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Scene 1
Manju says Saket what happened? Saket says why you are taking Nivi in veil? she is from city not from village and Nivi didnt say anything too? i will take off her veil, Devika says now Saket will see my face, Manju says no, we have to take her in veil, she is bride and felt dizzy, she wasnt feeling well and ate high doze of medicine so she is not feeling really well now, Saket says fine, Manju and Shweta takes Devika from there.
Saket is finding Ambika. He looks around in one room and doesnt find her. Saket thinks where she is? she should be near mandap, i should check. He is looking around and asks waiter if he saw Ambika? waiter says she went to Nivi’s room Saket thinks that i didnt check there, lets go there but Nivi is in mandap, what she is doing there? she must be getting

ready, lets see.
Manju and Shweta are dragging Devika, Manju says i am tired, and Saket is behind us too, Shweta says dont say ill words for my brother, Manju makes Devika sit on bench and says Saket is finding Ambika, what if he sees Nivi in room unconscious? Shweta says what we will do now? i told him to go so he doesnt see bride’s face, Manju says lets just pray that he doesnt see Nivi’s face, he will not spare us then, Shweta says we will think about that later, lets take her to mandap first, they drag Devika again.
Saket comes to Nivi’s room and doesnt find Ambika there, he sees someone lying on bed covered with sheet, he thinks that who is sleeping in Nivi’s room? is she Ambika? is she not well? i should see.
vikas says to Manju and Shweta that why you people are taking so much time? Ravi is worried too, Nivi why you are making Ravi wait so much? Shweta says we are coming, Vikas says we dont have time, lets go, he asks where is Ambika? Shweta says why you are asking? Vikas says Ravi was asking about her, i dont have any work, Manju says why he is asking? Vikas says maybe he wants to make her jealous by marrying infront of her, Shweta says we dont know about Ambika or we dont want to know, Vikas says lets leave, they all go to mandap.
Saket closes door of room and starts approaching Nivi who is lying on bed, he says hello, is it you Ambika? Saket thinks she is not answering, what should i do? should i leave or check her face? i should check it, Saket is about to take off sheets when Janki comes and says stop.. she angrily looks at Saket and says how dare you, Saket says you here? Janki says what you did with her that she fainted? who is this girl? Saket says i dont even know who she is, Janki says i know what kind of man are you, you must have misbehaved with her and must have been trying to kill her, i know you are cheap, i will call everyone and will tell all what you did with her, Saket stops her and says i swear on my mother, i dont even know who she is, i just wanted to see her face, Janki says you said that you have changed and loves my daughter and now you are doing this? you can never change, Saket says i was just seeing who is sleeping here, i was finding Ambika, i thought Ambika is sleeping, thats why i wanted to check, believe me, Janki says fine, leave now, Saket says check her, i am leaving, he leaves. Janki have sigh of relief and says thank God i reached here on time and didnt let Saket see Nivi here.

