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Scene 1
Navi comes to Ravi’s house and ask relatives to call Manju, relative says Manju has gone somewhere, its Karwachauth tomorrow, Navi ask what is it? relative says that wives fast for husband’s long life, Navi ask why Manju has gone out of Ambala? Relative says we cant tell anything about it, its my request to not ask this again, Navi thinks i dont even care, DEvika thinks where Manju has gone on Karwachauth and where is Ravi’s father? what is secret about Ravi’s father? she thinks to ask Ravi about his dad.
Devika comes to Ravi and ask if he knew Manju is going somewhere, he says i knew it, she says i got to know that Manju leaves on every Karwachauth, she would fast too for your father, Ravi says i know you have questions but i dont wanna talk about it, Devika

says parents are our identity, Ravi says like you dont have mother, i dont have father, dont ask me this again, he leaves, DEvika says whats the secret about Ravi’s father that no one is telling it.
Navi is going back home and says Devika will fast for Ravi too? Ravi is mine only, i wont let her fast for Ravi, i will do something that DEvika will have to break her fast before time and Ravi make me eat something after moon comes out, it would be great but how it will happen, i have to think who can help me
Rekha says to Pallavi that Devika will fast for Ravi too this time, Shekhar ask Rekha to now fast this time as she is ill, Rekha says i am fine and i have strength to fast for you many coming years, Pallavi ask if Sakshi will fast for Monty too? Savitri says its not needed, Rekha says she should fast too, it will make her relation strong, Pallavi says Sakshi will not agree for fast, Rekha says why will she not agree for it? i will tell her importance of this fast and she will do it, Savitri thinks that i wont let Sakshi do this fast.
Shweta calls Saket and says i have done work, tonight Ravi and Devika wont be together, i had put itching powder on Ravi’s bed so they wont be able to sleep on it, Saket says well done, shweta says tomorrow is Karwachauth, i will fast for Vikas, Devika will fast too but i will make her break fast, Saket says Devika doesnt care for Ravi, she is doing all this for sake of people, think that i come there and open Devika’s fast with my hands, it will be great, i will think about it and will let you know.

Scene 2
Devika is trying to sleep on couch, Ravi sees her and hums song, Devika ask him to stop singing, i am trying to sleep, Ravi says i am feeling hungry, will you bring milk for me? Devika leaves and brings milk for him, she ask him to drink and sleep, dont talk, she goes to sleep, Ravi wakes her up again and says i dont feel like drinking milk, will you bring something to eat? Devika says dont disturb me, i have to wake up fast in morning for Sargi, go and eat, Ravi says this means you will fast for me? will be just show off or will you do it from heart? Devika says i am not like you, i follow all rituals, this is not joke for me, i may hate you but you are my husband and i will follow all rituals, Ravi says this is for long life of husband and i have listened that husband wife relation get strong after this fast, Devika says dont think much, i am fasting not for you but Rekha wants it so i am fasting, Ravi says i cant tell you that you will fast for me and i will break your fast with my hands, Devika says i am sleepy, she goes to sleep, Ravi lies on bed and thinks that she maybe doing it as ritual only but this will bring us more closer.
Ravi is sleeping, he starts feeling itchy, he wakes up and scream, he takes off his shirt and says its itching me alot, something is on bed, Devika starts cleaning his body, Ravi holds Devika’s hand near his heart, both share eyelock, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays, Ravi leaves her hand, she feels itchy and ask if you had out itching powder to take revenge of my lying and dancing with you, DEvika says only you can think like this, i didnt do it, you are alleging me, its better to go and take bath and wear clothes, Ravi says i wont leave you, he leaves, Devika says i am helping him and he is alleging me that i have done this, now i have to clean his bed too.
Rekha and Pallavi are preparing for Karwachauth in kitchen, Sakshi comes there and says i got to know that i will fast too, Rekha says yes you are engaged now, Sakshi says you know i am not interested in all this, Rekha sys now you should start taking interest in all this, your in laws will ask you all this, i wont be able to digest if someone raises finger at my upbringing, Sakshi says i wont let you feel let down, you have given me this life so i will do what you want, she leaves.
DEvika says to herself that if i was taking revenge from him then i wouldnt be changing bedsheet, she changes it, Shweta sees it and thinks that this plan is failed too, Devika says i have to change bedsheet else he will disturb me in sleep, Rekha calls her and says i wanna tell you somethings about fast, Rekha says you have to eat Sargi before sunrise, you should not do stitching work, you should not fight with Ravi much and dont use scissor, if Ravi is sleeping then dont wake him up, if Ravi is near you then give call to him, DEvika says he is in washroom, Ravi comes and takes phone from her, he ask whats order for me? Rekha says Devika said that you are in washroom, Ravi says she ignores me, Rekha says i wanna talk about fast as Manju is not home, tomorrow is Devika’s first fast so you have to take care of her, Ravi says nothing is special tomorrow, i wanna make everyday special for Devika, i want her to be happy everyday, Rekha says dont use these words else i will get heart attack again, Ravi says dont say this, as much as i care for Devika, i care for you too, you are like my mother, he talks to her while Devika keep looking at him in surprise and happiness.

PRECAP- Ravi makes Sargi for Devika, she eats it and its too much spicy, he gives her water. Ravi comes to Shweta and says she has mixed spice in Devika’s food as she is eating same food and its now spicy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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