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Scene 1
Ravi is making food in kitchen, shweta ask what he is doing? Ravi says you women will keep fast for us so i thought to make sargi for Devika, he leaves from there, Shweta says he is tying everything to impress DEvika, i have to do something to strain their relation, she mixes chili powder in Devika’s food, she says Devika will break her fast after eating it.
Rekha is serving Sakshi sargi, she ask Sakshi to eat it, Rekha says i dont know if Devika has eaten anything or not, she calls DEvika and ask if she has eaten anything? Devika says i am going to make it then i will eat it, Rekha says time is not left much, go and prepare food fast, Ravi comes there with food, Devika tells Rekha that Ravi has made food for her, Rekha says you are lucky, your chahca naver made food for me, Rekha

says to Devika that if something is less in food then dont tell it to Ravi, she ends call, Ravi ask Devika to eat, Devika says why did you make it? Ravi says you will keep fast for me whole day so i can do atleast this much for you, Devika is impressed and keep looking at him, she eats it and screams, she says its too spicy, now i know why you made this, you wanted me to eat spicy food so that i will drink water later and will break my fast but i am not going to do that, i will eat this speicy food only, she eats whole food with difficulty, Ravi recalls how Shweta was in kitchen.
Ravi comes to Shweta and says why did you do this? you mixed spice in Devika’s food, i and your brother Saket have animosity but i never brought you in all this, i have always respected but you have done cheap act, your real face has come out, you know how fast is important for women still you wanted Devika to break her fast, Shweta says what are you saying? Ravi says your brother has tried to separate me from Devika and i have warned him, i am warning you too, Shweta says i havent done anything, Ravi says if this is truth only, she took her food and mixed spice in Devika’s food, he ask Shweta to eat Devika’s food and prove herself, Shweta says i dont wanna eat, Ravi says you are caught now, he leaves, Vikas scolds her and says Maa was right about you.

Scene 2
Navi comes to Rekha’s house, she says i have kept fast for my lost love Richard so that i will get him back, Rekha says dont worry you will get your love, Navi says i wanna know all rituals of Karwachauth, Manju is not here else i would have asked her, i know your family only so i thought to ask you, i have come here to invite you all, Savitri ask for what? Navi says i have arranged function at my home to break this fast, we all will do pooja together, i have attended all functions of your house so now i want you people to come to my house, Rekha says dont worry, we will come there with Ravi and Devika, it will be fun when we all will be together, Navi thanks her.
Devika is tired and sleeps on sofa, Ravi comes there and sit beside her, he brings small fan so that she can sleep peacefully, he holds fan near her face, DEvika wakes up and takes fan from him, she ask what are you doing? you are giving me sin, she says sorry to Ambe maa.
Shekhar says to Rekha that i dont understand why navi is taking so much interest in our family? this is not good, Rekha says you are thinking much she maybe modern but is indian and wants to learn indian rituals, even foreigners come here to learn it, she is nice girl, Shekhar says you are right.
Devika is saying to Ambe Maa, Ravi ask what have you done? Devika says this is al happening because of you, its ritual that we dont bother husbands on Karwachauth, husbands dont do much work, Ravi says if you can keep fast for me then cant i do this much for you? Devika says you are always busy in flirting that you dont know anything about rituals, Ravi says this means that you accept me as husband and keeping fast for me, DEvika says no i am helpless to do it, i cant do it with heart nor can i leave it, Ravi says do anything but with your heart or dont do it, Devika says you dont know that we cant feel for anyone forcefully, feelings are developed on their own and once you start feeling for anyone then you cant leave them but you understand this that i cane ever feel anything for you.

PRECAP- DEvika sys to Ravi that she has kept fast for her Chachi Rekha not for him, Ravi gets angry and says if you can do everything without me then do it, when at night, you will have to break fast then dont wait for me, ask your Ambe maa or Rekha to break your fast, he leaves in anger.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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