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Scene 1
Pundit asks Ravi to make Nivi wear garland, Ravi stares Devika and makes her wear it. Devika recalls how they had done it earlier but she smiles. Shweta and Manju are tensed. Devika hugs Nivi. Saket hugs Ravi. Ravi and Nivi sit down on couch. Nivi smiles at Ravi. Ravi glares Devika and looks away. Nivi feels pain in stomach, she feels itchy, Nivi calls Ambika and says i have pain in stomach, its increasing, i have to go, Devika says i will take you, Shweta smirks. Ravi thinks what happened to her? why did she leave.
Shweta brings Manju to corner and asks why she is tensed? Manju says my work is not happening and you are partying, Shweta says i did your work, i changed her medicines so that she has pain in stomach, Manju says have you gone mad? Shweta says she will keep sitting in

washroom now, Manju says she will take time and will comeback, Shweta says atleat i took revenge, Manju says we have to stop wedding, Shweta says you think then, Manju says yes i have to, they leave. Janki has listened all of it, she says i have to tell Ambika.
Saket says to Devika that you are pretty, i keep looking at you, devika says you never leave chance to flirt with me. Janki comes and says i have to tell you something funny, Saket says tell me too, Janki says its women joke, She takes Devika to corner. Janki says to Devika that Shweta changed Nivi’s medicines and gave her digestion upset medicine. DEvika laughs and says Nivi must be having difficult time, i will see her. She leaves. Janki thinks that dont know what plan Manju and Shweta have, they are not doing anything, i should see what they are doing.
Devika comes to Nivi and asks if she still have pain? Nivi says i didnt eat anything, dont know my stomach is upset, Nivi runs to washroom again. Devika laughs and says she is seriously in bad state. Nivi comes back and says i cant do wedding, Devika says i am worried for you, all rituals have to happen, someone has to do this wedding.. i mean you have to do it, nobody can take your place, i can call doctor. Nivi says it will take time, till then how will bear this pain? Manju comes there and says drink this coffee, your pain will go away. Nivi takes coffee and drinks it. Manju asks Devika to drink lemonade, she says i dont need it, Manju says please drink it, Devika says if you are insisting, she takes glass. Nivi says someone must have changed my medicine, i am conscious about my diet so someone changed my medicine, Manju says you didnt eat anything thats why you are feeling like this. Devika says yes, you are taking tension. Manju asks nivi to drink coffee, she drinks. She asks Devika to drink lemonade, Devika is about to but Janki s hiding behind pillar and hints Devika to not drink. Devika moves around and pours lemonade in vase, she comes to Manju, Manju says you drank? she says yes, Manju thinks that they drank, Nivi had high doze of intoxication, she will faint and Devika had low doze, she will be dizzy and will be ready for wedding. Manju says i will go now, she leaves.

Scene 2
Shweta asks Manju if they drank drinks? Manju says i do what i want to, my mind works fine, soon they will be our puppets, once think wedding happens then we will be millionaire. Saket comes and asks how you will become millionaire? Manju says i am thinking to buy lottery tickets, i have work, she leaves. Saket stops Shweta and says your husband is going to lose challenge, Ambika accepted my gift, now say, Shweta says Ambika is going to slip from your hands, be ready to get shock, she leaves. Saket thinks why i will get shock? who will take ambika away from me? Ravi is getting married then who will take her away? i have to know.
Janki brings Devika to corner. Janki says to Devika that Manju was telling Shweta that she mixed intoxicating powder in Nivi and your juice, she will have heavy doze and you will have light doze so you will be in their control and they can get you as bride, Devika says this is good, its going as per we want, now Shweta and Manju will try to make me marry Ravi. Janki says act like dizzy, we have to show them you are getting affected by juice, Devika says dont worry, they will believe that i am in their control, my destination is infront of me, i will get it.
Rekha and Pallavi comes to wedding. Ravi thinks that i didnt invite them, i knew they will be sad to see me marry Nivi, who called them here? He meets them, Pallavi says i am happy to see you moving ahead in life, you didnt invite us but Nivi invited us, Rekha was not coming but i dragged her, Ravi says i am sorry, i know i have pained you, Pallavi says i have told her that you cant do any mistake, Rekha says she is right, i am no one to decide what is right or wrong, i have come to fulfill my duties, i have called you my own so i have to be in your happiness, i have come to bless you only, she says to Pallavi lets go, they go. Ravi thinks that Nivi shouldnt have called them here, i told her not to but she doesnt listen, i have to talk to Nivi now.
Nivi says to Devika that my head is spinning like i am drunk, Devika says you are feeling dizzy? i am feeling dizzy too, after drinking lemonade, i am feeling like this, Nivi says yes me after coffee too. Nivi faints. Devika says i have to act like faint too. She calls Janki and says Nivi has fainted, Janki says good, Manju is taking everything on her, i am sure she will not move back, be alert now, i will keep eye on Saket, he will be stunned to not see you in mandap. Devika says i just hope everything happens nicely. Devika sees Ravi coming there, and gets shocked. She says Ravi is coming there, Janki says be alert, she ends call. Devika locks Nivi’s room and sees Nivi unconscious, she says what to do.
Rekha meets Janki, she asks Ambika didnt come? Janki says she was here, she must be with Nivi now. Rekha says i thought Ambika will not come in Ravi and Nivi’s wedding. Janki thinks that she is saying this because she thinks that Ambika is Devika, i have to change her mind.
Ravi knocks on door and says open door, he says i have to talk to you. Devika says Nivi cant meet you rightnow, Ravi says i need to talk, DEvika says bride and groom cant meet like this, Ravi says i dont believe it, Devika says we are fixing her dress, you go downstairs, we will come, Ravi says okay. Ravi thinks that how dare she invite Rekha here? how can i marry Nivi now? it will be pain for her to see her daughter’s husband marrying someone else. Devika thinks that i just hope everything happens nicely.

PRECAP- Manju and Shweta have covered bride’s face. Bride is unconscious, they are dragging her to mandap, Manju says i am tired, Shweta says you are aged now, Manju says shut up, they drag her. Janki sees all this hiding behind pillar.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. if they get Devika and the phyco Saket married then I will never watch this show or any others on LIFEOk! so sad!

  2. if they get Devika and the Saket married then I will never watch this show or any others on LIFEOk! so sad!

  3. Thank you for the daily updates

  4. Gosh, was it necessary to go through this merry go round marriage scene? So now after all the wedding rituals between Ravi and Nivi has almost been completed, I’m sure, Ambika will come down with veil and finish the rest of the ceremony and thus be married to Ravi? How else will she end up marrying Ravi and get revenge from Nivi? You see how writers make mockery of marriage in soapland? So why didn’t they just do ceremony in traditional way from the start? An all veiled up ambika doing all rituals? Maybe, as Nivi is a modern day bride, by that I mean as they living together for so long under same roof, all the magic is gone so might as well just throw garlands around each other and call it marriage! I can’t see no other way for Ambika to marry Ravi than through this direction. Don’t know why she didn’t marry Saket instead, he will definitely bring the moon and stars for Ambika, what more she wants?

    1. I totally agree with you. They need to just do garlands around each other and just call it marriage! but it sucks it doesn’t work like that in real life -.- Saket is really bad and evil so Devika will not marry him because he was involve in her “murder” too and he told her before that if I can’t have you then nobody else can’t be with her then. He’s like so obsessed with Devika. He doesn’t even know what love is at all. He kidnapped Ambika for a stupid reason because he thought Devika came back just for him.. -.-

  5. So wedding is still dragging will she won’t she crap

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