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Scene 1
Sakshi says how can you arrange prayers meet? we have not even got her deadbody, my heart says that she is alive then how can we pray for her soul? Ravi says i agree with her, this is wrong, Nivi says i told everything to Devika, i told him how Devika fell from cliff, he said that you people are selfish, you are not praying for her soul’s peace, what if she has died and we dont pray for her? Ravi says i trust that she is alive, Rekha says she is right, we love Devika alot but we cant be selfish, her soul will not get peace because of us, we will go to prayers meet, Ravi says okay i will go as you are saying but i dont believe that she is not alive, i am doing this for you, i will go, Nivi thinks that thank God he said yes for it, i needed this chance, now see what i will do.

come to Nivi’s house for prayers meet. Nivi calls her goon and says there is no one at Garewal house, what i have said to you, do that, put whole house on fire, every cloth, every picture of Devika in Ravi’s room should be burnt, nothing should be left, she ends call and thinks that i dont want to leave anything which will make Ravi remember Devika.
Janki says to Devika that they one who bears injustice is more responsible, you have to do this fight and your truth is your weapon, see your women power, those who destroyed you can live easily, find answers to your question then we will attack them, you will have powers of Kali maa, we will win this war as mother and daughter, Devika thinks and says you are right, your every word is right, i will live and will fight for my justice, Ambe Maa has given life to me for this, i will not leave person who did wrong with me, now revenge will be mission of my life.
Devika’s prayers meet starts, all looks at Devika’s picture and garland on it, nivi smirks at Saket, Manju gives sly smile too.
Goon comes to Ravi’s room and breaks every picture of Ravi and Devika, he throws away Devika’s clothes and pours kerosene in whole room then in whole house.
Ravi thinks that i have only memories of Devika in my heart, in my room, i will protect them and will live for them, i will have hope that my love will bring you back to me.
Goons puts Garewal house on fire. Saket looks at Devika’s picture and thinks that i loved her most, i never wanted to do this but you forced me, forgive me for that, we will meet in next birth. Nivi gets message from goon that work is done, Nivi thinks that soon Ravi will forget Devika, i have removed all memories of Devika., its time for Ravi to make memories with me.
People gather outside Garewal house seeing it on fire.

Scene 2
After 9months. Rekha is praying to Ambe Maa, kid comes to her, she has come for religious event Mata Ki Chowki. Rekha makes her get ready like Devi, kid says why all are calling me Kanjak? Rekha says today you are like Mata Rani thats why you are dressed like her, she recalls how in childhood, Devika used to get dressed like Kanjak, she says to kid that you are looking like Devika, i used to make her ready like Mata Rani, she would look so beautiful, her name is Devika but i call her laado as she was my heart’s piece, she used to like dressed like you, she liked colorful dupattas, you ae looking like Devika, Kid asks who is Devika? Rekha says she is my daughter, Kid says i saw Pallavi and Sakshi only, Rekha says i didnt give her birth but she was most favorite daughter of mine, kid says let me meet her room, where is she? Rekha says she.. Pallavi calls Rekha, Rekha comes to Pallavi, Pallavi says i have important appointment, do ritual fast, Rekha says okay, kid asks Pallavi where is Devika di? all kids come there, Pallavi send them outside, Pallavi says to Rekha that why she was asking about Devika? Rekha says i told her that Devika is sent from Devi, Pallavi says its been 9months that she is gone but you talk like that she is still here, Rekha says i know she is alive, i trust my Ambe Maa, i know she cant die like this, lets do pooja.
Rekha serves food to kids, Pallavi helps her and thinks that its been 9months but she still thinks that Devika is alive, she still have hope, Ravi have composed himself, Devika’s in-laws dont care about anything, it feels like they dont remember her, they are rich and have big house now.
Manju, Shweta and Parmindar are dressed like rich aunties, Manju has puppy too. she talks with women. Shweta says to Parmindar that this women took our money but still calling Manju. Manju says to women that we lose 1lac or 2 in casione but that doesnt bother me, i have so much money so its not a problem, i have never ending money, she ends call. Manju says to Shweta and Parmindar that i have brought you to big house and car so be happy, Shweta says all is of Nivi’s. Parmindar says we lost 1lac today but we enjoyed, Shweta says if Nivi knows it then she will be angry, Manju says she will not be angry as i have done a work, she calls servant Jyoti, Jyoti asks what i have to do? Manju asks did you bring cards? Jyoti says yes, Shweta asks her to bring it, Shweta asks which cards? Parmindar says its Ravi and Nivi’s engagement’s card. vikas comes and asks Shweta where she was? she says i am tired, Vikas says you are saying as if you were running, you went to casino? Manju says its our enjoyment, even you like to sit at home and do nothing, he leaves. Jyoti brings card, Nivi comes there, Manju says i have ordered card for you, Jyoti says actually Devika.. Nivi says dont take this name, she slaps Jyoti.

PRECAP- Ravi shows card to Rekha and says this is my and Nivi’s engagement card, i want you all to come and bless me, Rekha is shocked, she slaps Ravi.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    How can ravi forget devika in 9 months and ready to marry a murder..????
    Now I think its good that devika misunderstand him and teach all good lesson which will take them behind bars forever….

  2. Ravi you’re so disgusting. You’re gonna marry Nivi? Shame on you. It’s good Deevika went away from you pfffffff

  3. I don’t like this ravi that he forget his love so soon but that time( time of devika’s death)ho told in his heart he had no place for another girl,but he wanted to marry that blo*dy nivi.i think he is also behind devika ‘s death .i dont want him to unite with devika again .he will also get punishment.i dont like the promo.Atleast in yeh hai mohabattein Raman character is so good that did’nt marry anyone after 7 years. I like raman . But this is too much

  4. I guess its emotional blackmail by nivi to marry her as she must have given house and all…

  5. I think ravi has gone mad lk seriously noone cn firget their true lov in lif tim but ravi whts wrng with him i also think ambika should put ravi behind the prison as well as nivi knw i hv start hating him

  6. Shubham Kumar

    Such a blo*dy guy ravi is….he had forget devika ..???…

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