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Scene 1
Devika is alone in room, she smiles and recalls how Ravi hugged after coming back from jail, she puts hand on heart and says what feelings i have for Ravi? what i am feeling for him? when is is not around, i feel everything is incomplete, yesterday night i was feeling that Ravi comes to me, when he around me, i forget his cheating and anger for him, i just remember our good moments and love in his eyes, there is some force that pushes me towards him, she recalls how Ravi said that she doesnt know her feelings for him but he knows it, she says what feelings i have for him that he knows but i dont realize it? Kabhi na sukoon aya plays, she says how can i do same mistake again? i am in love with Ravi?
Ravi says to himself that so much happened, we have different thoughts but i am happy

that Devika loves me still, i will sleep peacefully today, i should bring her in room, we will sit together like husband and wife and specially when there are in love, he comes in lounge to find Saket sneaking in, he comes to Saket, he ask Saket what he is doing here? if he took job of security guard for his house? or is he came to see if everything is fine between him and Devika? Saket says i just came to see if you are fine as DEvika must have done your aarti with sandal after you cameback from jail, Ravi says sorry to disappoint you, you didnt win, how will you confirm what happened between us? you know Devika freed me from jail, she didnt take your help, her heart beats for me and when people are in love, they live for each other, you tried everything to separate us but still we are together and more closer, she hugged me tightly today, i am happy to get my love, she wont let you live peacefully as soon your real face will come out, look out for ways to runaway, i will stand infront of you, Saket says i have found way, once i get married, i will give so much pain to Sakshi that she will die, Ravi holds his collar, Saket is about to punch him but sees Devika coming there and says to Ravi that you dont understand if i dont get married to Sakshi then it will be difficult for her, Ravi is about to punch him but Devika stops him, she ask Saket why he is here? Saket says i came to ask if everything is fine? Devika yes, i want this marriage to happen soon, Saket says i will leave, he leaves, Ravi ask Devika why did she talk with Saket? Devika says why you get angry on Saket everytime, he is going to son in law of my family, Ravi says he will but he isnt now, Ravi leaves, DEvika sys Saket came to talk about this at night?
Navi is in meeting, she lost and thinks that i lost chance, how to attract Ravi towards me, dont know how Devika must be treating Ravi? Saket told me that he will go there and check, she thinks to call him, she says to her employees that i have important work, you may leave, all leave, Navi calls Saket, Saket says i have to bear her too, he takes call and ask if she is fine? Navi ask what happened at Ravi’s house? Saket says when i went there, Devika was scolding Ravi, you must be feeling good? Navi ends call and thinks that Ravi wont be able to bear this insult of Devika for much time, i have to do something that Ravi becomes mine, i will answer Devika soon.
Ravi says to Vikas and Addy that i found Monty in market but he ranaway seeing me, he ask Addy to go with Vikas and find Monty, Vikas says we will take his photo and try to find him, Addy ask why did Saket put him in jail? Ravi says i got to know about his truth, Saket framed Monty and Sakshi in drugs case, i listened waiter and Saket’s conversation, Vikas finds Saket there and says to Ravi that Saket is very nice person, he is doing good fro everyone, he is my saala, you cant say ill about him, Ravi turns to find Saket there, Saket says to Ravi which waiter you are talking about? Addy ask Saket how is he? Saket stops him, Ravi says when brothers are talking, outsider should not disturb, Saket ask which waiter you are talking about? Ravi says with whom’s help you destroyed Monty and Sakshi, Saket says i dont know any waiter, Ravi says but i know him and thats enough, Vikas thinks that Ravi did mistake by telling this to Saket before time.
Navi thinks that Ravi is in pain but he doesnt share it with me, if he comes to me then i will take off his pain, Saket’s waiter comes there and pleads Navi to give him job, Navi’s manager tries to take out that man but waiter says Ravi sent me here, Navi ask manager to leave, waiter says Ravi said that you are a fairy, you are very nice hearted girl, you are great boss, Navi ask if Ravi said that? he says yes, Navi says i thought Ravi doesnt think about me, she says to waiter that i am giving you job, tell Ravi that i have given you job, he thanks her and leaves, she says Ravi will become mine, now i have to handle Devika.
Ravi thinks that i did mistake by telling Saket about waiter, Saket can take life of that waiter, i have to change topic, Ravi says to Saket that you are lucky that waiter has left city, Saket says you will have to bear consequences for against me, he leaves, Addy says thank God you changed topic last minute, Ravi says no Saket has doubt now, he if he gets that waiter then Saket can kill him too, we have to protect waiter, Saket comes out of house and thinks Ravi knows something about waiter, but where will i find that waiter? i should ask Navi about it, she is in hotel industry.
Devika is kneading flour, Manju scolds her for not kneading properly, Ravi comes and ask what happened? Manju says i just asked to knead it properly, i have to cook puries, she is very delicate, Ravi says i will teach her, Manju says go ahead, she leaves, Ravi comes to Devika and back hugs her, he whispers to her that that if you have to knead flour for puries then add oil in it, he holds her hand and knead flour with her, Teri galiyan plays, Ravi touches his face with her face and says kneading flour is an art too, you have to force to knead flour, like you have force in love that pulls people towards each other, that force shouldnt go away, Devika looks on, Sadq tere plays.

PRECAP- Ravi tells Navi that the waiter which he sent to her was Saket’s worker, Saket hired him to mix drugs in Monty and Sakshi’s drinks that night, Saket is big jerk, he has framed Sakshi and Monty, Navi moves her hand over Ravi’s arms while he is talking. Later Navi tells Saket that she doesnt know about any waiter, Saket ask if she hiding something? Navi says dont act smart else i will send you to such place that you wont be able to find yourself even.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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