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Scene 1
Navi cries and says i cant handle this, i hate it that Ravi is with Devika, Saket says we cant do anything, Navi says no i wont sit quiet, she says i need your goons, i will kidnap Devika and will separate her from Ravi, i will get Ravi at any cost, i will take Devika away from Ravi forever.
Monty comes to Shweta and says someone told me that you were also at spot where fire broke out, Shweta says i wasnt there, Monty says either you tell me truth that who put fire there else everyone has doubt on you as everyone knows that you dont like Devika, Shweta thinks that if i dont take Navi’s name then i will be caught, Monty thinks Sakshi’s mind works really well, she gave great idea to blame Shweta and she will tell truth, she is tensed now.
Navi asks Saket to be with her

in this plan, Saket says you have gone mad, i wont be part of it, Navi says i can do this alone too but this is golden chance for you, you are loser, Saket says dont call me loser, i want to take revenge too, i am ready to do it, Navi says to Saket that hire anyone but you have to separate Devika from Ravi, Saket says first you have to set your plan, Navi says i just want Ravi at any cost, Saket says i want Devika.
shweta says i saw some women there, Monty asks Shweta to tell who was there? Shweta says i didnt see her face, Monty says if you dont tell truth then all will think you did it, Shweta says dont warn me, even i can say that you had put fire there, she leaves, Monty thinks that i have more doubt on her now.
Sakshi comes to Devika who is smiling, Sakshi says you dont seem tensed about fire, Devika says how can i think about it when i have Ravi? he is taking care of so much, he didnt sleep whole night, see he brought flowers for me, he had put ointment on my wound, he made soup for me, Sakshi says i know he loves you alot but did you confess your feelings to him? Devika says i was about to say to him but that fire incident took place and in morning, i was about to tell him but he got Navi’s call so he left for work, Sakshi says i dont know why this Navi comes inbetween always, she is boss but wanna boss around Ravi every minute, she will not get married ever, Devika says dont talk about her, you know Ravi got Navi’s call but he brought my clothes first then he went, Sakshi says when you will tell him about you love? Devika says today at 4pm, we became friends today year back so i will tell him today.
Ravi is in office, he thinks that DEvika’s behavior is changed from two three days, i have hopes from her now, she seems like she wants to say something, today is our friendship anniversary and maybe she will say something that will make my life more beautiful, i feel she has feelings for me too.
Devika says to Sakshi that today our friendship will change to love, Sakshi says you have become romantic today, your friendship day will become your love day, Devika says this day will become best day for us, i am waiting for 4p.
In office, Ravi thinks that i am dying to listen three magical words from devika, he looks at his laptop’s wallpaper which has his and Devika’s picture on it.
Ravi is briefing Navi about project, she stands closer to him, and says its very nice. Navi touches his hand, he says i am sorry and takes back her hand, Navi says its okay. Navi thinks that once my plan becomes successful then Devika will go away from Ravi’s life and Ravi will become mine and i wont allow him to go away from me. Saket calls Navi, Ravi says i will bring your phone, Navi thinks what if Saket is calling me? what if Ravi sees it? she stops Ravi and takes her phone, she sees Saket calling and excuse her. She takes her call and says you always call at wrong time, what if he had seen it? Saket says stop it, i am doing your work and you are scolding me? Saket says i have arranged goons and also place where Devika will be put after abduction, now its your work, Navi says i will do my work, he ends call, goons leave from there.

Scene 2
Sakshi is thinking something, Devika says i have no idea, i havent this before, did you think something? Sakshi says no, Devika asks Amebmaa to help her, Sakshi says Ambe maa will not do anything, you have to do it, i have an idea, you take Ravi on date, go in restaurant, plan candle light there, and when Ravi arrives there, tell him your heart thing, it will be easy for you, Devika says idea is good but its costly, Sakshi says i have idea for that too, she brings Monty’s debit card and says i took it from his pant, use it, Devika says you took it without telling him? Sakshi says you could have taken from Ravi so Monty is my husband too, i have right over him so i can use it, Devika says but its not right, Devika says i will give you money and promise me to return it to Monty, Sakshi says dont worry, i will sms you pin number too, just go there, Devika says to Sakshi that i dont know when Ravi is infront of me, i get tensed, i am not able to confess it to him, Sakshi says why are you afraid? Devika says i cant give him greeting card too, i wont have to say it to him too, Sakshi says its great, buy greeting card and give him in restaurant, Sakshi says i will come with you, Devika says its between me and Ravi, i am already conscious and its personal talk, Sakshi teases her and says be careful and safe, Devika thanks her, Sakshi hugs her and says i am so happy for you, wish you luck for your date, she asks Devika to wear some good saree, Devika selects saree and goes to change. Sakshi says to Ambe maa that i never asked anything from you but today i want you to set my sister’s life.
Ravi says to Navi that i have done work on reports, Navi thinks how to find where is Devika? Navi asks Ravi about Devika, Ravi says when i left home in morning, she was at home, then i didnt talk to her so i dont know where is she, Navi says such big incident happened with her, you should have called her and asked her about her health, what kind of husband are you? Ravi says but.. Navi says you wind up work and go home, take her out somewhere, Ravi says what about report? Navi says i know but Devika needs you right now, take rest day off and go with her out, Ravi says so you are giving me half day? she nods, Ravi thinks this is great, i can meet her at 4pm and we can celebrate anniversary together, Navi asks Ravi to call Devika and ask where is she. Ravi thanks her and calls Devika. Devika sees Ravi calling and says its good, i will tell him to meet me at 4pm, she takes call, Ravi asks where are you? are you out? Devika says yes, i am going to market, i needed things, Ravi says so you are in sadar market? i will meet you in restaurant at 4pm, Devika says okay i will reach there, he ends call, Devika thinks Sakshi was right, this is best day to confess my feelings, it feels like God has blessed, its like whole universe wants me to say to Ravi that i love you.

PRECAP- Devika comes in gift shop and buys greeting card otherside Ravi buys gold earrings for Devika. Navi meets goon and shows him Devika’s picture, she says you have kidnap her and finish her, Goon asks where will i find her? she says in gift shop adjacent you, goon says work will be done.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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