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Scene 1
Saket and Nicie sees Vikas sleeping, Saket is drunk and starts strangling but Nivi stops him. Nivi and Saket comes in Raghav’s room. Saket comes to sleeping Raghav and starts blabbering things, he says you are not waking up. Nivi says we have to do everything fast, what is the plan? Saket says lets dance, thats the plan, dont question, we will take him from this room, Nivi says i am not going to pick him, he is heavy, Saket says you are selfish, you are in this problem too, we will drag him, Nivi says i will try. Saket and Nivi tries to drag Raghav but cant move him an inch, Nivi says he is so heavy, i cant pick him, Saket says oh so delicate, you are useless, i will pick him up alone, Saket tries to pick Raghav but lies on bed, he says you are right, he is too heavy, i cant pick him

up. Nivi says let me think. She sees cupboard and says i got an idea, we will cover him in blanket then it will be easy to pick him up. Nivi brings blanket from cupboard, they cover Raghav in blanket, Nivi mistakenly hits vase, Saket says have you gone mad? what if someone wakes up? Nivi says sorry.
Devika is sleeping on bed, Ravi on floor near her. Devika squirms in sleep and wakes up, she sees no water in jug and gets up, she sees Ravi lying there on floor, Ravi puts arm on Devika’s foot, She tries to move his arm, she moves him and starts leaving but stops, she puts Ravi in blanket, humdard song plays, Devika thinks that i wish i could tell you that i get pained seeing you hurt, i love you a lot but i cant say it, but you know what? if you remain with me like this then i wont be able to stop myself, i would tell you how much i love you, even maa said that we can live happily, you have to prove truthness of your words in coming days, she plants kiss on his cheek while he is sleeping and leaves.
Devika is going to kitchen and says i should check on Vikas, he might have not eaten anything too. Devika comes to Vikas and sees him sleeping outside Raghav’s room, Devika tries to open Raghav’s room but door is locked. Inside Nivi and Saket are picking up Raghav. Devika knocks door and asks who is inside? open door, Nivi and Saket get tensed, Saket says we are hopeless, i am surrendering, Nivi says if you open door then we will go to jail, you wont be able to marry Ambika then, Saket stops. Devika asks to open door. Saket says my Ambika has come, Nivi says you cant open door. Saket is drunk, Nivi is worried and puts water on his face, she says can you see me now? he says yes, Nivi says this Raghav came because of you, got unconscious because of you so you better think now. Devika thinks that who is inside room? she knocks again and thinks that someone is inside, he might be one who gave contract to Raghav to kill Ravi, he might have come to finish Raghav or close his mouth. Devika knocks again. She calls Jyoti and says i am going, keep an eye that no one comes out, she locks door from outside.

Scene 2
Devika comes to Ravi and says wake up, i went to Raghav’s room but door is locked from inside, who is in room? Ravi goes with her.
Saket tries to open door but its locked, Nivi panics, Saket says let me think. Ravi and Devika comes outside room. Ravi asks Vikas to wake up but he doesnt. Ravi says Ambika door is locked from outside, Devika says i locked from outside so no one can come out, see door is locked from inside too, Ravi knocks and asks who is inside? open door or else i will break it. Nivi says to Saket that put Raghav on bed again and then we will hide. Nivi and Saket puts Raghav on bed. Saket says now what? Saket opens lock of door. Devika asks Ravi to break door. Ravi pushes door but it gets opened, Ravi says door was locked till now? They see Raghav on bed, Devika says everything seems normal here, Ravi says door might have stucked, Devika checks Raghav, they go to Cikas and tries to wake him up, Devika says he might be unconscious. Ravi sprinkles water on Vikas’s face, Vikas wakes up, and says i was awake, i dont know how i slept suddenly.

PRECAP- Ravi and Devika are sitting in Raghav’s room, Devika dozes off to sleep. Nivi says to Saket that Vikas will tell that i gave him water which made him faint.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shut the serial please or make it interesting.

  2. So boring

  3. Its dragging slowly…com on writers..let da bad guys b caught n stop gng round bn round its bcoming boring

  4. Still no way nearer the truth what bull shop

  5. Soooo dragging! Any normal person would know who doesn’t want to see them together!!

  6. Lol ? couldn’t stop laughing seeing sakets acting

  7. Sakes is a class actor, he’s really good, quite quirky

  8. Lol Saket acted like a total idiot. Anyways he is an idiot. Nivi and Saket will be caught in upcoming episodes. I have gut feeling of this. What Nivi said in Precap was right. Vikas, Ravi and Devika should think about that point else they really will mess things up. They should make Nivi and Saket’s exposure dramatic and somehow involve Sakshi in the plan. Nice episode. Let’s see what happens. Yes, please make it more interesting…

  9. Show ka mazaa tab ata when they are intense…when the audience doesn’t know what else to expect!
    Need some more drama!

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