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Scene 1
Nivi comes to Devika and says i hope you are enjoying party, Devika says i am but i feel you are not enjoying party, the way you came to me and called me Devika again i felt you are going to mad mood again but thank God you are fine, Nivi says can we sit and talk, Devika asks if you wanna say something important? she says yes, Devika says lets go. Nivi and Devika sits, Devika says if you are going to ask about Devika ambika confusion then dont ask me, Nivi says i wanna ask about Ravi, do you think he is good for me? Devika says why you are asking me this? Nivi says he was closely dancing with you, Devika says he came upto me and asked me for dance, i didnt want to sound rude so i decided to dance with him but he tried to come closer to me in dance, i felt uncomfortable and left dance, i think

you should keep him in control, he didnt take time to forget his first wife and decided to marry you, maybe he will leave you for someone else, i feel like he is flirt, he likes to impress girls, also he knows how to wipe girls of his life and one more thing your fiance dances very badly, she smiles, Nivi says i agree with that, they smile. Ravi comes and says tell me talk too, i will laugh too, Devika says we were talking about you, i was telling her what i think about you, Ravi says tell me, Nivi says i will tell you later, we have to meet one client, go and meet him, he is waiting for you, Ravi leaves, Nivi thinks that dont know if Soraj did work to throw chandelier over Ambika, i have done my work by bringing Ambika under chandelier, i hope he does his work now. Nivi says to Devika that i am stupid, i forgot that i had to meet client with Ravi, do you mind if i go? she says no problem, Nivi says i will comeback, our talk isnt finished, she leaves Ambiak under chandelier. Ravi is sitting in bar and recalls how he danced with Ambika closely, how she was enjoying dance too, Ravi drinks wine, Vikas comes and says you know you cant handle much wine, you lose your control in inebriated state, why you are drinking so much, Ravi says i dont have any option, i know she is Ambika, she cant be mine, she is not my Devika but dont know what happens to me when she is around, i cant control myself when she is around, i feel like Devika is looking at me when she looks at me, Vikas says you are still trying to make them one, you are still thinking Ambika as DEvika, you will get hurt in end, you have to control your heart, she is Ambika, she has her life which has nothing to do with you, you have to control yourself, i cant see you in pain like this, leave this wine.
Nivi sees Devika sitting under chandelier. She says dont know when will this chandelier fall on her. She sees Soraj in party and says what he is doing there? i have kept Ambika there. She calls Soraj.
Ravi comes to Ambiak and says you are still here? you are waiting for someone? she says no, Ravi says will you dance with me again? Devika says no, you go and dance with Nivi, Ravi says you didnt like to dance with me? DEvika says i left dance in middle so thats an answer, i wanna ask if there is any special announcement thats going to happen in party? Ravi says what? Devika says i thought that you and Nivi might announce engagement or marriage tonight, Ravi says will you like to see me getting married to Nivi? Devika looks away, Ravi asys seems like you wont like me to marry her, Devika says nothing like that, you can marry anyone, thats none of my business, i wash thinking how your married life with her will be, i mean she boss around your own family, after marriage she will boss around you too and will dance to her tunes, Ravi gets angry little and says come with me, i wanna talk to you, DEvika says talk here only, Ravi holds her hand and drags her from there.
Nivi says to Soraj that what are you doing? i have brought Ambika under chandelier, Soraj says i was ready to throw chandelier but Vikas came there and saw me, i had to hide from him, he has doubt on me so i wont be able to throw chandelier, Nivi says you have to do my work, we dont have much time, go and throw chandelier, Soraj says okay, i will not cut rope of chandelier with knife, i will cut it with fire, i will arrange fire, you make sure that Devika is under chandelier, she say i will do that, Soraj leaves, Nivi sees Ambika missing and says she was sitting under it, where did she go?
Ravi brings DEvika in room and closes door, Devika says what are you doing? what is this rubbish? i am hurt when when you held my hand, Ravi says you even know what pain is? i feel pain everyday and you know why? because of you, i have to talk to you today, DEvika says i have to go, Ravi pins her to wall and says not today, i want to talk to you rightnow, you have to tell me what you feel for me, DEvika gets conscious, Ravi says this question keeps coming in my mind, why are you silent? tell me what you feel for me, from the time you have come in my life, i have forgotten everything, i keep thinking about you, i dont eat, drink or do anything, you have to tell me what you feel for me, DEvika says you are drunk, let me go, Ravi says its good that i am drunk, atleast i am able to ask you all this, i am much worried, tell me what is in your heart, i love you alot, i love you like crazy, Ravi says i have lost Devika, i used to love her alot, she used to be my life, i stopped living after her then you came in, when you look at me, i feel love, the way you smile at me, talk to me everything pulls me towards you, i will go mad, tell me, Devika says i feel like you have gone mad, even you dont know what you are saying, i cant give you any solution, you should be saying this to Nivi, you are going to marry her, let me go, i dont feel anything for you, she tries to leave but Ravi grabs her and pins to wall again, he caresses her face, Devika feels emotional, Ravi says look in my eyes and say that you dont feel anything for me, Devika looks down and says i dont feel anything, Ravi says tell me that you dont have what i have in my heart, please dont leave me, Devika tries to leave but Ravi holds her and back hugs her, Devika gasps, Ravi says tell me you dont feel anything when i come closer, you dont feel anything when i hug you? tell me why you are silent? Devika feels like melting in his arms, she pushes him away and runs out of room. She comes in corridor and cries, she says what i did? why did i allow him to come closer to me, he touched me and i let him, he talked to me and i let him talk to me, why i get weak infront of him, what happens to me with him? i wanted to tell him looking in his eyes that i dont feel anything for him, why do i forget that i am Ambika Raichand and not his Devika that he can touch anytime, i have to leave this party before he comes to me again, she strikes with Soraj and leaves, Soraj says what he was doing here? Ravi comes there, Soraj hides, fire bowl falls from his hand in corridor, Ravi goes behind Devika.
Nivi says dont know where did Ambika go. She sees Ambika coming from corridor, she thinks if she was with Ravi? her hair are messed up too, she asks where is Ravi? Devika says he is in bedroom, Nivi says how do you know? it means you were with him, Devika leaves, Nivi says how dare Ravi, i will talk to him. She comes in bedroom and doesnt see him there. She comes in corridor and tries to look for Ravi, fire bowl is near her feet.

PRECAP- Manju says to Ravi that did you see Nivi anywhere? Ravi says no, Shweta says i didnt see her around for awhile, Ravi asks Vikas if he saw Ambika around? Vikas says no, Ravi gets worried for Ambika.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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