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Scene 1
Saket says this marriage will happen again, Pundit says her marriage cannot happen again, Saket says have you gone mad, i am groom, he cheated her, Pundit says marriage happened, and her marriage can happen again only if her husband gives her divorce, Saket says i dont accept all these rituals, Rekha says but we accept it, Saket say you are taking his side, REkha says i am not taking any side, i dont even know who is lying or who is saying truth, all i know is that Ravi and Devika are married, he may have cheated us but truth is that marriage has happened and they are couple now, Sakshi says she is right, Devika is married and its truth, her life would have destroyed if she married her, you are a cheapster, no girl can be happy with you, Savitri slaps her and says who are you to talk inbetween

elders? what you know about world, all will say that Ravi cheated us, Rekha says you are right, we are cheated but now when she have manglasutra in her neck, is it lie? all pheras and sindoor are a lie? Ravi has done all rituals of marriage and pundit also said that they are husband and wife now, groom has changed but rituals are same, promises are same, this all is truth, she sit in her feet and cries, Saket says what rubbish is this, your daughter’s life is destroying and you are accepting it, he is a cheat, Manju says if this marriage is a lie then all marriages are a lie in this world, if you dont accept this marriage then take your sister shweta to home, i dont accept her marriage with Vikas too, maybe no one accept this marriage but i accept it and she is my daughter in law, she holds DEvika’s hand and blesses her, Saket says enough and tries to hold her hand, Ravi says enough, dont you dare to touch my mother or wife, Devika is stunned.

Scene 2
Rekha and Pallavi brings Devika to room, she recalls how Saket said that this marriage is lie, how Ravi said that Saket wanted to spoil her life, how Saket said that Ravi wants her property, she cries and ask Rekha what has happened? she hugs her and cried, Rekha ask her to calm down, i know you have many questions in heart, you are not seeing any way but you know whatever Maata rani do for you is always good, i have faith she will do good for you, dont worry everything will be fine, Devika recalls how she asked Ambe maa to do something for her, show her way.
Gayetri says to SAvitri that how can you let this happen with my saket, Savitri says whats my fault? if i had any idea about it then i would have not let it happen, Gayetri says we have lost everything, your daughter is married but my son’s marriage is stopped, we are insulted, Savitri says whats my fault, give me some time, you were also present in mandap, you are mother, couldnt you see that your son was not groom, you couldnt recognize your son? Saket says stop it and think what to do, SAvitri says Devika is in my home, give me some time, i wont let bidai happen and then we will think how to come out of this fake marriage, Gayetri says what if your family send her wih Ravi, SAvitri says i know Devika, she knows this marriage is a lie and she will never take side of a lie, you will see that she will not go with Ravi, i will teach lesson to that manju, she leaves, Saket thinks something.
Ravi ask Sakshi where is Devika? Sakshi says why are you tensed now? you have won, you acted like a hero so dont worry, dont be confused that you did right or wrong, what you did was absolutely right, i thought her marriage will not stop with Saket, i was leaving but when i got to know that you are groom, my life cameback, you are a hero but i and Monty were active too, we didnt let anything stop this marriage so credit to this marriage too, Ravi says its true, if you both are not with me then this marriage would have not happen but i feel Devika is angry with me, Sakshi says its obvious, you have shocked her but soon she will listen to you and will understand you and will thank you whole life for saving her from that evil, i feel now our happy days are as you are my jeeju now, Ravi smiles, Sakshi says you know i stopped shoe stealing ritual just to save you, but i am not going to leave, when everything is fine between you and Devika then give me treat at 7star hotel, Ravi promises, Monty says why you didnt tell truth about Saket to everyone, Ravi says he used Vikas’s car to kill ananya thats why i couldnt tell truth, he also told me that he will make Devika’s life hell, Sakshi says he said all this to make Ravi afraid but now Ravi is married to her so he cant do anything.

Scene 3
Shekhar says to DEvika’s father that maybe Saket is not good, we should have investigated about Saket before marriage, you and Savitri were in hurry to marry, cant you see Saket’s behavior, i still feel that Ravi is good than him thats why he helped us alot, father says truth is that her marriage has happened, people will taunt us, she cant marry again, its not Devika’s fault but she will be insulted, i am afraid that DEvika will not accept this marriage, her bidai will not happen and people will throw shit at us, my daugter will sit at home, Devika’s father says that all my life i kept my respect intact and now i will have to hide my face from people, its better to commit suicide than all this, Devika is in tears listening all this, Shekhar ask him to talk to Devika, father says i never listened to her, all she wanted was love from me but i destroyed her dreams, she was innocent and i kept blaming her for my wife’s death, i have no right on her, i cant ask her to go to her husband’s home, i cant be that much selfish, this is punishment of my deeds, i am very bad father, he cries, DEvika thinks dont cry papa, hug me once, she comes to and says papa, he looks at her and then looks away, he leaves, Devika is sad.
Manju says to Savitri that i didnt plan anything, Savitri sys you planned with it your son, you wanted to take revenge, we had small fights but you maligned our respect, you did all this for money, she ask Shekhar to bring money, she says i will show you your status now, Shekhar brings money there, Savitri throw it on Manju’s face, Savitri says to Manju that take all this money and forget this marriage and DEvika will remain here, she will not go with you.

PRECAP- Savitri ask DEvika to tell them that you dont accept this marriage then i will show them their status, speak up.

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