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Scene 1
Devika is hugging Ravi and says i want to be with you, please handle me. Ravi consoles her, he wipes her tears and says you know i cant see tears in your eyes, dont worry, everything will be fine, i dont understand why Monty took such drastic step but i will bring Monty back, Savitri was right, somewhere i am at fault as i brought Monty’s proposal for Sakshi, Devika says no you are not responsible for all this, they were getting married because of you only, i know your tried from heart that this marriage happens, you did everything for it, i dont know about anyone else but i completely trust you, Ravi says you dont know your words have given me so much happiness, Ravi hugs her.
Saket is drinking wine and is happy, Gayetri his mother comes to him and ask why he is so happy? Saket

says Ravi and Devika will get separated now, i am so much happy, you know at this time Devika would be saying to Ravi that i hate you and Ravi must be running away from her, Savitri scolded Ravi so much and he couldnt even answer, his face was worth watching, Gayetri says i feel you have broken Monty’s marriage, Saket says you have got it right, you have give birth to world’s biggest jerk, i am Khalnayak of this love story, he starts dancing on Khalnayak hoon main, he says it was so much fun in marriage, Gayetri ask him to go and sleep, Saket says i have to celebrate, you know Devika slapped me, but then she hugged me, that is what i wanted, it was my biggest wish.
Devika says to Ravi that i thought to say everything to you today but i couldnt, Ravi says i wanted to say my heart thing too and i thought to say it after marriage but now this is not right time, Devika says why it happens that when everything starts to get fine, things get messed up again, my family is broken, i dont know how to control all this, what is Sakshi’s fault that she is bearing so much pain, Ravi says Sakshi isnt wrong, things get messed up but when your heart is pure then things get fine, see we had so much misunderstanding between us, one side you were hating me and otherside i was burning in pain to prove myself right to you and see our heart strings got attached, Devika says why Monty did that? Ravi says dont take this name, he has put me down, he could have shared things with me, i am feeling guilty and i cant forgive myself for whatever happened,, Devika puts hand on his mouth and says dont say this again, i trust you alot, i know you wanted to set things right, you did all this for me, Ravi says i didnt say to you that i was doing all this for you then how you know? Devika says you didnt say it but i could feel it, i could feel what is in your heart, i misunderstood you initially, i took much time to understand you, we had so much problems between us but i trust you now, Ravi says i tried so much to prove me right, how you understood my truth now? Devika says i started seeing feeling truth and now i wanna say to you that … Ravi stops her and says dont say anything, you said that we can feel things and i am feeling what you wanna say, he kisses her hands, he leans in and kisses her cheek, she cries, Maine khud ko plays, DEvika hugs him and cries, she says i am crying happily that i have found man with whom i can share my pain, be with me, Ravi says i will always be with you, i will hold your hand forever, i wil not leave you ever, i will get everything right for you, both feels in each others arms. Ravi brings Devika on bed, covers her with blanket and is about to go and sleep on couch but Devika holds his hand, she makes him sit beside her and hugs him, she sleeps in his arms, both sleep peacefully together.

Scene 2
Ravi wakes up in morning and finds Devika in his arms. he makes her lie on bed, Devika is sleeping, he says i cant see you in pain so to bring back your smile, to bring back respect of your family i will bring Monty back, you may not hold me responsible but i feel guilty for all this so i will give respect back to your family, he holds her hand and says i am doing all this for you only, he is about to leave but DEvika holds onto his hand in sleep, Ravi says i will solve things, just wait for sometime and i will hold your hand for lifetime, what we couldnt say to each other, we will confess it now, i just want to listen from your mouth that you love me, i love you alot, and i know you love me too, the trust you have show on me, you have made me yours for life, dont let this hope break, i promise i will set everything right, he kisses her hand and leaves, Devika is sleeping.
Manju says to herself that why Devi Maa took property from me. Saket comes there and says whatever happened shouldnt have happened, Manju says i am destroyed that this marriage didnt happen, Saket says as much as i know, you were not happy with this marriage, Manju says i changed my mind later, i wish this marriage had happened, she leaves, Saket thinks that it seems like she was getting something from this marriage, he says Devika must be needing me, i should go and console her.
Navi wakes up and says to herself that i got got sleep last night, Saket’s plan was successful and he broke marriage amazingly, Ravi and Devika would have fought last night, Devika would have bashed Monty, Devika would have insulted Ravi and would have left to her room, Ravi would be miffed with Devika, he must be alone in his house, i should go to support him.
Saket meets Ravi and thinks Ravi would have not slept last night, he would have got bashed by Devika for Monty’s runaway, Saket says to Ravi that i am feeling that marriage got broken, i feel bad that your and Devika’s relation is breaking too, Ravi says have you gone mad, last night my and Devika’s relation got more strong, now we have trust between us, she loves me alot, leave from here, Saket says you are lying, Ravi says you know Devika slept last night lying her head on my shoulder, Saket finds lipstick mark on Ravi’s shoulder, he thinks Ravi is saying truth?

PRECAP- Navi says to Saket that they cried together last night, what if they start laughing and enjoying life together? Saket says no this would not happen, i have plan, he whispers some plan in her ears. Devika is leaving, Ravi pulls her back and get close to her, both look at each other romantically.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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