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Scene 1
Devika says to Ravi that i cant feel anything fro you, feelings cant be forced on anyone, Devika pukes, she runs to washroom, Ravi goes behind her.
Savitri thinks what this Navi wants? she came to our house and invited everyone, if she has some motive? there is something fishy about her, she calls Saket and tells him that Navi came to our house and invted us to go to her house and celebrate Karwachauth there, dont know why she wanna come near us, i thought to tell you, i now know that you cant do anything, Devika is fasting for Ravi, you keep sitting idle, Saket ends call and thinks why Navi invited them?
Devika is in washroom, Ravi is worried for her outside and says she must be ill due to eating spicy food, Devika comes out and feels dizzy, Ravi ask her to drink water, she will

feel better, Devika says dont act now, this is al happening because of you, you wanted to break my fast but i will not break it at any cost, Ravi says nothing like that, i am worried for you, Ravi ask her to eat tablet, she says no, Ravi says you called me God as i am your husband so listen to me, Devika says you are hell bent to break my fast thats why you made me eat spicy food first and now asking to eat tablet, you are blackmailing me by taking God’s name but its for normal couples not just show off couple like us, i have kept this fast for Rekha and Ambe Maa not for you, wives dont fight with husbands on this day so dont force me to fight with you, Ravi says this means this is all not for me, Devika says yes, Ravi says so you dont need me, Devika says yes i dont need you, dont show fake concern, you made me eat spicy food, if you had so much worry for me then you wouldnt have done that, Ravi says fine, if you can do everything on your own then break your fast alone too, dont wait for me to make your drink water, see your selfishness, you are ready to do acting infront of all but i cant act, call your Rekha Chachi and Ambe Maa to break your fast as you have kept this fast for them, i will not come, he leaves in anger, Devika is tensed.
Navi comes in room, she takes juice but says that today is my fast, i cant drink, Sia comes there and says i have made Pasta, Navi says i cant eat it, i am seeing weak so let it be, Sia says i will bring juice for you, Navi says no i dont feel like drinking it, she thinks that Sia should leave so that i can celebrate Karwachauth at house, she says to Sia that i have sight inspection today but i am ill so can you go there, Sia says i will go but i dont know anything about your business, Navi says you just have to shoot video there, Sia says ok i will do your work, Navi thanks her, Sia leaves, Navi says now my way is clear.

Scene 2
Devika recalls how Ravi said that he will not come to break her fast, she says its my fault, i scolded him so much, he said that he will not come then my fast will not be completed.
Ravi comes out of house and says Devika doesnt understand anything, all she do is follow rituals, i love her but that doesnt mean she can keep scolding me, i care for her but she doesnt understand, i always care for her, i woke up early in morning to make Sargi for her and she took it wrong too, i will not go back home till she calls me and says sorry.
Devika says if Rekha gets to know that i fought with Ravi then she will be angry too, i should keep my ego aside and should say sorry to him. Rekha calls Devika and ask if Ravi is taking care of her? DEvika says yes, Rekha says i wanted to see you both when Ravi will break your fast, she says Navi has kept fast for her lost love, she wanted all of us to go to her house and break fast there, i accepted her invitation, you both come to her house tonight, she ends calls, Devika says why Navi is involving herself in our family so much? she recalls how Navi was trying to get close to Ravi, she says why Navi is behaving weirdly, she is such a great businesswomen but she keep coming in our functions, she wrote R in mehndi that day and said her boyfriend’s name is from R too, she says Ravi’s name comes from R too, she recalls how Ravi proposed Navi, Devika says no Sakshi said that he was proposing someone else not Navi but he was drunk so he didnt know it, but Manju told me that she wanted Navi to become her daughter in law before me maybe thats why Ravi proposed her or he was too drunk to see who he is proposing, he proposed her by mistake and Navi took it seriously and now it behind him, but Ravi married me for money and my property is of 10crores only while Navi is too rich, if he wanted money then he would have gone behind her, he wouldnt be trying to make our relation strong, i am not understanding anything, i should call him and ask him to comeback home and clear everything, she calls Ravi and ask where is he? Ravi says i am far away, Devika says i dont know anything, you comeback home, i have to talk to you, Ravi thinks maybe she wants to say sorry face to face, he says i will come for 10minutes only then i will go back, she says fine, he ends call and says seems like she wanna talk about something else.
Ravi comes back home with rose, he comes in room and says what a flower, Devika ask when did you come here? Ravi says i was lost in this flower, Devika says if you had come so you should have told me, Ravi says you keep telling me that i am always lost in thinking but today you were lost in thinking so i didnt disturb you, he ask what you wanna say? i cameback to listen to you but i know what you wanna say, Devika says you know what i wanna say? Ravi says yes, DEvika says you think its right? Ravi says yes if this happens then i will be more than happy, DEvika ask if he is happy? Ravi says yes, these feelings are most beautiful, you speak up, Devika says when you know everything then why should i say, Ravi says i wanna listen from your mouth, Devika says you are shameless you wanna listen from my mouth that your Boss Navidita called us to her house on Karwachauth, Ravi says what? you called me to say this? Devika says yes, what you thought? Ravi says i thought you would say sorry to me, who invited us? Devika says Navi went to my house, she invited Rekha and Rekha agreed, Ravi thinks why this Navi is creating problems for me, what she wants?

PRECAP- Devika is about to fall but Ravi hold her in arms, both are close and share eyelock.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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