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Scene 1
Ravi comes to Saket and says last time i am saying, if you look at my wife again then you wont be able to see anything in life, Saket says we will see that when time comes, he leaves, Ravi comes to Devika’s family, he folds his hands and says i did mistake marrying her like this but i promise i wont tears come in her eyes, i will gives her all happiness and that is my promise, he opens door for her, she is in car, he sit beside him.
Ravi and Devika are in car, Ravi looks at her and thinks dont know what she is thinking about me, she isnt looking at me, she seem tensed, must be angry with me, should i talk or not, i am feeling guilty, Manju thinks i got lottery, she has brought 1crores with her, there is no chance of mistake now, i kept counting coins but now i will count 1crores,

i will remain busy daily, Ravi’s car bumps in Saket’s car, Saket comes out and starts beating Ravi’s driver, Ravi comes and stops Saket’s hand, Saket tries to hit him but looks at Devika, Ravi comes infront of Devika and hides her, he says to Saket that you must be angry but why dont you just bang your head in wall, i wanna see your anger’s power and what did you say about challenge? i told you that i wont let you marry Devika, you lost, i told you to not challenge me but you didnt listen, now bear it, DEvika is stunned listening all this and thinks what Ravi is talking about me, challenge? winning or losing, i never thought Ravi can talk about me like this, Ravi ask Saket to remove car from way, he goes and sit with DEvika, Saket leaves in his car.
Devika’s family comeback home, Savitri doesnt talk to anyone, Atal says to Shekhar that give her sometime, she feels insulted infront of Saket’s family, let her calm down first, they go in house, Pallavi recalls how Sakshi was so calm and happy in marriage and how she was forcing everyone to do marriage fast, she drags Sakshi aside and says i have one question, i am seeing happiness on your face now but you were happy in marriage too, you always wanted Saket to not marry her and Devika choose Ravi so why were you happy in marriage, it means.. Sakshi says you are right, i knew Ravi was in mandap, Pallavi says what if Savitri gets to know about it then.. Sakshi says point is who will tell her that i knew it, promise me you will not tell her, i am very much happy, she is in safe hands, you dont know how cheap Saket is, only i and Ravi know it, i hate him so much that even if he dies in room, i would not have told anyone.

Scene 2
Gayetri says to Shweta that we were insulted so much, all will make fun of me, we couldnt do anything, that Manju and Ravi played good game and why you have come here? to see our pain and wounds, you must be with your in-laws, are you involved with them? Shweta that i am with you and will always be with you, Gayetri says then go to their house and destrpy their happiness, Shweta says i wont let this marriage sustain, i will put so much pricks in their life that they will get injured daily, they have insulted my brother, i will teach them lesson.
Manju, Ravi and Devika reach home, Manju ask Vikas where is Shweta? he says she went with Saket, she says you have no control over her, Manju brings DEvika out of car and says dont worry at all, you must be tensed but i will set everything right for you, you are owner of this house, nobody will say anything to you, i am not mother in law who will rule over her daughter in law, i am your mother, she says i didnt know about my son’s marriage, i will do all rituals now, my son has brought good bride so i will welcome her nicely, i will prepare for Grah pervesh, wait here for sometime, these small things matter alot, she goes in home, Devika gives a look to Ravi, he looks at her too, both look down, Sadqe tere plays, Monty ask Devika to come.
Manju, Vikas and Monty prepare for Grah pervesh, Manju puts kalash and red color thaal infront of Devika, she does their aarti first, she thinks that not DIL but lottery is coming in my house, it will great life ahead, dont know how many notes are there in 1crores, Ravi is diamond for me, Ravi thinks why Devika is not speaking anything, she is silent from that time, Manju ask Devika to throw kalash, Devika throws Kalash, Manju ask her to put feet in thaal, Devika dis balances but Ravi holds her hand to support her, she looks at him, he then leaves her hand, Devika comes in leaving her feet marks, Manju ask Vikas to take them to guest room and i will decorate their room, Vikas takes them, she ask Monty to bring flowers, she thinks that if relative gets to know that i didnt tell them about marriage then they will get miffed, i will call them after decorating room, Shweta comes in, Manju angrily looks at her, Shweta goes in, Manju says she is showing me attitude, i will show her, she comes to Shweta that why did you come so soon? this is way, new bride has come and you have concern to welcome her, Shweta says her welcome was in my brother’s house but you people snatched it, DEvika was going to my bhabhi, you stole my brother’s happiness, Manju says if you care about him so much then why dd you come here? he wanted to marry her as he wanted her property, DEvika was made for this house only, Shweta says why would he want her property, he is MLA and he has alot of money, Manju says he is just MLA, how much money has 50 lacs or what? Devka has brought 10crores, she is laxmi, dont you dare to say anything to her else you can leave this house, Vikas comes in too, Shweta says this marriage will not stay for much time and Ravi and DEvika will not be of each other, Manju says we have seen that in mandap, i have good fate, Devika and Ravi are made for each other, Manju says to Vikas that tell your wife to behave properly else all MIL knows how to make life hell for her DIL, she leaves, Shweta stares Vikas.

PRECAP- Saket is drinking wine and thinks that i have to be calm, i cant get so much angry else i will go mad, i have to think something.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. He might send Ravi to jail by false accusation of Ananya’s murder. Shwetha take revenge on Devika while Ravi was away. MIL will learn that Devika will not use the property for monetary benefits and get mad at her.

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