says you were DJ in Vikas’s party? he says right, your mind is working fast, i went to party for murder and i will make your death special too. Janki says who are you to take anyone’s life? you came there and couldnt kill her, my fate will decide what has to happen to me. Shera says my boss has decided about your fate, if she wants then i will kill you. Janki thinks who kidnapped me? she was a woman but who? Janki says you seem professional killer means i am going to die, all has to die but dying person get to have last wish, i just want to know who is your boss, you are just pawn of her, we are not enemies, just tell me before killing me who is planner behind all this? Shera says i can tell you that much because you are going to die, Janki asks who is she? Shera says you are smart but it wont work on me, i am loyal goon, i dont reveal my boss’s identity, just remain silent. He asks his goons to keep an eye on her, i am leaving, he leaves. Janki says this is wrong.

PRECAP- Manju says to Nivi that i didnt kidnap Janki. Nivi says i listened to your phone call and i know you have kidnapped Ambika’s mother and now your game is finished.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Thanks! This kidnapping story is boring

  2. Oh god someone kill off this manju she’s so greedy I wish Annika makes manju her servant after knowing the truth r there any other villains out there getting bored seeing navi saket and manjus ugly faces all the time someone save janki soon where r her bodyguards??????


  4. When this kidnapping this will be finish ahow is not showing real stuff just kidnapping all the time don’t like to watch anymore

  5. plese change this serial name from Kalash-ek vishwas to kalash-anek Kidnapings

  6. Gosh….. All the serials are so predictable, this is by far the worst. How many kidnappings must we sit and watch. I stayed away from this serial for a while and it seems like nothing has changed, all characters are in the same spot I left them in. The actress in Ambika’s role is there for her face only, she can’t act convincingly enough and the writers have made her into a fickle character, no common sense. All she does is talk aloud…. Hello writers, we the viewers can think and figure out plots on our own, thank you, we don’t need Ambika to tell us. Also, Manju’s character is the new low…in sasuma’s colony. Greedy witch…. This portrays to us, how greedy the average sasuma is in India and it’s embarrassing, I’m sure there are more classy sasuma than Manju in India.

    1. Preaaaachhh @stranger
      Ikr how many kidnappings are going to be in this show

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