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Scene 1
Janki says to Devika that i have to leave now, be careful and dont feel alone here, i am with you, Devika says dont leave, i cant live without you, i need you here and you are my strength, how will live here without you? Janki says think about me, i cant live without you, i dont know how to bear this pain but i have to, this is tradition that mother cant stay at daughter’s house, Devika says this is your house only, Janki says but you are married here, this is your inlaws house, you have to live with Ravi, you enemies are fighting with each other, you are owner of this house, everything is in your control, i know even after all that happened, you still love Ravi, he is your life partner and it is magic of your love that you are married to him again, Devika says i hate him too, he cheated

me so i will take revenge from him, Janki says you are saying something else but your eyes are showing something, hatred loose infront of love everytime, i am happy that Ravi is yours still and i want that after you take revenge, Ravi will regret his mistakes and will ask forgiveness from you then you both will live happily after, this is my blessing, i have made you get married to Ravi so i would want you to live with him for 7births, Devika hugs her and says you are blessing for me, i love you, i dont know how i will live here alone, Janki says i will cry if you keep talking like this, take care and i am in this city only, just call me and i will be here, i love you, she kisses her forehead and asks he to take care, she leaves. Devika is sad but feels headache, he sits on bed.
Janki is leaving but Ravi comes and asks if she is leaving? she says yes to my house, Ravi says this is your house too and Ambika will like if you stay here, i mean after everything that happened, you should stay, Janki says my rules dont allow me to stay at my daughter’s house but i am giving my daughter’s responsibility to you, you know Ambika is everything for me, i wont be able to bear tears in her eyes and now you know what kind of people live in this house, they will try to hurt Ambika but i know you will take care of her, now go and take care of your wife, its your duty and right to take care of her, she leaves. Ravi is tensed and says should i go in room or not? Janki ji asked me to care and love her daughter but Ambika wants me away from her, what to do? what happened today, after that i am nervous, what if she scolds me? Vikas comes there and says why you are standing here? Ravi says i was thinking if.. which room should i go in? i mean in Ambika’s room or some other room? Vikas says you should go to your wife’s room, tonight is marriage night, marriage has happened and you love her, whose face is imprinted on your heart, dont make your wife wait, go now, he leaves. Ravi gets strength and enters Devika’s room. He sees Devika sitting on bed with back towards him, he knocks door and says i am sorry Ambika, i know we are stuck in this situation, i was confused, i know you are feeling same, i was standing outside room thinking if i should enter or not but family would ask me questions so i entered house, this is our first marriage night so i should be with you, infact Janki ji asked me to take care of you, i know our marriage didnt happen in nice situation but we should get to know each other better, i believe that i know you well and i know you are trying to prove something too but time will set everything right, i just want to say that.. he sees Devika not turning towards him, he sits behind her and says Ambika.. why you are not saying anything? he puts hand on shoulder but she falls in arms and smiles seeing him, she says i was waiting for you, i missed you, Ravi asks what happened to you? Devika says i am feeling weird, she is totally intoxicated, Ravi says what happened to her? Ravi puts hand on her face to check her but Devika screams and moves away from him, she says you are trying to take advantage of me, Ravi says no, she says why were you touching me then? Ravi says i was just seeing your health, Devika says are you doctor? say sorry, Ravi says sorry, forgive me, Devika says aww. she cups his face and says you look so cute saying sorry, cutoo.. why you are saying? you dont have to, i am your wifey, why you are saying sorry? you have right to touch me, you can hug me and kiss me, you can tightly hug me, i feel so good just thinking about it, i will show you, she makes him touch her face and says you like it? she puts his hand on her waist and hugs him tightly, Ravi is stunned but gets lost in hug, Banjare ko ghar plays. Devika gets to senses and pushes him away, she says i warned you to not come closer to me, i will send to you jail, Ravi says you have sent me for much time already, you asked me to hug you, Devika says liar, i know you want to have marriage night with me, i know everything, Ravi says listen to me, i said that we should take time to know each other, Devika says what time is it? he says 1am, Devika closes door of room and falls on Ravi, she says you are fool, we are couple so how can we romance while door is open? i have closed it this time but next time close door when we are together, what are you thinking? you dont love me, you have made this night boring, you are not romancing and not praising me, i thought so much about our marriage night, i thought you would take off my veil and i will blush.. but now i know you want to blush, she puts veil on his face with her saree and says you are looking so cute, you are so beautiful, i will kiss you now, he says control your emotions, Devika says why we are married now? she kisses his cheek and says couples dont kiss on cheek but on lips, she asks him to cup her face, Ravi says you are not in senses, i feel you have drank something, Devika says kiss me then you will know what i drank, kiss me, Ravi says you need water, he makes her sit on bed and says not even enemies get to spend night like this, what kind of marriage night is this? he asks her to drink water, she says you will have to kiss me after i drink water, you are my husband so make me drink with your hands, Ravi makes her drink with his hands, she asks him to drink half glass, love increases like this, Ravi drinks remaining half water, Devika says is it tasting good? he says yes its sweet, Devika says i will do my work, i will put glass down on table, she takes glass from him, tries to get up but mistakenly throws water on his coat, she says i am sorry, dont scold me, she blows air on his coat, he says its fine, i will go and change shirt, Devika says i am your wifey, i will change your clothes, Ravi says no, she says finger on your lips, no words.
Nivi is tensed in her room. Vikas sees her tensed and thinks that injured lioness is tensed, lets put salt on her wounds, he asks why you didnt sleep till now? Nivi says get lost, i am not kid, Vikas says leave it, i am taking this milk for Ravi and Ambika, you know they need energy to have marriage night, you dont know what happens in marriage night? they need energy which this milk will provide, i think Manju have put something in drink, she mix things in drinks that nobody doubts her, Nivi shouts get out, Vikas asks if she ha fever? she says dont touch me, Vika says Ravi never touched you so i am not fool to you touch either, i should leave and give them milk and see if they started hugging or not, he leaves. Nivi says i wont spare him, i should not take this lightly, Ravi and Ambika are alone in room, i have to see that nothing happens between them, i should see if they have fight or romance.

PRECAP- Ravi opens door, Manju and Nivi stand outside. Devika says one minute, what you both are doing here? we were romancing and dancing, she asks Nivi to not look at Ravi, only i can look at him, she holds Ravi’s arm and stands closer to him, Nivi stands there dumbfounded.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What wooden acting amibika did on so called Suhaag night. Was it funny no not at all it was cringe worthy. This is so long overdrawn track about the truth coming out.another week ended without truth. Ouf ouf ouf ouf

    1. I swear to god I agree with you. Total over acting and I was cringing the whole time.

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