Scene 2
Manju brings Devika to mandap, Ravi asks is everything fine? Manju says she is not feeling well, she is inebriated by medicine, Ravi asks if he can see her? She says its bad omen to take off veil before going to mandap. Ravi nods and holds Devika. Ravi holds Devika and brings her to mandap, Devika is acting like dizzy, Devika slips on madap step and Vikas comes to help, her veil pulls up a little and Vikas sees her face, he sees that its Devika and not Nivi, he is stunned, Manju and Devika gets tensed, she thinks that Vikas saw me, what will happen now? nothing can happen now. Ravi asks Nivi are you fine? Vikas says everything is fine, he asks Pundit to start wedding. Ravi makes Devika sit in mandap and sits beside her. Manju and Shweta smirks. Devika thinks that Vikas saw my face still he didnt say anything, he is letting this wedding happen, he hided such big thing.
Vikas brings Shweta in room and says have you gone mad? what if Nivi gets to know? if Nivi knows that you are involved in all this then she will kill you, what was the need to do all this? Shweta thinks that if he got to know that we swapped brides? she says i dont know what are you talking about? vikas says dont pretend, i know you swapped brides, i saw her face when she slipped in mandap, i know she is Ambika, and i know you and my mother are involved in this, why you didnt tell me? i didnt expect this from you? what was the need to get involved in this when you knew outcome of all this? he shouts to answer him, Shweta says i did all this for you, so you win challenge against Saket and be proud, so i took risk, i wanted to take revenge from Nivi too, how she used to insult you, i want you become your good wife and this is my only happiness, Vikas asks why maa is doing this? Shweta says she is doing this for money, Nivi is penniless so she chose Ambika, you remember how Nivi used to treat us? and Saket is so egoistic? he puts down everyone thinking he can get anything, his ego should be broken now, dont tell anyone, Vikas says where is Nivi then? Shweta tells him everything they did. Shweta says i need your help, please be with me, Vikas says i am not doing this for my challenge but for my brother Ravi, i have seen his pain, he doesnt say anything, only Ambika can give him happiness, if they get married then he will start living again, i always wanted Ravi and Nivi not marry and wanted Ambika to marry him, why will i stop it when it was my dream? i am so happy, Ravi and Saket should not know till this marriage happens, Shweta says yes lets go and handle things.
Wedding has started. Manju prays Lord make this wedding happen then i will serve you parsad mata rani. Ravi recalls how he got married to Devika earlier, Devika thinks that Ravi doesnt have heart, he is marrying easily like he doesnt remember memories, he doesnt remember anything other than his aims, i never thought he can be so selfish, he doesnt have any value of our marriage, its good that i am marrying you again, you insulted our marriage today again, you were desperately waiting for Nivi and were worried for her health, its good that i know your reality and now i will take revenge. Ravi thinks that i feel like running away from here but i am doing all this for you Ambika, where are you? Ravi asks Vikas where is Ambika? Vikas says i saw her between guests only, dont worry. Ravi looks around. Pundit asks bride to give her hand in groom’s hand. Devika thinks that Ravi might recognize my hand but i cant do anything, Ravi thinks that Nivi is dizzy, i have to help her. Ravi holds Devika’s hand and feels something.

PRECAP- Manju whispers to Ravi that you know Nivi is not feeling well and dizzy too so handle her in pheras. In room, Nivi wakes up, startled and says today is my wedding?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Lol first it was groom swapping now it’s bride swapping. Both are exactly the same.

  2. Oh no, will this marriage happen now

  3. Oh no, will this marriage happen now, hope nivi doesn’t get out of room.

  4. Oh no, will this marriage happen now, hope nivi doesn’t get out of room. Or sakets suspects.

  5. Wow devika is so stupid!!! How can she believe that HER ravi has forgotten her!!? She misunderstands him all the time and she still is!!? And ravi are u crazy? Why are u even trying to prove u still love devika and for her your marrying!!? She is misunderstanding u more. Why can’t u just run away from the wedding!!? Then devika will realize that she was wrong the whole time!!! Come on yaar expose nivi and saket’s truth soon so we can get it over with and let devika know the truth ughhhh

  6. Not having trust in a relationship, eventually breaks the bond but this is soapland….ekta’s world and all that may be negative to real people, is a real possibility in her serials. Devika has zero trust in Ravi ,even though she sees his pain and suffering, she isn’t swayed an iota. How credible is a character like hers? She’s android for sure!!!! Nivi’s character is more human, I tell you. All this merry go round of a marriage scene is so boring. I looked at saket’s moustache and it’s so hilarious looking, it’s the only thing I laugh about but not excited to see for the half hr, someone needs to tell him to shave it off, he looks better without ??

  7. One more thing, most of the duration of the half hour is spent in characters thinking out aloud, for heaven’s sake writers, put that into action nah…..

  8. Devika still believe dat ravi betrayed her. Why does she still want to marry him. Dats not revenge it’s more like her been stupid

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