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Scene 1
Ravi says I will change. Devika says I will change.. He says no you wont. Devika says stand here. She takes off his coat and waist coat.. Devika unbuttons his shirt and says oh my God. See here. Let me count. She says counts his abs. She counts till 35.. She says I am so lucky. Ravi says are you out of your mind. He says sit here.. Devika says why are you shy from me. He says let me wear other shirt. Devika comes close and hugs him behind. Ravi says this is all wrong. When you will conscious tomorrow you will know what you did and blame. Devika says why you shove me? Don’t you love me? I know why.. I know the end of this marriage. Your nivi she told me everything. Ravi says what did she tell you? She says that your first wife devika you murdered her. Ravi says are you out of my mind.

I love devika all my life. I am with you because your face looks like hers. How can I kill her.I couldn’t ever see her in pain. He turns back, devika has passed out of the bed. He says are you okay? Devika pulls in bed and says you were looking cute in anger. I am sorry. She hugs him. Vicky knocks the door and says ravi open the door. Vicky says milk for you. Ravi says I had it. He says you need is for strength. Ravi says okay okay. Vickey says ma asked me to place it inside. He says no thanks. Shweta comes and asks what are you doing here? He says ma asked me to give them milk. I want them to have a strong bond. She says like our relation? He says yes.

Nivi us outside the room. She says I want to see whats going on inside. I should try hearing. Manju comes and asks what are you doing here? Nivi says this is my house I can do whatever I want. Manju says this is ambika’s house now. Let them be alone, go to your room.
Devika turns on the music. She starts dancing. She plays the song ‘I love you’ and dances with ravi. Devika pulls ravi in bed. Nivi is mad outside. She says its all my mistake. I shouldn’t have listened to saket and mixed the drink again. Manju comes again. Suddenly ravi opens the door. He says wht are you people doing here? Devika says what are you doing here? Devika says I told you we should have closed the door. This isn’t a garden where you can walk wherever you want. We were doing so much romance. You are a third wheel. This is not a good thing we are husband and wife. Go from here don’t look at ravi only I can look at him. She shoves Nivi. She says see how strong I am. Devika says mummy ji you go as well. Manju says I was going. You are one because of me. Devika says I didn’t mean that.
Devika says to ravi I have to go somewhere. She locks him in the room. Devika says where did she go? Why is a lioness today. What will I do..
Devika comes to Nivi’s room and says come out where are you? Oh you are here. Hi whats up? See I am married. Aren’t you happy? You look sad. I feel bad for you. I want to give you an example. You look like a big balloon. and like it blasts your dream did as well. You are a loser. but you are still my friend. Nivi says stop it. Devika says I will tell you everything. You know this whole world is round. What you did with devika.. you killed her to get ravi.. that happened to you. I got ravi. Today it had to be your wedding night. but its mine. If you do bad with someone God punishes them as well. You never understood. See what is happening with you. Your fate is beating you hard. I and Ravi are married. Nivi says I have to go. Devika says stand here.. You can’t go until I am done. Your best friend saket kapoor is useless. He makes fail plans. Go to him and cry about what happened with you. You should go with him forever. I have an idea for you.
You will never get Ravi. And that saket can never have me because he is so bad. You both should get married. Nivi says you are getting on my nerves. DEvika says you will cry alone all your life. I won’t not be able to come again and again because I will be busy.
Manju comes and says devika come with me. Devika says look at this nivi her face. She can’t do anything at all.

Precap-Devika says to ravi you never felt anything for me? He says I loved you every day. DEvika says then why you betrayed me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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