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Scene 1
Ravi hugs Devika and thinks dont know how much pain my Devika had to bear, Saket must have given her pain, her eyes are showing pain and also thanking me. Devika hugs him back and thinks that thank you Ravi for coming, i had lost hope but you saved me again, Ravi thinks that i can give my life for you, do you feel our hearts beating together today again? Devika feels it. Ravi breaks hug and says are you fine? she says yes, Ravi says i was scared to lose you again, i was finding you so much, i was finding you everywhere but i didnt find you, i was scared Devika, he hugs her back, Devika hugs him and thinks Ravi came to save me by putting his life in danger? whats his benefit in saving me? or maybe i misunderstood my Ravi all along, they are both emotional.
Nivi is tensed, Manju comes

to her and says if you find anything? did marriage happen? Nivi says i dont know, i am waiting for Saket’s call, i think wedding has happened, Manju asks where is Ravi? Nivi says he doesnt tell me anything, he cut my calls, Manju says if Janki gets to know that you are involved in this kidnapping then your friendship will be broken, Nivi says i know what to do, i will call her and then you will know my handiwork. She calls Janki and says Nivi speaking, Janki says yes, Nivi says i am so saddened to know about Ambika, dont know who kidnapped her, how dangerous they are, i cant even sleep or eat, did you find any hint? dont take stress, Ambika is strong girl, i am sure when she returns, she will be fine, if i knew where is Ambika then i would have gone to save her, Janki says dont worry, we have found Ambika and Ravi must have reached her, he will save her i am sure, i am out somewhere, call me later, she ends call. Nivi is shocked, Manju asks what happened? Nivi says Ravi got to know where is Ambika, Saket wont spare Ravi, you know he is crazy, he will kill Ravi if Ravi comes inbetween Ambika and Saket. Vikas listens all this, Manju says Saket is devil, what was the need to go there? Ravi is his enemy, dont know what will happen, let Saket marr Ambika, what is his take in this? how to save my son now? Vikas listens all that.
Saket becomes conscious and sees Ravi and Devika hugging. He sees gun nearby, he picks it up and gets up, Devika sees him and breaks hug, Saket points gun at Ravi and says everytime you take my happiness, you took Devika earlier too but this time i will marry her infront of you, if you cme inbetween then i will shoot you, Devika says no Saket, please dont shoot Ravi, Ravi looks at him in surprise, they share eyelock, Devika says to Saket that i told you earlier too that i am not Devika, i dont know what animosity you have with Ravi and what was between you, Ravi and Devika, but please dont kill him, Saket says shut up, you are reason for all this, i shouldnt have fall for you, if you had agreed then we would have married by now but you were waiting for Ravi, now he has come so he has to die, what you think? that he loves you? he loves your money, he and his greedy mother wanted your property, i always loved you, i deserve to marry you not this man. Ravi says he is lying, i married Devika because.. Saket says shut up, i never forgot Devika , i still love you, and this Ravi? he just needed chance to forget you, i will kill you, get ready to get killed true lover. He brings gun closer to his forehead, Devika says no Saket, dont shoot.
Manju says to Nivi that Saket is cruel, he can do anything with Ravi, Nivi says Saket knows how much i love Ravi, he wont do anything, Manju says he can do anything when he is angry, he used to love Devika alot but still took our side to kill Devika, Nivi says i should do something to save Ravi, she calls Ravi. Manju says its all your fault, if you had stopped this kidnapping then Ravi wouldnt have gone there, Nivi says i didnt ask Saket to kidnap Ambika, i got to know later, Manju says you hide it and didnt tell anyone, Nivi says you were taking my side earlier and now you are blaming me? you take side where you have benefit, you were on my side and now you are on otherside, i cant trust you, Manju says you dont know mother
‘s love, my son is in trouble, Nivi says you sold your son for 20crores, dont give me that crap, i have to make sure Ravi is safe, i have to find out whats going on there.
Saket is pointing to Ravi. Janki reaches there with Police, inspector points gun at Saket, Ravi snatches gun from Saket’s hand. Janki ccomes there too, Saket tries to take gun from Ravi but police catches him. Janki hugs Devika and says thank God you are fine. Ravi and Saket are still fighting for gun, Devika asks Ravi to leave gun, she pleads him to leave it for her saket, Ravi looks at her and recalls their moments together, he leaves gun, inspector says Ravi dont take law in your hands, Ravi gives him gun and stares Devika, Banjara plays, they share eyelock. Ravi thinks that i want to live whole life with you thats why i am sparing Saket for you only, you are my devika, my Ambika, my life and everything. Saket is taken from there by police. Inspector says Ravi you attacked Saket even after i asked you to stop so we have to arrest you too, Ravi keep looking at Devika, he is taken from there by police too. he turns and looks at Devika, she looks at him too, he leaves from there.

Scene 2
Shweta comes to Vikas and says why you are silent? what happened? Vikas says nothing is fine, you are reason for all this, you have put us in trouble, you called Saket here, he has kidnapped Ambika now, he thinks that she is Devika and now Ambika is in her trap and Ravi went there to save her and he is in danger too, Shweta says what? Vikas says your goon brother must have told everything to you, listen to me carefully, if anything happens to Ambika or Ravi then i will break relation with you, Shweta says i dont know anything about this, Vikas says i dont know anything, i am just saying that nothing should happen to Ravi or Ambika.
Devika is in her room and lying her head in Janki’s lap. She says Saket was showing me his cheap love all the time, he was threatening me and i couldnt do anything, i was thinking of someone coming there and saving me, i thought there was no hope but then i remembered your words, you always tell me to fight evil and never be afraid and also attack cruel people, i did same, i got strength and stopped marriage and faced Saket without thinking what he can do, he would have married you otherwise, we would have taken pheras before Ravi could come there, but that didnt happen, thank you for teaching all that, i am nothing without you, Janki says i was so pained without you, thank God my life is given back to me. Lets go and thank Mata Rani, Devika says yes and kisses her hand.

PRECAP- Devika is calling Rekha. Rekha says you look exactly like my Devika, you talk like my Devika too, you are like her, sorry i am a mother so couldnt control my emotions, Devika silently cries listening all that.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Ouf devika I’d so annoying weakling cry baby shit actress always getting in trouble, never listens to janki messes every plan please end this programme sooner rather then later. Pls pls

  2. Good episode devika should confess her love to ravi

  3. After all …..we all thinking about the ending of the serial…..but it is not happening ….ekta ji ne aur bhi bullshit twist and turns rakha hai….2017 me khatam ho sakta hai but not sure…..

  4. Natasha mahase

    I like this show

  5. Sruthi

    all ekta serials are like same kumkumbhagya abhi nd pragya when they confess love they get away..yhm ishita nd raman also.the show that finished like meri aashiqui tumse hi nd naagin the pairs united show too finished..

    Pls make ravi learn all the secrets nd ambika understand him.

  6. I think the show will go long way because there is no hint that ravi will know all the secret

  7. I dont like mr ravi he is so chipku i mean his role

  8. ektaji devika is a cry baby pls do something that we are glued yo the idiot box timing clashing with TMKOC which is anytime the bestest serial so pls do something either show her with divine power if you remember the serial devi aired in Sony TV something like that

  9. Kitty ji good comment but plz dont advice the divine power to serial director because already ambe maa with devika

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