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Scene 1
Ravi ask Devika to not worry, this way is dark but we will soon reach home following this way, Devika says my house people must be worried for me, Ravi says you are problem, he finds dogs there, he holds Devika’s hand and starts running, he hides in shop, Ravi is stuck and cant move, its dark there, they both look at each other, share eyelock, Sadqe tere, Devika says this all is happening because of you, you said we wil go from shortcut, i am stuck with you, oh now i know, you brought me here to take advantage of me, Saket trusted you and you are thinking like this, Ravi says stop it, you have cheap mind, i have better options than you, what you think, you are miss world, Devika is setting ehr hairs, Ravi helps her, she says dont touch me, i dont need your help, Ravi says where your

second earring is? Devika says because of you my earring is lost, RAvi’s phone rings, Ravi thinks how to bring out phone from pocket, my hands her stuck, cant ask her, she will thinks i am doign cheap act, Devika ask him to pick phone, you ringtone is bad too, he says its classy and you have problem then pick it up, Ravi ask her to pick his call, she says i wont, he says you always wanna fight, you cant agree for anything, she thinks he is stuck, cant bring out his phone, she pulls out phone from his pocket and gives phone to him, Ravi picks the call, its Saket, Saket ask are you with Devika? Ravi says yes and i am in hell as she is with me, she always brings problem with her, i have to bear her for you, Saket says where are you? Ravi says some dogs started following us so we are hiding, we will reach soon, Saket says take care of Devika, i will come. Ravi ask Devika to put phone back, she angrily puts it back, they again starts arguing with each other, Ravi comes out ans stealithly check if all are gone, he ask her to come out, she says you are useless, you have muscular body but cant use it, Ravi says body is made to impress girls not to fight with dogs, he ask her to come, they leaves, Saket comes to spot, dogs come, he runs but one dog bites him, he thinks from where did these dogs come.
Rekha is worried for Devika, she says to Pallavi that Devika has not returned home, Savitri trust Saket so much that she is not worried about Devika, Pallavi says i have called her, she will come soon.
RAvi and Devika comes in street, Ravi says i have brought you safe and sound to your home, my duty is over, Devika thanks him, Ravi says dont meet me after death too, Saket comes there, Ravi says start your romance, i will leave, Saket says sorry to Devika and thanks Ravi, Ravi says no problem but dont ask me to be with this mad girl again, he leaves.

Scene 2
Saket and Devika comes back home, he says to Savitri that i am sorry, we got late, bridge broke so we got late, dEvika thinks why he is lying, Saket leaves, Rekha comes to Devika and ask are you fine? Savitri ask was Saket happy with you? Devika says everything was fine but one incident happened which shook me, i met a mad women outside restaurant, she was saying that Saket is not good for me, he is bad guy, he doesnt deserve me, Savitri says she must be mad, dont think about her, DEvika leaves, Dada says to Savitri dont you think we should take things seriously, why was she saying like this to DEvika, Savitri says you worry alot, i am hurrying for her marriage and you know why, she will be married soon, dont worry, she leaves.
In office, Devika puts Ambe Maa’s idol on her table, she prays to not bring Ravi infront of her, she doesnt like her, she says my mood got spoiled because of him, she lights scented candles around idol and sings Bhajan, Ravi comes there, due to smoke of candles, fire alram starts ringing, all run to see where fire broke, Ravi comes to Devika and says fire broke in office, lets leave, one girl says its smell of scented candles, Ravi finds it on Devika’s table and says are you mad, this is not your house, fire alarm broke because of you, one guy says she doesnt know about fire alarm, she is new and whats bad in taking lord’s blessing before work, Ravi says why you people even come in office, just keep sitting in mandir, she says to Devika that you dont know about modern technology so before doing anything, ask me, he leaves, DEvika feels bad.
Anuja and Shweta are checking gold necklaces in Saket’s house, Anuja likes one jewelry set, Saket ask jeweler to show latest designs, he gifts Shweta and his mother some gold necklaces, he says to jeweler show something different for DEvika, Sweta says you must know her choice, Saket says she will wear what i like not what she likes. Saket likes one set, jeweler says its of 4 lacs, Saket says its cheap, show something expensive, Jeweler shows set of 15 lacs, Saket likes it and buys it, he leaves, Anuja says to Saket’s mother that Saket should control, whats special in that girl, Shweta was saying she didnt like her, mother says i dont know if she will bring blessings or curse in this house, Saket is behind her and cant do anything, Devika’s grandmother is very greedy women but i cant say anything, Anuja thinks i know one greedy girl too, i have to whom is marrying her granddaughter.

Scene 3
Devika thinks in office that Ravi scolded me so much infront of all in office, what he think i am. she drinks water and puts her phone on table, another guy put his phone there, Devika picks his phone and leaves, he picks her phone and leaves, phone is exchanged, Saket calls Devika, guys picks it, Saket ask who is he? guy says its my phone, why did you call, dont disturb me, he ends call, sAket thinks it was devika’s number then who was he.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika’s head bangs with each other. Ravi says to Devika i will win this competition, Devika says dont be over confident, you got this job as i backed out but not this, lord has given me another chance and i will win this time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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