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Scene 1
Devika is surrounded by fire, she says why did Ambe Ma kept me alive so that i can take revenge from this sinner, you have to give her life back so that i can fulfill my mission, you have to give me enough strength to save her life, Nivi cant die like this. Devika looks around, she comes to door and breaks it with vase, she opens door of house and shouts for help. Fire brigade starts their work outside. Janki listens Ambika’s noise, she tries to go in, man says we are controlling fire, dont worry, Janki says my daughter is inside, Vikas takes her from there. Ravi tries to go inside but man says you cant go inside, we will control fire first, Ravi says two ladies are inside, they will die, man says i praise your guts but we are doing out work, cooperate with us, Ravi moves back.

comes to Nivi and says get up, lets go from here, Nivi is unconscious, Devika says what to do? she is not waking up, i have to save her, i am feeling suffocated too, she asks Nivi to wake up, she cries and says i am sorry Janki maa, maybe i will die too, i couldnt take my revenge, she recalls how people killed her by throwing her off cliff, how Janki saved her and told her to not be weak as she is Janki’s daughter, she cries and says i couldnt take my revenge, i tried to save Nivi alot but i feel like i wont be saved either now, life you gave to me Janki Maa will be taken away, i am sorry, maybe Ambe Maa wants this, please take care of Chachi after i am gone, i dont have way to be saved now, she coughs and falls unconscious. Fire brigade people come inside there, they see Nivi and Devika unconscious there, Devika wakes up a little, man says we have come to save you, he lifts her in arms, Devika thinks that save Nivi too Ambe maa, let me fulfill my revenge, this is my mission, you want me to do justice so let her live, let me bring truth out, i have to give punishment to everyone who did that with me, you are saving me so you have to save Nivi too, dont let her die.
Nivi and Devika are brought outside. Shweta says thank God Nivi is safe and my credit card is safe too. Janki hugs Devika and says thank God nothing happened with you, Ravi asks her to wake up. Ravi asks officer why she is not waking up? officer says they were suffocated, she was little unconscious, maybe she tried to save Nivi so she inhaled alot of smoke and it will take time for her to recover and Nivi will get fine soon as she was unconscious fully so smoke didnt affect her much, you have to take care of Ambika, she is really strong, she fought with such situation with bravery, Ravi prays that nothing should happen to Ambika, she is very nice, God you took Devika from me and now she has come with Devika’s face, she has become my life, dont take her away from me.
Vikas comes in house with officer, officer says half house is damaged, you called us on time, dont bring anyone inside, its heated here, you all have to live somewhere else, Vikas says we will stay in outhouse.
Devika wakes up, Ravi and Janki are by her side, Janki asks are you fine? Devika says i am fine, i know you are worried for me, take me home, Mata Rani saved me, take me home, Janki says we will go to hospital first, Devika says i dont want to go anywhere, just take me to my home, she asks if Nivi is fine? nothing should happen to her, Janki says she is still unconscious, there are many slaves to take care of her, Ravi tries to hold Devika’s hand but she jerks it away, Devika gets up, Devika is weak, Janki supports her and walks with her, Devika slips, Ravi holds her hand and asks if she is fine? Devika says i am not some handicapped person, i am able to support myself and i dont need support of person like you, go and give your support to Nivi, she needs your attention, she leaves with Janki, Ravi thinks that i know you are angry with me, i irritated you alot today, dont go away, i live a little when you are around, i dont have any right to stop you.

Scene 2
Nivi is lying on bed, Monty is calling doctor. Manju asks Nivi to get up, Gurvindar says look at her bangle, Monty thinks that i am calling doctors but no one is picking up, that Ravi has got such big position from Nivi but he doesnt care about her, he goes to bring doctor. Manju throws water on Nivi’s face, Shweta says whole game turned upside, we were trying to kill Ambika but Nivi is in danger now, Gurvindar says she is not moving, did she die? Manju says her breaths are running, she will be fine. Nivi wakes up, Manju says we are worried, wake up, all are happy to see her awake, Nivi looks around, Manju asks her if she is fine? Nivi gets up, Shweta says you know i was so worried, Nivi recalls how she tried to kill Ambika by throwing her in fire, she asks if Ambika is alive? Manju says yes she is alive, she has gone home, Nivi thinks that i told her about her murder planning, Ravi comes and asks if she is fine now? Nivi says yes, how did i got saved? i was unconscious then who saved me? Ravi says Ambika Raichand saved you, you are alive only because of her, Nivi is shocked, officer comes there and asks Ravi to sign papers, Nivi asks who is he? Ravi says he brought you both out of house, he saved you, Nivi says you said Ambika saved me, officer tell me exactly, officer says Ambika tried to save you alot, she could have runaway leaving you in fire but she kept dangerous things away from you, she even broke door and could have easily runaway but she didnt do it, she cameback to you and tried to save you so much that she took stress and fell unconscious too, if she had not taken care of you then you would have died, she is very brave girl, even after coming outside she asked about you first, nobody does so much another person in today’s world, she is your good friend, Ravi thinks that Ambika is very nice and unique exactly like my Devika, Nivi is stunned to listen all this, and thinks Ambika saved me? she had put her life in danger for me? but why? after i fainted, she could have easily gone out but she stayed there, i even told her that i wanted to murder her even then she saved me why? Ravi asks what are you thinking? Nivi says nothing, where is Ambika? Ravi says she has gone to her house.
Janki comes to Devika and sees her hands wounded, she says i cant see it, i can sense your pain, i wont be able apply ointment, i will call doctor, Devika says i am fine, its not paining me, apply ointment, Janki applies ointment, Devika says i was terrified to see fire and Nivi unconscious and i was worried that i wont be able to fulfill my promise to you, i wont be able to take my revenge, my whole life was infront of my eyes and there was Nivi, how could i let her die, i thought i would die too trying to save her, i felt like i wont be able to see you again, Janki stops her and says i cant even think about your death, nothing can happen to you, tell me one thing when she told you that she tried to murder you then why didnt you let her die in that fire, maybe her sins would have died with her, Devika says if she had died then i wouldnt be able to take Devika’s revenge, you have told me what is my mission, its important for Nivi to remain alive for my revenge.

PRECAP- Devika says to Ravi on call that i think your watch is showing wrong time as i am not your friend that you can call me at anytime, and they way you behaved with me in your house, after that you really think that i will be interested in talking to you? dont call me again, she ends call, Ravi is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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