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Scene 1
Nivi says to herself that i have to kill Ambika, how to kill her? what to do? should i give her poison? should i burn her in her room? what to do? she is smarter than Devika. Manju comes there and asks how we will Ambika? Nivi says i know, i am thinking, Manju thinks that i wont tell her that i saw Ambika coming out of her room, she wont give me anything even if Ambika dies. Nivi asks Manju if she has any idea? Manju says i was thinking something else, Nivi says just leave, you are useless, Manju thinks that she is still arrogant, she treats me like servant, i made Ravi marry Ambika so i rule here but i am not getting anything, i am sure whatever happened with Shweta, Ambika and Janki are behind it, i have to get Ambika’s wealth even if i have to take big step. i have to play big for

Ravi is getting ready, Nivi comes there and thinks that he is looking so hot, Ravi would have been mine. Ravi asks you here? you have any work? Nivi talks about project and says we should talk to client. Ravi says i am going to office only. Ravi sees button broken on shirt and says i should change, she comes closer and says i will tuck it, Ravi says i will ask Ambika, she will stitch it. Ravi says i wanted to tell you that Sakshi is getting good because Ambika is taking care of her, i thought to tell you, you must be happy. Nivi says i am really happy, she leaves. Nivi thinks that how Sakshi is getting better? i forgot to give her injection, i will give her one injection and she will be crazy again.
Devika comes in room and says Ravi why you didnt go to office? Ravi says my shirt’s button is broken, Devika says take off shirt then, Ravi says stitch it as it is, Devika says maybe you broke button so that i come closer? take off shirt, Ravi thinks that then she will not come closer, Ravi says you want to see my abs, Devika says i have no interest in your body, i will stitch it without you taking off shirt, she comes closer and stitches button, they share eyelock, Devika says its done, Ravi thanks her and says you are smart, Devika says what? Ravi says you wanted to come closer thats why you didnt let me take off shirt, Devika pricks him with needle, Ravi screams and says it hurts, Devika puts hand on his chest and says i am sorry, did it prick a lot? Ravi says i wanted to see if you are affected by my pain or not, i got to see that you care for me, Devika used to care for me like this too. He leaves.
Nivi is going with injection, Janki strikes with her and says injection for whom? Nivi says its for Sakshi’s treatment, Janki says why you are so good to Sakshi? Nivi says Sakshi is part of this family, i know whom to care, you came to meet your daughter? go to her room and meet her, she leaves. Janki thinks that she doesnt even know that Sakshi will become more fine with this injection, Sakshi will be treated soon.

Scene 2
Devika says to herself that Ravi fools me a lot, i should not reply, i should not react to him. Shweta calls Devika, she takes it, Shweta asks how are you? Devika says why you are calling me? Shweta says i wont spare you for breaking my relation with Vikas, i will take revenge, Devika says you did mistake and now blaming me? Shweta says if you didnt being Ankush in house then this wouldnt have happened, DEvika says its good that he came, your truth came out, i thought you would have guilt but you are shameless, you were with him in room on your wedding anniversary? you deserve this for doing wrong with people, look at your sins, Shweta says i would take revenge for doing this with me, DEvika says you are threatening me? go on, i want to see what you can do, you cant win over, i have come back after dying and even death cant threaten me now, she ends call. Shweta says is she Devika? who is she?
Janki comes to Devika’s room and sees her marking cross on Shweta’s picture. Janki says welldone, you punished one enemy and now you have to think about your next step, Devika says my next enemy is Manju, she cross her face on picture and says i wont spare her, Janki says i will be happy when you attack Nivi, she is reason for your pain, i get angry seeing her, Devika asks what happened? Janki says she was going to give injection to Sakshi, Devika says Nivi is giving wrong medicines to Sakshi to keep her mum but she doesnt know that i replaced medicines and soon Sakshi will be fine, Janki says Sakshi will be treated before Nivi gets to know what is happening, Nivi will go mental, Devika says that day is not far.
Nivi comes to Sakshi’s room and thinks that i see, people are taking care of Sakshi, till i am here, Sakshi cant be fine. She fills injection. Sakshi says dont come near me and i dont want any injection, Nivi says what will you do? Sakshi says i know you killed Devika, i listened your talk, you, Manju and Sakat threw her off cliff. Nivi says all think you are mental and no one believes you, i will send you to mental asylum, she gives injection to Sakshi. Sakshi faints.
Manju meets lawyer, Lawyer says all properties are in janki’s name, Nivi’s property is in Ambika’s name, Janki has 2000crores while Ambika has 200crores. Manju thinks that i should attack Janki then, its about crores of money, i will go for bloodshed even.

PRECAP- Devika says to Sakshi that dont take haste decision, we have to take steps carefully as this is important fight for us and for that nobody in house should know that you have become fine.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yeh drama ka koi end bhi hoga , kon writter hai stupid , jab end kerna nahin Ata to likhtay kyunn ho

  2. Is drama ka writer kuchh bhi drama Ko ghuma k devika se shweta ki uper legya , ajeeb writer hai

  3. Thanks for updating, because we people don’t have time to waste over watching this drama, thanks for written updates

  4. Ravi sick
    manju sick
    nevi ?yuck
    swetha purrrrr
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