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Scene 1
Devika is crying, Saket hugs her and consoles her, he smirks seeing Ravi, Ravi comes forward and takes DEvika from his arms and hugs her. Savitri says this Monty ranaway and disrespected us, now we cant show face to anyone in world, he ranaway and alleged my Sakshi, this Garewals are habituated to do drama in marriage, Devika sits and cries, Ravi consoles her, Savitri says to Sakshi that see what you have done, you wanted to enjoy late night partied, this Rekha gave you permission to go in parties, if Sakshi had not gone in party that night then this wouldnt have happened, that Monty maligned our respect, Saket thinks that this is just start, Navi thinks that start is good, i am enjoying it, Savitri says to Dada that you forced everyone to agree for this marriage, see they have left us in

middle of everything, Manju thinks that kall will point fingers at me so i have to do some act, Manju ask Monty’s mother where is Monty? she says i dont know, she says lets find him, they leave, Savitri says you cant runaway, i will not leave you, she comes to Ravi and says your mother is a greedy women who arranged this marriage for money only, Rekha faints, all run to check her, Ravi finds monty’s letter which Saket read there, he takes it to check.
Manju and Monty’s mother comes in room, mother says thank God Devika signed property before this drama, now its ours, Manju takes papers from her and says which property? Mother says you said that we got this property from Monty so we should get share in it, manju says but Monty ranaway, mother says i was kputting pressure on Devika so i didnt see where Monty left, Manju says i gave your responsibility to do Monty’s marriage with Sakshi but you didnt even know where Monty is, Devika gave you property so you can make Sakshi her daughter in law but now that marriage didnt happen so you wont get any share in it, mother says i did everything as you said, made you get this property so i need 5crores from this property, Manju says that you son ranaway from marriage, we got insulted because of him, i wont give you anything, she thinks that its good Monty ranaway, now i wont have to give any share to Monty’s mother as marriage didnt happen, now i have all the property.
Ravi brings water for Rekha. Rekha ask Savitri to stop blaming Sakshi, relatives say that she is right, Sakshi should not have gone to party, why did she go to cheap parties? she was sent to jail too, Rekha says what all are you saying? Sakshi is innocent, Savitri says they are right, Sakshi’s character is not good, she went to party, relatives that Sakshi had no character to go in late night parties, Devika says enough, what Sakshi has done? she went to party and there were many girls in party and in that party, Sakshi and Monty both got arrested, they both were at fault, but today whats Sakshi’s fault? she is standing here but its Monty who has runaway, he is a coward, if he didnt want to do this marriage then he could have said no earlier but he didnt and on marriage day, he ranaway as only coward can do this but Sakshi is standing here, she is hurt most, you women are not understanding her pain, women are hold responsible for broken marriage, if a wedding is stopped then bride is blamed and Monty proved it today as he ranaway and has put Sakshi in tight spot, if Monty was so right then he wouldnt have runaway, he would have confronted Sakshi for anything but he chose to runaway as he is coward and wants everyone to blame Sakshi for his mistake, you are blaming Sakshi for nothing, she will live with respect as she is not at fault, she said yes for marriage to not miff her family, she didnt move back from decision of marriage which she took for her family, even after all this, you people think Monty is not at fault? relatives says that you can stop us from speaking but tomorrow whole city will speak against Sakshi, Devika says what are you saying? Rekha says Devika leave it, they wont understand, Pallavi ask Sakshi to not cry, Savitri says this is result of Sakshi’s deeds, she will keep crying whole life, Sakshi leaves from there crying, Rekha breaksdown in tears, Savitri sasy to DEvika that Sakshi has understood her mistake but you are not understanding, Devika says stop it, cant you see Sakshi’s state? Manju says Devika is right, Sakshi is very girl, small mistakes happen in life but we cant make issue of it, even i am of belief that Monty is at fault in all this, she ask Ravi to handle DEvika, she ask DEvika to not cry.

Scene 2
Saket comes to Navi and ask how was my plan? now Ravi will be yours and Devika will be mine, Navi says you can dream about things but everything doesnt get true, Saket says you are not doing anything, your tricks never worked, Navi says i dont have to answer you what i did and what i will do, Saket says you think i am fool? Navi says yes, you know when Devika slapped you, he threw Monty’s letter on floor, if Ravi reads that letter then he will know that Monty didnt write that letter then you will be target of doubt, Saket goes to find letter.
Monty is tensed in room and thinks why Saket didint comeback.
Savitri says to Manju that you praise your sons and this is what they do? tell me where you have hidden Monty? Manju says i dont know, i am finding him too, Savitri says i know your reality, you must have hide him, Manju says if i knew about Monty then i would have beaten him up, Savitri says i will file case of defamation on your family, Manju says you were against this marriage, and now making issue when marriage didnt happen, i think you have hidden Monty somewhere, they both fight with each other, Pallavi comes and says Sakshi have locked herself in room, all goes to check, everyone comes to Sakshi’s room and ask her to open door, Manju says what if there is something which can lit fire in room?(for suicide) only God can save Sakshi now.

PRECAP- Ravi says i will calls Monty once again, he calls Monty, it rings in Saket’s pocket as he had taken from Monty earlier, all are shocked and looks at Saket in suspicion.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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