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Scene 1
DEvika comes to her room and cries, she says i will not stay here. Police comes in hotel and checks store room, they find packet of money in store room, police says to Ravi that you supply girls, you are criminal, Ravi says i didnt do anything, that girl works here, housekeeper says no we dont have any girl in staff, Ravi is shocked, Police takes Ravi from there, Saket smirks and thinks i will be with DEvika soon.
Ravi stops police and says i am not criminal, Police says we found fake money with you, you supply girls, Ravi says someone is trapping me, i am on honeymoon with my wife, let me meet her, policeman says you will meet her in police station, they take him.
Pallavi and Sakshi comes in market to buy veggies, Monty is there too waiting for them, Sakshi says to Pallavi that

you like to wate time on buying veggies, or you come here to meet boyfriend? Pallavi says i dont mind making boyfriend but he should understand me, Sakshi says right, he should bargain with you for some veggies, Pallavi says he should help me in mjy stuff, Monty thinks she is like me, Monty comes them and buys veggies, he bargains, Sakshi says you do it? i thought you are chill, Monty says we earn money so we should value it, Pallavi says he is right.
Devika is leaving hotel, housekeeper tries to stop her and tells her about Ravi but she leaves.
Ravi is brought to police station, one policeman says that we found fake money with him on which we had put stamp, she supply girls and take money thats why that money was with him, Ravi says no i am here with my wife, i am from Ambala, i work in Luthra company, other inspector says that we will give you a chance, if you prove that you were not with girl then we will leave you, till then stay here, Ravi thinks what to do, what Devika must be thinking about me, Saket gets call from inspector, he tell that senior officer came here and gave chance to Ravi that if he brings that girl with him and prove that he was not with her then they will leave him, Saket says dont worry she will not come to Ravi.

Scene 2
Ravi calls Devika, she takes it and says you are cheap, how can you call me after all that, Ravi says please listen to me, she says why should i listen to you, i have not seen a cheap guy like you, she ends call, Ravi tries to call her but she switch off her mobile, Ravi thinks what will i do now.
Saket comes out of hotel and thinks how can she leave, he calls her but its switched off, he says where i will find her now, she ask housekeeper where is the wife whose husband was arrested by police? she says she went to bus-stand in taxi, Saket leaves.
DEvika comes to bus-stand, she goes out to get info about bus, a guy comes in her taxi and steals her luggage, he runs from there, DEvika sees him running with her luggage, she shouts thief thief, a guy runs behind thief.
Ravi thinks should i call Monty but then thinks that they will get tensed for me, inspector comes there and ask Ravi did you find anyone who can prove your innocence? Ravi says i am trying, other inspector says he is lying, if her had wife then she would have come to save him, Ravi says she is miffed with me so she didnt come here, inspector says she should have come as its wife duty, you are lying, he put him in jail.
Guy comes to Devika and says thief took your bag, you should complain in police station, DEvika goes with him. Ravi is in jail, he says my timing is bad, i should have not gone out of room, DEvika saw me with girl, now my image is more worst in her eyes, Devika comes in police station, she says to policeman that my luggage has be stolen, policeman ask stupid questions from her that how you came here? where were you going? Devika get angry and says why you are asking all this, write my complaint, he writes her complaint and ask about her husband’s name, she says Ravi Garewal, policeman is shocked and calls SAket, DEvika says to policeman that i cant wait anymore, call senior inspector, you are not doing anythingm, Ravi tries to look at her but inspector comes inbetween, inspector says we are trying, just be calm, Ravi drops water glass, Devika to see it, she finds Ravi in jail, Ravi says to DEvika that listen to me, senior inspector comes and ask DEvika do you know him? she says yes, why he is in jail? inspector says he supply girls, he was lying that he was here with wife when we asked him to call his wife then he couldnt, DEvika recalls how he tried to talk to her but she ended her call, DEvika thinks he is cheap but not that much, how this allegation was put on him? he is on honeymoon and he is not ashamed of spending night with girl, he couldnt respect our relation, she says to inspector that he is my husband Ravi Garewal, he was with me whole night, you are saying he was with girl but it was me, inspector says we found money in store room, DEvika says so this means that it belongs to him? we have come here for first time but it was bad experience, my husband is innocent, inspector says sorry and frees Ravi, Ravi says i love you to DEvika in heart, DEvika thinks what happened to me? why i lied for him so much, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays.

PRECAP- DEvika is standing alone on road, Saket comes there and stops car, she says you here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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