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Scene 1
Ravi says to Vikas what happened to you? Vikas says i suddenly slapped, Devika says you go and rest, we will kee an eye on Raghav. Vikas leaves. Ravi and Decikes in Raghav’s room. Nivi and Saket are hiding in bathroom of Raghav’s room, Nivi says i am getting suffocated here, Saket says dont make noise, Ambika and Ravi are outside, Nivi says Vikas must have woken up, he will tell Ravi that i gave him water, Ravi will hate, he will scold me and send me to jail, we are stuck in this situation because of you, Saket sys this is all happening because i always listen to you, let me think. Saket says pray that they dont need to come in washroom, what if Ambika finds me with you here? what will she think about me? dont argue and bear with me, Nivi says dont tell me that we have to remain

here whole night, Saket says dont even move from your place, i feel like strangling your neck, let me think. Nivi says i am stuck. Saket thinks of going out from washroom. In Raghav’s room, Devika and Ravi are sitting on couch, Devika is dozing off, Ravi says you go and sleep in room, i will handle here, Devika says you are sleepy too, you go to room, i will remain here, Ravi says you want me to leave with this stranger in room? Devika says he is unconscious, Ravi says your beauty can make him faint again, Devika says dont tell me that you are possessive about unconscious man too, Ravi says you are my wife, i am possessive of you, Devika says you are joking in this serious situation? Ravi says i feel like joking when i look at your face, Devika says i am sleepy with your talks, Ravi says what should i do for you? She says nothing. Ravi says you can sleep on couch, i will look at you sleeping, i can do favor for you, i am giving you shoulder to sleep on, Devika says in morning, you will blame me for shoulder ache, Ravi says i wont blame you, Devika smiles and says i wont sleep, Ravi says my shoulder is nice, Devika says promise you wont blame me in morning? he says promise, Devika says then bring your shoulder to me, Ravi says you come to my shoulder, Devika says if you start going to sleep then wake me up, one of us should remain awake, Ravi says i wont sleep, Devika smiles at him and lies her head on his shoulder, Ravi puts arms around her and hugs her, Devika sleeps in his arms, Galiyan sons plays.

Scene 2
Its morning, Nivi is still sleeping in washroom. She wakes up and mistakenly turns on shower, she gets drenched, she sees Saket sleeping bathing tub. She comes to him and hits him with hand shower, he wakes up, Nivi says you want to sleep here whole life? Saket says dont talk loudly, you keep shouting on me, Nivi says you were sleeping like you sleep in bathroom daily, do something now, Saket says let me think, Nivi says my neck has sprain, Saket says you must have slept on commote, Nivi says you are useless. Saket says let me see outside. Saket opens bathroom door and looks around, he says there is no one in Raghav’s room. Saket gives Nivi her shoes. Nivi and Saket comes in Raghav’s room, Nivi says this is all happening because of you, Saket says i want to go home, go out of room and see. Nivi opens room’s door and comes out. She sees no one outside, Saket and Nivi leaves from there.
Janki comes to Devika, Devika says i miss you so much, Janki says i miss you too but there is Ravi now, you can give him morning hug, Devika blushes, Janki asks where is Ravi? Devika says he went to hospital to look after Sakshi, i really like it when he takes care of relations, Janki says i like it, he is so caring, i dont feel that he can do anything wrong, its not in his nature, Devika says i know, i also feel that Ravi cant do anything wrong for his sake. You know Sakshi told me that shooter wanted to kill Ravi not me, Janki is stunned, Devika says why would anyone want to kill Ravi? i also saw red lazer light on Ravi but i ignored it, even my mangalsutra broke, Ravi was in danger, its Sakshi who saved her, Janki says who would be Ravi’s enemy? Devika says shooter will tell us this. Janki says he is still unconscious? Devika says yes, once he comes to consciousness then everything will be cleared.
Raghav wakes up and recalls what happened last night, he sas i am stuck here, they must be waiting for me to wake up, i should run from here. Vikas comes there so Raghav acts like still unconscious. Vikas thinks that he is still unconscious?
On breakfast table, Nivi has collar around neck, Devika asks what happened? Nivi says i have sprain in neck. Ravi comes there and says Sakshi is fine, she will comeback home in 2days, what about shooter? Devika says he is still unconscious. Saket comes there and says sorry to come here, i was thinking about killer, can i help? Ravi says no, Saket asks how is Sakshi? Ravi says she is fine. Doctor comes there. Ravi says lets see Raghav.
Doctor checks Raghav and says he is normal, dont know why he didnt wake up till now, he gives more injection to Raghav, Nivi says we should shift him, doctor is not able to detect his problem, Devika says should we call specialist? Doctor says i have done all treatment, Vikas says i have solution, we can give current to Raghav, he will wake up, we have everything, i have live wire too, lets see how he wakes up with current, Vikas is about to touch live wire on Raghav but Raghav gets up and says dont give me shock.

PRECAP- Saket is in market. Devika is following him. DEvika is shocked to see Saket talking with Raghav.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. I just hope that Devika is able to get proof against Nivi and Saket, and their exposure has to be dramatic because they are the main antagonists of the serial. Sakshi should come out of hospital soon, atleast by Monday and help Devika in exposing Nivi and Saket because everyone knows that Sakshi is fine. Ravi acted well today. Very good, Nivi deserves to have collar around neck. She is mental. Please don’t end this serial. I seriously love it. In fact I am only watching StarSat TV because of Kalash, else I would have told family to switch to DStv because of Star Plus

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