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Scene 1
Ravi comes to give interview, Ravi says i love my family alot, house is made from family’s love, i will design such a house which will have emotions and will have feeling of togetherness, interviewer says a girl gave interview and her thoughts were same too, she was devika, maybe you both have learnt this answer or you both have same thoughts with different personalities. Rakesh Luthra, president of company comes there, Ravi says to him that you are my role model, i have read everything about you, i want to walk on path like you walked, Rakesh says you wanna says that you will follow my path? you want to have affair with my daughter to get this company, Ravi says i didnt mean that, Raskesh says just joking, all the best for interview, he leaves, Ravi says he is so honest, what was wrong

in marrying your boss’s daughter but he accepted inront of all, if a girl gives you a chance then a fool can leave it only, DEvika listens all this.
in police station, Savitri and Anuja are still fighting, inspector ask them to stop it, Anuja says i want to file case on her that she throw tomatoes on me, Savitri says she threw potatoes on me, Anuja says she has eaten my 4 lacs, Savitri says she is a thief, Savitri acts and says i am feeling dizzy, inspector gives her water, Anuja says you are drama queen, you were fighting like superhero in market, inspector ask policmen to take them away.lady police ask old ladies to call people from their house.

Scene 2
Ravi and Devika comes to reception, they look at each otehr, Sadqe tere plays. lady police ask old ladies to call people from their house. Ravi and Devika share eyelock, Savitri call Devika, she says its dada’s number, what is it doing with you? Devika says i came for interview, Savitri says go to home and ask Dada to come to police station, Devika says i will come you directly. Ravi gets a call from Anuja and she ask him to come in police station, he says ok. Both Ravi and Devika takes separate auto and leave for same police station.
the political guy (Saqaid) comes in police station with his enemy’s goon and ask inspector to arrest goon, they arrest him. Savitri says to lady police that my grand daughter Devika is coming, Saqaid comes to her and says i am MLA of society, what are you doing here? he says to inspector why did you bring her here, she says very innocent lady, if she is saying that its not her mistake then its not her mistake, he ask inspector to leave Savitri, inspector folds his hand and says to Savitri that i am sorry, Savirti says to Saqaid that you are a very nice guy, live long life, she leaves, his man ak Saqaid that why did you help her? Saqaid says let me do my work, he thinks this will make me go close to Devika.

Scene 3
Devika comes to police station, Savitri meets her and says you are late, a nice person came and helped me. Ravi comes in police station, he sys to inspector that its not my mother’s fault, leave her, is there any other way? Inspector says you have to deposit money, Ravi says to Anuja that i will arrange money, he is tensed. Ravi comes outside, Devika and Savitra are standing there too, Ravi finds Savitri scolding Devika, he says she deserve this, Ravi stops a car, there is girl inside, he flirts with her and takes lift from her, Devika see this, Savitri says we will ask for lift too, Devika says no he is not nice guy, Ravi thinks that i should not ask her but i cannot leave two ladies standing alone here, he ask them do you wanna lift, Devika says no, Savitri stops her and says yes, it will be great, she sits in car, Devika sits too. Savitri says to Devika that all bad thing is happening because of you, the driving girl ask what they are murmuring, Ravi says two old ladies are sitting on back seat, Devika says i am old? Savitri starts scolding Devika, Ravi thinks how much she will scold her in house, he says to SAvitri that you have glow on your face, you are so beautiful, the girls these days do not have good looks but they can speak alot, Devika is angry on him, Savitri says to Ravi that your talks have changed my mood, now i am in good mood, she ask to stop car, Savitri and Devika gets down from car, Svitri says he is very nice and brave guy, Devika says he is a big time flirt.

Scene 4
Savitri and Devika comes back home, Savitri says today everything happened because of Devika, i had to go to police station because of her, Devika is shocked, Savitri says she didnt go to market so i had to go and there i had fight with Anuja, she says some nice guy bailed me so i cameback, if she didnt go for interview and went to market then this would not have happend, now Devika will get punished, she says to Devika that you will wash clothes now.
Anuja comes back home, Vikas comes to Ravi and says why you didnt go to police station soon, she is angry on you, Ravi says i bailed her, i had to give bribe to bail her, i have no identity, i couldnt bail my mother even, if my role models give a call in police station then all stand up but i have no power, i should have been able to bail my mother, i have to work harder to get some name and i will get it at any cost, Vikas says i will pray to lord, Ravi says dont do it, lord will say to work hard instead of keep praying, my work will speak.

PRECAP-In Mandir, Ravi sees Devika’s architectural design and is impressed. Devika sees his design and says he is cheap but he has made very good design. Ravi says i will have t make her lose, they both come infront of each other.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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