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Scene 1
Its night, Nivi is trying to sleep but recalls media attack and notice, how media said she is going mad, she wakes up and shouts, she says i cant take this, she cries and says i have to control myself, you wont get anything by shouting, you have to save your house, i wont let my house be snatched, i have to get my house by bidding highest but i dont have money, whom to ask for help? who will help me? she recalls how Ambika said she will help her, she says Ambika. She calls her. Devika is sleeping, her phone rings, she sees Nivi calling and takes call, Nivi says i want to talk to you urgent, did is disturb you? Devika says i was sleeping but tell me what you want to say? Nivi says sorry but i didnt have any option, you are my friend, i saw on news channels, what happened with me, DEvika says

i saw it, i wanted to talk about it but i had meetings whole day, i thought you were clever than that, you behaved very badly today, i mean i was shocked to see like that, i think you got notice early because of your behavior, this wouldnt be happening, you have done all this, i hope you know you shouldnt have done this, Nivi says you know how angry i get, i dont know why i do this, she cries and says everything is complicated, i am in stress and pain, i have to save my house, i want money, you said you will help me, arrange 20crores for me, Devika says its not a small amount, i am arranging money but it will take time, i dont have black money to give you like that, we have to follow bank rules for that, you know it, Nivi says i know but i want money, i am in stress, if i dont arrange money then where will i and Ravi’s family go? Devika smiles and thinks that i cant tell how much good i am feeling to see you pleading, she says to Nivi that i am feeling bad for you, we will find solution, dont worry, we have one day still, Nivi says you are my last hope, dont turn on me, Devika says ofcourse you dont have to worry till i am in your life, sleep now, she ends call. Devika says Nivi i cant tell you how happy i am today, you have given me wounds and today your words healed me, once i was pleading to you but you mocked me and threw me off cliff and today you are standing in worst position than me, i wont have pity for you, i wont spare you, you will curse your fate, i will snatch everything from me, its my time to attack.
Its morning, Shweta says to family that all news papers are talking about Nivi’s madness, we have become famous, Ravi says nobody should tell Nivi about it, she is already tensed, i dont want any more drama, Manju says nobody would tell her. Vikas thinks that her madness will go ahead, she has to pay for her deeds.
Shweta says now its time to take revenge from Nivi, first she used to be nice with me but then she said bitter words all the time, she shouts alot but now she will dance like crazy to see this news. Shweta comes to Nivi and says you are drinking tea alone here? you didnt read news paper, read it, she gives it to her. Nivi says you can leave, Shweta smirks, Nivi says go and close the door, Shweta smirks, Nivi glares her, she leaves. Nivi sees news paper and its covered with her misbehavior with media, she is shocked and shouts that i am not mad, how dare they write this about me? Shweta listens this and says shout more, it will be fun.
Monty come sin store room, he thinks that i am seeing Sakshi after so much time, she doesnt even know what is happening around, she used to be so active and intelligent, she used to like to joke, i wish i could share my problems with her. He says Sakshi, she says you came? he asks how are you? she says i am fine, how are you? he says i am fine too, i miss you, i wish you were like earlier, always laughing and caring for me, we were friends, we used to stand by good, after you got ill, i changed, nobody was there to tell me what was right, i became bad, i didnt have any option, you know Nivi slapped me and sent me to jail, she didnt even free me from jail, and Ravi whom i used to hate, he took my side and freed me from jail and that Ambika, i still feel she is your sister, i dis so much bad with her but she freed me from jail and even advised me to follow right path, i am confused, i dont know what path to choose, Sakshi says see my drawing, Monty thinks that i forgot my wife is mental, if i go against Nivi then she will lock me in room too and will make me mad, i dont want to be like Sakshi, i have to be by Nivi’s side, she said that she will raise my position, if i need to get ahead in life then i have to be Nivi’s slave, i dont have any other option. Monty gets up to leave, he looks at Sakshi who is busy drawing, he opens diary and says make drawing on it, not on your hands, she takes it from him, he smiles.

Scene 2
Shweta says if i tell everything to Saket then he will agree with me, she calls Saket. Saket says i am busy rightnow, Shweta says just listen to me, Saket says i just asked you send Ambika’s pictures but you couldnt even send it, Shweta says i have something to tell you, she tells him everything, he says Nivi’s house is selling? she would have been broken, Shweta says you like her house, why dont you buy her house? it will be fun if you buy her house, there wont be much people in auction, Saket says just tell me how much it would cost around and work will be done, Shweta says i think 20crores will be enough, if you this house then i will be ahead of Nivi, she says seems like someone is coming, she ends call. Shweta says if Saket buys this house then i will become queen of this house, i will take revenge from this Nivi, she imagines herself sitting in house with hunter in her hands and shouting on Manju to clean house, she imagines Ravi and Nivi working in kitchen like servants, Nivi brings her breakfast and is wearing clothes like servants, Shweta shouts i dont want to eat this, bring something, Shweta is happy to imagine all this.
Saket recalls how Ravi called him monster, how Ravi got devika, how Ravi challenged him and took Sakshi too, he thinks that its good chance to take revenge and show my power, i will throw him out of house after buying Nivi’s house.
Devika says to Janki that you wont believe, Nivi was pleading me and asking me for 20crores, you know what she did with me, i felt good seeing her like that, Devika says to Janki that i have got my property back from her earlier and now i will get her house too, i am just waiting for auction tomorrow where Nivi’s house which is very close to her heart will become mine, Janki says but i dont want you to come there, its not time to come out in open, i will make you win, Devika says okay i wont come there, i trust you more than myself, i will more than happy if you win for me, thank you for being my support in this biggest fight of my life, Janki says mother is always there for kids, when you will become owner of that house then we will have to be more careful, that house means alot to Nivi, she got grip of Garewal family because of that house, when she will lose it then you will get power of that family, Devika says the family who ditched me for Nivi’s wealth, her position, now that family will have to pay for ditching me, i will become owner of that house and people there and my enemy Ravi, my husband, i will give him punishment too.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Nivi that i have arranged money, the project on highway, i sold it, now take part in auction and save your house, Nivi says not mine but our house, she hugs him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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