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Scene 1
Ravi is back hugging Devika and kneading flour when Manju comes there, she sees them and coughs, Ravi moves away from Devika, Manju says to Ravi arent you getting late for work? Ravi says yes and i told her to how to knead flour, Manju says now man will tell their wives, Ravi says no she isnt less than anyone, see she understood and learned so quickly, Devika smiles little, Ravi says you say that i am unique, infact your daughter in law is unique too, Devika smiles, Ravi leaves.
Navi says i am so happy, the man who was sent by Ravi told me how much Ravi praised me, this means Ravi thinks good about me, he has soft corner for me but its not good to listen praise from third person, i wanna listen praise from Ravi’s mouth, before that man tells Ravi, i will tell Ravi that i have

appointed person sent by him.
Ravi is in room and looks at his and Devika’s photo, he smiles, Navi calls him, he takes it, Navi says the man you sent, i have appointed him on job, Ravi thanks her for solving his problem, Navi says its no big deal, i can do anything for you, Ravi says what? Navi says i mean you are best employee so i can do this for you, Ravi says you are so nice, thanks for her, Navi ask can he come to office to discuss project? Ravi says yes, he ends call and says Navi has done my work so i have to go to office.
navi says that Ravi was so happy that i did his work, i wish when my cabin’s room is opened, its Ravi who comes inside, Saket opens door and comes inside, Navi ask what he is doing here? you were not receiving my call, Saket says i was coming here only, i need your help, Ravi is investigating about me and he has got proofs against me, Navi says so what? go and find out, you have never done anything good for me so i wil help Ravi only from now on as this is only way to reach his heart and you are a loser so please leave, Saket gets angry and thinks that i cant argue with her, i will see her later, Saket ask if she is coming in engagement? she says i will come, Saket says Ravi is hiding a waiter, i dont know where is he, you have to find out where Ravi is hiding waiter, Navi recalls how Ravi sent waiter to her, she says i dont know about any waiter, PRECAP, she ask him to leave her alone, Saket leaves her cabin and thinks that Navi knows something but is not opening mouth because of Ravi, Ravi comes in office and finds Saket there, he sees waiter too, waiter Charan strikes with Saket, Ravi comes inbetween them, waiter leaves from there before Saket can see him, Ravi ask if Saket has come to ask charity from Navi for his party? he could have asked me as i am best employee here, you should clean yourself first before asking for anything, Saket leaves, Ravi thinks to meet Navi.
Devika calls Addy and ask where is Ravi? he didnt do dinner, Addy says Ravi has gone to meet Navi in office, she has some work, Devika thinks that he didnt even tell me before going, he was praising her so much otherday, if there is any affair between them? how can Ravi do this? we have fight but how can he forget that he is married and i am his wife, Addy ask if she is jealous? Devika says why will i be jealous? i am happy to be away from Ravi, Addy says my all girlfriends say this too but hug me when i go to them, DEvika says i am going to sleep, he can come at any time.
Devika comes in her room and says Addy is right, i am feeling jealous, he is with me nor not, its fine but when he goes to other girls, why i feel so bad? i know his nature, he is a flirt, he had so many girlfriends, i know he cheats me and lie to me but why do i expect so much about him? i will not think about him, he can meet and talk to anyone.
Ravi meets Navi, Navi says waiter told me that you were praising me that i am kind and generous, Ravi says he is same waiter with whom Saket planned and framed Monty and Sakshi in drugs case, Saket is a jerk, he has destroyed two lives, Navi puts hand on his shoulder, he looks at it.
Devika thinks to read magazine and find couple photos in it, she says i am thinking about Ravi only when i dont have to think about him, what to do, i should call him, when he will tell me where is he and when he will return then i will be at peace, she calls Ravi and ask where is he? if his mother gets to know that he didnt have dinner then she will scold her again but you dont care, you didnt even tell me where are you going, Ravi says i am have important discussion with Navi, i will talk to you later, he ends call, Navi thinks that Ravi didnt take Devika’s call seriously, now Devika will understand that Ravi is mine only.
Devika says he cut my call? he talked to me so rudely infront of Navi, how can he ignore me? i will go there myself and see what important discussion is going on there, he doesnt care about house, food or me,

Scene 2
Ravi meets a the waiter and says to waiter that its time to bring Saket’s truth out, waiter says but Saket will kill me if i say anything against him, Ravi says i take guarantee of your life, dont worry, waiter says where i have to tel truth? Ravi says tomorrow is engagement ceremony, you have to tell truth to all tomorrow there. Saket comes there and see Ravi talking to someone, he is shocked to see Ravi talking to waiter Charan, he says i was right Ravi took waiter on his side and that Navi was waiting for Ravi in office, she is taking Ravi’s side to frame me, i will see her too but first i have to save myself, he says i cant risk myself, i have to end this matter.
Devika is in rickshaw and thinks that i dont get nice vibes from Navi about Ravi, she behaves so weirdly with Ravi, she is with Ravi in office at night, dont know what she wants from Ravi, i am sure Ravi doesnt know about her intentions, but Navi interferes in our personal life so much, she thinks she has right on Ravi, she is mad, she is so egoistic, Ravi can fall in problem because of Navi, i have to bring Ravi.
Waiter thanks Ravi for giving him job and says i can give life for you, Ravi says just tell about Saket to everyone, waiter agrees, Saket says i could have finished Ravi earlier but stops because of Devika, he thinks he will bring my truth with this waiter but this waiter will not remain alive, i am marrying Sakshi because i want to take revenge for my insult but Ravi you cant to anything with me, i will finish this waiter today. Devika comes to Ravi’s office and sees lights off, she says if Ravi is in Navi’s cabin? should i go in? she finds Ravi talking to some man in middle of road, she says he told me that he is talking something important with navi but he is here, why did he lie to me? i will see him now, she starts going towards Ravi, Saket starts his car and thinks to crush ravi under his car, Saket is approaching Ravi, Devika comes inbetween, Saket is shocked to see her and tries to turn away car but hits Devika, Devika falls down on road injured, Ravi is shocked to see Devika injured.

PRECAP- Saket burns his car and says this is only proof that i did Devika’s accident but its not there anymore. Waiter tells Ravi that Saket did accident, Ravi ask if he is sure? Waiter says yes because Saket have same car of same model and color, it was Saket’s car who did this accident, Ravi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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