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Scene 1
Devika comes in gift shop, she asks salesgirl about special cards? salesgirl asks love cards? Devika nods, she shows her those cards and leaves. Devika reads one card, it says “i remember our first day of friendship and our new start, we became friends after fighting much”, Devika thinks to buy that card but thinks to look around other cards too. She looks another card and reads that friend i can shed tears for you and can do everything for you. Devika thinks Ravi did all this for me and now its my turn.
Goons come to meet Navi, Navi shows them picture of Devika and says you have to kidnap her and then finish her, you will find her in shop beside you, go and kidnap her, Goon says work will be done.
Devika sees another card and reads “your eyes, you smile and

your magic just take my breath away”, she smiles reading it and says i need card which can explain my heart feelings directly to him, she looks around and sees another card, she reads “heart keep praising you but tongue just cant say anything, my silence is not my rejection but my shyness, these words shows my love for you”, DEvika says this card matches my situation, i should give this card to him.
Ravi is in jewelry shop and looks at earring, he thinks when Devika will wear them then they will look more beautiful, he buys it and looks at chain and pendent, he thinks Devika likes these kind of things, he buys it too.
Navi is in car and waiting for Devika being kidnapped, she gets call from Saket, Saket asks whats happening there? Navi says your men have gone to kidnap Devika, Saket says my people are best, Navi says i hope they kidnap her, you are chilling in office and i am in tension here, Saket says dont worry, you will get most benefit out it, dont take tension, he ends call, Saket thinks that Navi thinks i am helping her but she doesnt know that i am doing all this to get Devika, i am going to get most benefit, i dont have any other, my real face has come infront of Devika so i have to kidnap her now, i dont care if Navi gets Ravi or not, Devika will be with me.
Devika is shopping in store. Goon looks at her and tries to recognize her, Devika sees him and thinks this man looks weird, she moves away, goons follow her, she gets suspicious so one goon leaves, she looks around and find another goon, she thinks what kind of people are they? and why they are staring me? she sees two goons spying at her, she gets tensed, one goon starts coming towards her but passes by her, one goon comes to her and shows her card, he asks if its her card? she says no, he says i saw it on floor and saw you picking cards so that it was yours, Devika says so you were trying to give this to me since that time? he says yes, Devika says its not mine, goon leaves.
Shopkeeper asks Ravi he seems very happy? Ravi says today is m friendship anniversary, i became her friend year back and now she is my wie, shopkeeper says you people celebrate weird days, Ravi says actually when your friend is so special then you have to celebrate it, today she will tell me about heart feelings so i am happy, shopkeeper says we dont see this kind of love in this age, i pray that you remain with for whole life.
Card falls from Devika’s hands, shopkeeper gives it to her and says its beautiful card, something special? Devika says i have to give it to my husband, shopkeeper says he is lucky, Devika says no i am lucky, he is my best friend and today i will tell him about my feelings, shopkeeper wishes her luck and leaves from there, Devika smiles.
Devika is looking for gifts in shop when she sees goons talking how to trap her and that she should not go out of shop, Devika thinks why i feel they are talking about me? why they are behind me? she turns to see them gone, she thinks that i feel awkward here, i should go to crowded side. Devika comes to otherside and looks for gift, goons come there and says when people will leave from here then we will kidnap her. They wait for her and takes out gun but hides it, goon start approaching Devika and is about to show her gun but gets afraid and leaves, DEvika looks at him and thinks that he has gun in his bag, he seems like goon too, she finds security guard checking bags and thinks that they wont allow anyone to enter with gun, i must be mistaken.

Scene 2
Navi is in car and calls goon, she asks how much time will you take? cant you this much work? Goon says its not easy, we have to look around too, if you keep asking then it will take more time, Navi says do it fast, she ends call. Goon says to other goon that she thinks that kidnapping is easy, she will keep eating my mind, i am switching my phone off, you turn it off too. Devika looks at goons and thinks that they are weird, i should not have come here alone, should i call Ravi? but his surprise will be destroyed then, i should call Sakshi here, she will give me company and i will be safe with her too.
Sakshi comes to Monty and says Devika and Ravi are going on date today, Monty says this is great news, it means for the plan for which we became friends, its going to be successful now, i want them to become closer, Sakshi says i want that too, Sakshi gets Devika’a call, Devika asks Sakshi can she come in market? Sakshi says ou denied earlier and now calling me there? Devika says i am feeling weird here, you come here, Sakshi says dont take tension, i am coming, she ends call. Sakshi tells Monty that Devika seems worried, we have to go now, Monty says okay and leaves with her.
Manju asks Shweta if she did household work? Shweta says no, i forgot it, Manju says you just keep praising yourself in mirror, i have to control you, you are still in control but i have to control Devika more. Sakshi comes to her and says i am going to market, Parmindar asks where? Sakshi says Devika is in market, she called me there, Parmindar asks why? Sakshi says Devika is going to meet Ravi, Parminder says her hand got burned and she should be staying at home but she is calling you two too, Ravi will handle her, Monty says Ravi is not with her, we have to go, Parminder says dont take girls side, she says to Sakshi that the way you trapped my son, i have no respect for you, if you wanna live in this house then you have to listen to my every order, go inside and make food, Sakshi thinks sorry Devika i cant come, i hope your problems are resolved.
Devika comes to cash counter and asks shop keeper to wrap gift and make bill, goons say that if she goes out of shop then we wont be able to kidnap her in market. Shopkeeper asks Devika if she has other credit card? she says no i have my just my brother in law’s card, shopkeeper says you have to give cash, Devika says i dont have it, card is not on your name so we cant use it, Devika asks two minuted, Devika thinks what to do? i dont wanna return all the things i bought for Ravi, what should i do? Sakshi hasnt come too, she thinks to call Ravi at chowk and take money from him and come in shop again to buy things. She calls Ravi, she says to Ravi that i am short of cash, i need some cash, can you come to chowk? Ravi says okay i am coming there, he ends call.
Ravi starts his bike but it doesnt start. Devika sees goons looking at her, she thinks i am afraid of them, they are spying on me, till Ravi doesnt come, i should stay at cash counter, when Ravi will come then i will go out of shop.

PRECAP- Ravi meets Navi outside shop, Navi says i have friend’s birthday party so i came to buy bouqet for her from here, thats all. Ravi is finding Devika and Devika is searching for him. Saket calls Navi and says goons are not picking up call, what can we do now? let this kidnapping happen now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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