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Scene 1
Sakshi says i have a sister like you i dont have to worry about myself. Devika hugs him.
Beeji says only i have hope from monti i hope he says no to wedding. Saket says to beeji i went to talk to him but ravi came there. We still have time. Ravi shocked me on my wedding now its my turn. he is doing all this to go near devika i wont let this happen. i promise this wedding wont happen.

Ravi says to his mom i will arrange everything don’t worry. Ravi says monti why are you sitting like this. come eat the sweets. Chachanji and chachiji come in. They say what are you celebrating? Tell us. Shweta says your son monti is getting married. Don’t you know? Chacha says what is this? i sent him here to study. I agree you educated him, took care of him. but that doesn’t

mean you can take decisions of his life. Ravi says we were about to inform you. Chacha says its not his age of wedding. he wont get married. And monti you could tell us as well. did you forget your parents living with them? Ravi says please come with me i will explain everything.

Ravi says i am sorry for not informing you. You sent monti to study here its my duty to take care of him. That is why i took this decision. Monti went to a birthday party. he tells them everything.He says now tell me what i did was right or wrong? you have every right on him. Its upto you now. i am waiting for you both outside.

Devika says what if they stop the wedding. Mummy says shweta why you said all that? Shweta says they had to know the truth anyway. chachi and chacha come out they say we thought about this. We have decided that this wedding wont happen. Shweta says in heart now the real fun will start. i will tell saket everything now. Mummy says we did this for monti. Think about his future. Chacha says no you didn’t get it. Once if monti says he likes that girl we wont have any problem. Chachi says i just want to know how he feels about all this. We know you are like a brother to him. i know my son, he never tells his own to anyone. Monti says this is my own decision. Everyone is happy.

Ravi says to devika i have kept this locket for my safey. She says so this is for your safety? He says yes. The song ‘yeh moh moh’ plays in background.
Chachi calls devika says she wants to talk to you. Ravi says yes chachi what order? She says you do everything without asking. He says its just because of your blessings. Chachi says i wanted to know if you have bought the wedding ring or not? He says i am going to buy it tomorrow. Ravi says should i buy it for you too? She says no i will buy it for my son in law.
Devika says thank God you made everything okay. Ravi says in heart i know she is giving all the credit to her God.

Precap-Ravi makes devika wear bangles. she says leave my hand everyone is seeing. He pulls her closer.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Love u ravika. Bt what about pallavi. I think either pallavi or navi (2 take revenge) will marry monty. Otherwise addy will marry sakshi.

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